What Ever Happened to Tyrone’s Missing Public Funds?

Supposedly, according to a Tyrone Official, the McNally Law Firm was investigating the “legalities”. If public funds were taken it’s definitely illegal. The funds are definitely missing and the Town Knows where they went. The management and Council also Knows who took the funds and that the taking was not allowed by the payment plan. So what’s taking the lawyers so long to evaluate the legalities? Did ex-mayor Sheryl Lee really authorize illegal payments to employees? Was the Fair Labor Standards Act violated by paying some employees regular hour pay instead of time and a half? The answers to these questions have been known by Tyrone Officials for at least two months. Is this a cover-up? And for what reasons? The Shadow Knows. Are any Tyrone citizens concerned? The Newspaper Knows. Why isn’t anyone speaking out? Should not the Taxpayers send a message to this government and future ones of accountability for wrong doings? Shouldn’t there be an outside investigation?

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