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The American public is now, according to recent polls, thoroughly disgusted with all national politicians in general. While President George W. Bush has an abysmal disapproval rating of 67 percent, he is surpassed by Congress who had now received the disapproval of a whopping 76 percent of the citizenry.

Both the executive and the legislative branches of our government have failed the American people, if the polls are an indication.

If the president were the CEO of a major publicly held corporation, he would be ousted if 67 percent of the shareholders registered such approval. Similarly, the members of Congress would have lost their jobs long ago had they allowed the corporation to sink to such a low state while achieving so much for themselves.

For some reason, Americans are prone to vote out incompetent presidents (Ford, Carter, Bush, Sr.) although there are notable exceptions (Clinton, Bush II), while re-electing the same dysfunctional Congress term after term.

Americans seem to view members of Congress slightly better than they do Osama bin Ladin — who, by the way is still at large while the executive and legislative branches do nothing to correct that insult except to posture, finger-point at the other branch, and make lame excuses.

With apologies to the Democratic hopeful, I am ready for a “Change I Can Believe In.” I am ready, and have been for years, for term limits for members of Congress.

As Americans, only 24 percent believe that Congress is doing anywhere near a competent job, yet, like a soft-hearted boss, we cannot muster up the guts to fire these people who have allowed problems to fester like an open sore while the republic slides into a shameful decline. They need to be fired and other people — and there are 300 million citizens in this country from whom to choose — can hardly do worse.

In the interest of disclosure, I was a Democrat until President Carter limped his way through his first term. I was a Republican until recently. I am now thoroughly disappointed with the Republicans.

The current two candidates for the most powerful office in the world both leave me cold. I cannot imagine that either of these two are the best we have to offer and that, coupled with a Congress that can’t seem to get anything done except achieve their own job security and posture and preen before cameras, causes me to fear for the nation.

So, I have become an Independent and will vote on the person, not the party.

We can suffer through a poor presidency because there is light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how many times a president disgraces himself and his office, no matter how bumbling and incompetent, no matter how arrogant and scheming, there will be an end to the matter. Because of term limits, the most a president can serve is two elected terms. It’s good enough for the president; it should be good enough for the Congress.

Let’s give senators two terms and allow members of the House of Representatives to serve four terms — that’s 12 years.

If they’ve done a good job, they can run for president or governor. If not, then at least the damage they can inflict on the United States will be limited. They can be sent home and someone else can step up to the plate and see what they can do.

That’s a real change that I can believe in.

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Submitted by sageadvice on Sat, 06/28/2008 - 11:23am.

To start with: Representatives serve only two years a term, Senators six. That is enough.

We were to take turns going to congress and not have time to make money friends. It also pays too much now and has too many benefits.

That is like having a preacher for 30 years---Heard all he has sixteen times! Also, found out he is not infallible!

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Submitted by travisstrickland1 on Sat, 06/28/2008 - 7:57am.

There's a problem with your analysis about congress. While it's true that, as a whole, people are very disappointed with Congress. However, if you ask voters about their individual representatives and senators, voters give pretty high approval ratings.
The web address pasted above shows a couple of polls that ask if the person taking the poll would like to see THEIR member of congress reelected. 60% said they would like to see THEIR member of congress reelected.
The polls about general congressional approval and approval of individual members of congress obviously don't jive. So, it's hard make statements like, "Americans seem to view members of Congress slightly better than they do Osama bin Ladin..."
The term limits in Congress were set up by a group of fellows that knew a thing or two about government. There is nothing wrong with the structure of congress. The people have a chance to vote members out that don't serve their interests. If they don't, and members do a bad job, it's not because of the lack of terms limits, it's because people didn't take part in the political process.
Also, I think the country is lucky to have McCain and Obama as our two (I wish there could be more) choices for president. I don't think we've had better choices in a very long time.

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