Older adult community gets first OK

Tue, 07/22/2008 - 4:16pm
By: Ben Nelms

The idea of rezoning the proposed single-family Stella’s Place development at 335 Grady Ave. near Ga. Highway 54 to one of attached homes for older adults was viewed favorably by Fayetteville City Council at the July 17 meeting. With the first reading behind, them the council will take up the issue again Aug. 7 for a final vote.

City planning staff recommended approval of the project that would alter the current R-22 Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning to the MO (Medical Office) zoning category for the 38.15-acre tract to accommodate residential units for older adults under special exception. If approved, the development would consist of 86 attached homes and a seven-acre donation for use as a city park.

Planning & Zoning Director Eldridge Gunn said the proposal as an older adult community is consistent with the Future Land Use map.

Gunn said the developer Thomas Chandler is planning to participate with the city in the Atlanta Regional Commission/Duany Plater-Zyberk and Co. (DPZ) partnership program. Gunn said the DPZ is a national partnership that will assist five or six selected communities in the Atlanta region to share expert advice, best practices and develop site plans targeted for older adult communities.

Designed to be a model for other communities regionally and nationally, the plans for Stella’s Place, if selected, would include a schematic master plans of on-site buildings, the design of parks and other amenities.

Mayor Ken Steele said the project has the potential to be exciting and outstanding. Councilman Paul Oddo also complimented the project proposal, but said he would like to see a second entrance to the development.

As originally proposed in October 2006, Stella’s Place was granted a change in zoning from R-30 residential to R-22 PUD to allow construction of 68 single-family homes of approximately 1,800 square feet each.

Also at the meeting, the proposed Villages at Lafayette retail/office/residential development located along Hwy. 54 between Meeting Place Drive and Lafayette Avenue was tabled until Aug. 7 at the developer’s request. The proposal hit a snag recently when LA Fitness, the apparent anchor for the property, declined to participate.

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Submitted by fireypeach on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 6:29pm.

In just the past year I am astounded at the amount of land being swallowed up by developments in Fayette Cty. How many shopping plazas do we really need? The many new office buildings that have been slapped up on 54 are barely occupied and they begin building another! My biggest beef, yes, its great that FC is planning more communities dedicated to seniors. Yet, what about those who don't live off a couple thousand a month retirement, like the low income seniors that have lived many years or most of their lives in this community? My mother had to sell her home in the city here, which broke her heart, because she could no longer afford the expense and it was physically too much for her to manage. I have visited the ONLY low income complex in Fayette county down on 54/74 and I must say I am more than disappointed, I am ashamed. It must have been built in the 50's and now the road is expanding thus making it a hazard and a nuisance for those living in this place. Why can't we serve our seniors and low income families by building more complexes and updating the only one that exists? I drove my mom by the place when she visited me at Christmas and it devastated me to see the disappointment in her face as she truly wants to come back to Fayetteville. Are we too snooty of a town to care about the rest?

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