New questions and comments about the Sheriff's race

Based on things that I've read here and heard elsewhere, I've been asking more questions and doing some research. Along the way, I've learned a few things, and heard more things that I'll be checking into further.

1. I've heard that Mrs. Simmons has been working in the elections (as a volunteer, I guess?) for several years. Will she be doing so again this year (if she has in the past)? To me, that doesn't seem quite right, if she does.

2. Have heard from more than once source that Mindar spoke to the Sheriff on a supposedly confidential basis, asking if he'd be able to come right back to work if he dropped out of the race. Don't know what the answer was, but do know that within a few hours, rumors were all over the dept that Mindar was dropping out. Mindar wasn't doing the talking in the dept, so it could've only come from the only other person in the confidential meeting. It appears that all the rumors were tracked back to the Traffic division, which means to Woodie/Hannah and eventually Johnson. Mindar is STILL IN THE RACE, just for the record.

3. I've clarified, to a point, the issue of Hannah's wife continuing to work in the Sheriff's dept if he becomes Sheriff. According to the Fayette County Employee Handbook, the Sheriff Dept, because it is headed by an elected official, is not subject to the County employee polices unless the Sheriff declares that they are. Johnson has not, so the issue of one spouse being in a supervisory position over the other (which Hannah would be, no matter if there is one or two other levels in between)... it is a moot point, at the county level. HOWEVER, I've been told that there is a state law that governs this issue... I just don't know how to find it. Anyone wanna give it a try? (And I still will go back to the idea that it LOOKS bad, whether it is technically wrong or right.)

I know there's more, but forgive me if I cut it short right now. I do have a life outside this blog, and it is calling. Smiling

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Submitted by grits on Sun, 06/29/2008 - 9:19pm.

For question #1, I cannot personally confirm that Mrs. Simmons works in elections. I have heard that she is working in that office and I didn't understand it to be on a volunteer basis. I agree with you that it seems like a conflict of interest but I guess if there is no evidence of wrongdoing, then there's really nothing that can be done.

Question #2: again, can't confirm personally that this is what happened.....I did hear this story the same way you told it. I try not to get that far in the loop. Smiling

#3: I may be able to offer more insight on this one. The Sheriff's current policy is that no spouse or family member can work in the same DIVISION, regardless if they are directly supervising the other. I am sure that if Hannah is elected there will be some loop hole in the policy or it can just be changed by the Sheriff to suit their situation (isn't that convenient). BTW: the state law that you're referring to, can be found here :

One final comment: VOTE BABB!!

Submitted by NeedtoKnow on Sun, 06/29/2008 - 8:21pm.

With the types of folks that have been posting since I wrote this, I'm sorta surprised that no one has anything to say in response to anything written here.

I hear crickets!

Submitted by bladderq on Sun, 06/29/2008 - 9:16pm.

I see what you wrote.

This is exactly why the Sheriff's Office should just do what it is Constitutionally obligated to do... Courts & Jail.

The county & the commissioners should oversee the policing aspect.

Anybody up on that COPter vs Perps count? I still have the Perps way, way up. Think about the car-jack victim.

Submitted by bladderq on Sun, 06/29/2008 - 8:59pm.

CHI SOX up 3 to 1 but I predict CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!

Anybody notice that our National Drug Policy isn't working?

Saw a big record coke bust. Keep seeing weed take downs.
Anybody see record prices on the street?

What if those guys on Wall Street were doing Futures Trading? You know like OIL.

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