Second kidnapping/armed robbery suspect arrested

Mon, 06/23/2008 - 5:04pm
By: Ben Nelms

A second suspect in the June 17 kidnapping and armed robbery of a vendor at Village Market on Ga. highways 314 and 85 in Fayetteville was arrested today at a Riverdale residence.

Christopher Deangelo Wakefield was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force on charges of aggravated assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, theft of a motor vehicle and use of a firearm during the commission of a felony, according to Fayetteville Police Public Information Officer Steve Crawshaw.

Wakefield was arrested without incident at a home in Riverdale, said Crawshaw.

Previously arrested was Riverdale resident Travion Marquez Willis, 17, on various felony charges including armed robbery and kidnapping.

The men are accused of pointing a gun at a vendor leaving the store, taking his keys and cell phone, then ordering him into the trunk of their car, a Silver Chevy Impala, according to police.

The men then drove off in both their car and the vendor’s vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe. When the car stopped at a traffic light, the vendor pulled the emergency trunk release and jumped out of the car. He ran to a passerby’s car and she let him in her car, police said. They drove to the area of PetSmart where the victim called 911 on the passerby’s cell phone.

The Fayetteville Police Department and Fayette County Sheriff’s Department with the assistance of the county K-9 unit and helicopter unit began a search for the two men. Willis was found and arrested in the area of Corinth Road.

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Submitted by wheeljc on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 8:12am.


Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 12:45am.

Now if we could only find a DA....

Keep showing the clayton county thugs the "You are not welcome here mat". Eventually they will get the message, if they get a long sentence every time.

Scotty if I ever need a defense attorney you would be the one I would call.

Submitted by Howard Beale on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 7:24pm.

I’m glad they got that guy.
This case should be an interesting one that is worth following.
I'll be checking the papers.

I would even speculate that if all this happened a few months ago, Ballard’s handling of this high-profile case would probably have gone a long way in deciding the D.A. race.

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