Complaint Filed on Missing Public Funds in Tyrone

A citizen’s complaint has been filed with the Tyrone Police asking for a GBI investigation into public funds that were allegedly taken by former employees in violation of Tyrone Regulations. Ex Town Clerk Valerie Fowler Caldwell paid herself and Ex Town Mgr Barry Amos a total of $36,000 in Nov & Dec 2007 according to public records. A thorough citizens investigation shows these funds were taken in violation of the employees payment plan. Town Officials have admitted the funds were taken but have refused to investigate the legalities. Ms. Fowler-Caldwell said, ex-mayor Sheryl Lee authorized the checks for vacation pay. No one at Town Hall has bothered to ask Mayor Lee about this but the ordinances do not give the mayor nor any one else the authority to use taxpayers’ money for this kind of personal use. The complaint also alleges that the Fair Labor Standards Act was violated by paying employees straight time instead of time and a half for overtime. Some employees have asked the Town about this and got the usual put-off of “we will have to look into this”. Officials have known it’s true for months.

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Submitted by THE BOSS on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 1:24pm.

If they feel so strongly, they should contact

Office of the Attorney General of Georgia
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Phone: 404 656 3300
Fax: 404 657 8733

Public Corruption

Submitted by TyroneConfidential on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 5:07pm.

Office of the Attorney General of Georgia.

“Government officials are caretakers of the public trust, placed in positions of trust that affect the lives and finances of the public. Citizens of Georgia have a right to expect that their government officials will be beyond reproach. As Attorney General, it is my duty to see that our officials discharge those duties ethically and honestly. Our office is charged with the responsibility of prosecuting public corruption that involves either state employees or private citizens dealing with the state. In recent years, we have prosecuted and obtained convictions against a number of state officials who violated the public trust as well employees who have misappropriated state funds. Our office will continue to diligently pursue criminal prosecutions when necessary to ensure that our state government is free of corruption.”

Thanks Boss, we’ll see.

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