Responses by John Yates, incumbent representative, Ga. House District 73 (Republican Primary)

Tue, 07/01/2008 - 6:12pm
By: John Yates

1. What would you do as a legislator to respond to the growing energy crisis? What will you do to specifically address the plight of families in Georgia as pocketbooks are being stretched to pay for gas, groceries and utility bills?

1. I would first urge Congress to allow drilling in the many places disallowed. Then I would set up a van system in all major Georgia cities such as we had in Los Angeles.

2. Georgia consistently ranks near the bottom in education excellence nationwide. What will you do to correct that problem?

2. Do everything possible to encourage parents to stay in families so that they can encourage children.

3. Do Georgia taxpayers pay too little in taxes, about the right amount or too much in taxes? What specifically will you do and what bills will you author to help state taxpayers?

3. I always work to make government more efficient so that taxes can be lowered. Georgia ranks in the middle with other states, but property taxes should be lowered locally.

4. What makes you the right person to serve the people of Fayette County?

4. During my 18 years in the Georgia House I have built relationships that are essential in getting things done. The example of getting my 2 bills passed this year proves this.

5. What is your legislative position on SB 458, charter schools in general and the Clayton County school situation in particular?

5. This was an effort to see to it that the acute problem in the Clayton County School System did not cause a great number of students to leave their system and overrun nearby systems. We worked in other ways to keep this from happening.

6. Would you vote for or against a switch to district voting for the Fayette County Commission? Why or why not?

6. Rep. Ramsey and I worked hard and successfully to keep Fayette operating as present, since this system works well and in accordance with the wishes expressed by my constituents.

7. Mass transit (especially MARTA) into Fayette is opposed by many Fayette voters. What’s your position and why? Address the concerns of increased crime coming with mass transit.

7. I expect a new vote after a big increase in the price of gasoline might change their minds to a positive vote for public transportation.

I favor putting it to a vote now and go by the majority vote.

Crime does not automatically go with transit.


1. Your opponent has made much of your age. How do you respond to his implied charge that you are too old to represent this district?

1. I will respond to my opponent like my former Governor and President Ronald Reagan: if he doesn’t mention my age, I will not refer to his complete lack of experience.

In 18 years, I believe I only missed one day in the sessions. I still climb the stairs in the Capitol while my younger friends take the elevators.

2. Aren’t you really more focused on Spalding County issues, rather than Fayette ones?

2. My father, grandfather and great grandfather were born in Fayette. I have many friends in Fayette. I have a good relationship with all public officials in Fayette.

Since we have long passed the days of the county unit system, we should think in Districts and the State of Georgia while taking care of the needs of individual counties and cities.

Rep. John Yates
District 73

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Submitted by wildcat on Wed, 07/02/2008 - 9:53pm.

As wonderful as that sounds (keeping families together), it is not our reality. We live in a society where most of the parents never bother to marry in the first place. Other than tax breaks, what can the government do to encourage families to stay together? How do you plan to encourage parents to stay together and how do you plan to get them to encourage their children? Thank you.

Submitted by buckstopshere on Wed, 07/02/2008 - 10:28pm.

it got real quiet real this the calm before the storm or are the blogs broken?

Submitted by buckstopshere on Wed, 07/02/2008 - 11:20pm.

it is to quiet in kind of spooks me out?? Is there a major natural disaster streaming across the TV that I need to know about? Where is everybody?

Submitted by MYTMITE on Thu, 07/03/2008 - 1:15am.

Was wondering that myself. Maybe everyone is getting ready for the 4th. It sure has quieted down here though. Sure will be glad when these elections are over--never seen so much animosity from all sides. Everybody (except me!) seems to know who the bloggers are in disguise--everybody trying to out everybody! Until I started reading these blogs I haad no idea all this was going on! And I thought I was an informed citizen!

Submitted by sageadvice on Thu, 07/03/2008 - 6:02am.

You had no idea of what was going on, but thought you did?

Free Speech is wonderful isn't it?

One must learn to sort however, and get a second source or more for serious stuff.

No need to worry about it if the person is a politician however. He doesn't have to do that except for power and pride. Any bozo can go to the capitol and vote on stuff.

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