After some cuts, Tyrone nearly ready to pass budget

Fri, 06/20/2008 - 3:27pm
By: Ben Nelms

After some cuts, Tyrone nearly ready to pass budget

Tyrone’s 2008-2009 budget moved closer to approval June 19 with council members whittling down expenses that leaves them with just under $200,000 to account for before the June 26 vote to adopt the budget. Even that amount can be successfully dealt with by using reserve funds in balancing the $3.1 million budget, according to town Finance/Human Resources Director Mary Sturm.

The council approved expenditure changes such as dropping the level of coverage for dependents on the town’s medical insurance policy to 50 percent, down from the 80 coverage considered at the previous meeting and down further from the 100 percent coverage currently provided. Police Chief Brandon Perkins reported that seven officers, a significant percentage of those utilizing the town’s dependent option, would be opting to drop dependent coverage. Sturm said the move would result in a $45,000 savings on expenditures. Councilman Eric Dial reminded the audience that the town was currently searching for proposals from additional insurance carriers in hopes of securing a policy that might provide a better rate structure for employees.

Other expenditure reductions included eliminating one police officer, a savings of $51,000, and an announcement by Sturm that a closer look at the town’s retirement figures found that those payments had been overstated by $90,000.

The council June 10 eliminated employees’ 2.5 percent Cost of Living Allowance and the 2.5 percent longevity increase, a combined savings of $65,000. The council had also agreed June 10 to eliminate the part-time code enforcement position, a savings of approximately $15,000.

Also at the June 19 meeting, a large number of residents and others took the podium to advocate for the library and recreation departments. Mandy Lodge and her two children traveled from Sharpsurg to note the importance of the library to their family and others in the east Coweta area.

Faced with potential cuts in staff, the council appeared poised to keep the one full-time and one part-time position at the recreation department and agreed with library staff to transition coverage at the facility from three full-time positions to six part-time. The part-time status would carry no health insurance benefits.

Council members can balance the budget by using $200,000 of reserve funds, Sturm said in response to questions from the council. Tyrone last year included $490,000 in reserves to accomplish that task. That line item had not been included the proposed 2008-2009 budget.

The council is expected to adopt the budget at the June 26 meeting.

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Submitted by outcry30290 on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 2:49pm.

Chief Perkins should have shut up and sat down while he was ahead. His job was not to stand up in front of Council and praise them for a
difficult job, but to be there and fight for his police officers.
Although I have said that the employees should fund a portion of their
dependent's insurance, I was disappointed that he did not fight harder
for his department. I can't imagine that initially the employees took
too kindly to the 20% reduction in their pay, but now to be cut by 50% along with losing their disability all together. Chief Perkins, I gave you the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, but I believe in the last few months you have shown that you are too wet behinds the ears for the job. You might be a great paper pusher and a great brown noser, you however are not doing anything to gain the trust of your department. But that will be ok, because I believe in the meeting you stated that they wouldn’t be able to find another job anyway and that they are stuck with you. I suggest that you apply for the City Clerk’s job, you would fit in just fine over at city hall. Let the real boys do the hard work.

Submitted by Margot on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 4:26pm.

I believe Chief Perkins is a team player and fiscally responsible person. He has already given facts that the Dept employed 3 officers over the national average for Town of Tyrone’s size. Only one position was removed leaving the force with still two above average. The remaining officers get a pay increase of time and a half for overtime every 14 days by sharing in the overtime of the removed officer, who was resigning anyway for other reasons.

Submitted by sogreen on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 9:42pm.

All I can say is that the Lord works in mysterious ways. As long as you keep putting your negativity out there you will only recieve the negativity back upon you. Seriously OBB...your negative thinking and lack of structured/unproductive activity online is doing you no good but bringing bad luck upon you. Find a new route in life.. go to church.. take advantage of the beautiful parks and get some fresh air to clear that head of yours! Why would you want to punish those who protect you, provide you educational knowledge and provide our children something to do with their time besides focusing on being on the net all the time, or doing drugs and other nonproductive activities. Where you abused as a child? Where you abandoned in your marriage? Is your child on drugs? Are you that unstable that all your problems fall back onto society, government and life surrounding you? Do you realize that this nonsense effects your mental state and will probably effect the relationship you have with your family or child? If you are that miserable pack up and move.. no one is begging you to stay and I am sure that there are others who would love to have a house, food, shelter and a great town like Tyrone. If you left... you do not realize now.. but you don't know whatcha got until its gone... so go away.. so you can realize just how good Tyrone really is and I will keep praying for you, because I believe you need all the help you can get.... because you certainly aren't gaining friends.....Peace be with you!

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 8:50am.

I was not abused as a child. If taxes are raised (and it seems that is what will happen if the money comes out of reserves as stated} I will be abused as an adult!

It is like taxes are 1st my money, not yours. If you want to take more away from me in the way of taxes, there are things I can do to stop you. We still get to vote and we still get to have a say in government about our taxes. If you think people in Tyrone will keep on letting taxes be raised so that employees can walk around like smiley faced keebler elves, you are wrong.

If you think we are going to sit there and let people have learning experiences at $34,700. a year and their part time helper $18,000. a year, you are wrong again. There is nothing that goes on at the rec center that is worth an outlay of 50,000. in salaries when they don't have the brains to collect what is owed to the town by the ball associations.

It is also really ugly that those two called and emailed people to come up there and speak on their behalf. That shows no respect to the council trying to make the budget work. But they have to be cronies of the guy on the council or this wouldn't be happening in the 1st place. The immaturity reaked, both by the producers of the floor show and the one on the council that wants higher office. Do you think any one is gonna vote for him other than the employees? when they see he can't...LOWER... taxes in iddy biddy Tyrone? Nor keep them status quo, but more likely go UP? Has this person not heard people are loosing their houses and can't pay their taxes now?

The grand standing was a joke. No taxpayers there, just employees with their own agendas. The council caving in to employees floor show was not a pretty site. If the taxpayers had orchestrated such a thing, it would have had a different outcome. When they look at there tax bills they probably will.

Submitted by sogreen on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 6:06pm.

Ok apparently you think you know who I am.. you my dear are uneducated! I do not even know a Kathy and actually I have no idea who you are only by nick name and gossip about you. So get your facts straight before you start hounding.
You are still uneducated about the taxes also apparently!...Find another outlet.. like get out in society more.. go see a psych, they have meds that can help your disillusions. Still not sure why you are focusing on the rec center or the Library...Maybe because you have not been educated in what the town can offer people.. such as Library services and recreational programs. You obvisously do not know what either do if you think that the Library and the rec center just sit there... Get off line and learn what happens in the REAL World! As far as getting emails from anyone.. what is the differnce between you gripping and complaining wanting people follow your negative pathetic thoughts. I recieved an email and it had nothing to do with the budget.. it was a promotional for what they have to offer. If anything those 2 ladies are cleaning up what the last director left behind. You obvisously did not listen to the other Speakers. You were so absorbed in your own thought that you did not even respect the Mayors request and stay off the budget subject during your comments..
I guess you are just verifying to everyone that you are the "biggest Loser".
Thank you for proving yourself again and again.

As far as $$ goes Do you realize that the 2 incomes that you are complaining about is considered poverty level for a family having only 1 income??

Again.. you think you have all the facts.. and your blog is totally full of misconceptions. Your figures are not even correct... such the fool you are..... Karma my friend.. Karma.... Dont be surprised if it is just your house that the taxes get raised on or your house gets picked up by a tornado and lands on you with your feet sticking out. In other words, You are bringing about your own bad luck... Still praying for you ..not sure it will help at this point. Peace still needs to be with you......Because that is about all you have!

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 12:27am.

I doubt you would know anything about mysterious ways except why people put up with you..I grew up in the church and one of the earliest things I learned is that some nice people, but also some really ugly people go to church...1st group cause they are nice...2nd group...yours, hang out there cause everyone knows what they are and when people get after them, they pull their religion out like a shield to hide behind...your kind cause people to quit church cause they see the underbelly of life. You will prey for the most common phrase among people like you...sicko...

Submitted by PreciousStahr on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 10:45am.

Go get her Old Bear.

Submitted by truthandjustice on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 9:58pm.

It is clear that this Tyrone council could care less about the employees or their families. Salaries and benefits had gotten to a point where the police officers did not have to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. Now their take home pay has been effectively cut by about 11%. This will force the officers to start working multiple jobs and show up tired or less alert but don’t worry their chief says they are overstaffed anyway

NUK_1's picture
Submitted by NUK_1 on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 5:09am.

When facing an anticipated budget deficit, there are a whopping three choices to consider:

A) Raise taxes
B) Make cuts
C) Both A and B

This is a task that even the Tyrone council can figure out needs to be done. It has nothing to do with "caring" about some employees or not; it has to do with the constitutional requirement of having a balanced budget without having to rape the reserve fund over and over until it's gone.

There has been such gross mismanagement of the city in the past and now the bills have come due. It's too bad that people got used to having their dependent coverage 100% paid for unlike almost any other employer or getting some kind of goofy "longevity raise," but it's 2008 now and Tyrone has to start running their city in a realistic and financially prudent manner.

Expecting the citizens of Tyrone to support tax increases after the pathetic mismanagement of the city the past several years by its leaders would be stupid even by the abysmally low Tyrone council standards. So, cuts are going to happen to get the financial house in order and to give a more sound foundation for going forward. I doubt the present council is up to the task, but maybe they'll get some of it accomplished.

Voice of Fayette Future's picture
Submitted by Voice of Fayett... on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 5:57pm.

Tyrone looking for that last $200,000 in the deficit? Fire OverBill and Dennis the Menace or Chris Venice. Heck, give all three of the them the heave ho.

The 5-0's picture
Submitted by The 5-0 on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 5:21pm.

"Chief Brandon Perkins reported that seven officers, a significant percentage of those utilizing the town’s dependent option, would be opting to drop dependent coverage."

It should read, "the seven officers have no choice but to drop dependent coverage because they can't afford having to pay 50% out of pocket!"

The Tyrone Council is a joke.
They've cut dependent insurance, removed long term disability, fired one code enforcement officer, cut the cost of living increase, cut the longivity bonus, and cut vacation hours!
These officers are probably taking a $300-$350 a month paycut (from an already dismal salary) due to these cuts.

Their base pay is several thousand dollars lower than what my department pays and we only have to pay $50 a month for insurance (we also got a 9% raise this year, compared to the 10% decrease Tyrone received).

I empathize for my brothers and sisters in blue, and I hope that they teach the inconsiderate citizens and leaders of Tyrone a lesson by leaving en-masse and going to jurisdictions that appreciate quality law enforcement specialists!

Maybe when the Council finds their vehicles stolen, their homes burglarized, and sees a dramatic increase in motor vehicle wrecks; then they'll see the folly of their rash and unjust budget cuts!

Submitted by ConfushaSay on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 10:26am.

I was reading the AJC this morning about vacant houses and new construction buildings has been vandalized, tearing walls & ceiling and stealing all the coppers. It's very scary. The first thing that came in my mind about Tyrone having a lot of police officers patrolling the area, preventing that from happening. In my opinion that's great to have that kind of protection. That's the main thing the government should do is to protect the citizens welfare from those criminals.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 12:02am.

welcome to the real world of the taxpayer.

"I empathize for my brothers and sisters in blue, and I hope that they teach the inconsiderate citizens and leaders of Tyrone a lesson by leaving en-masse and going to jurisdictions that appreciate quality law enforcement specialists!"

I hope they do too! Why don't them? Or could you be one of them? Who cares

Tyrone employees are overpaid spoiled brats. At the meeting in question, they all showed up...half the people there were them...when they found they were still going to be well paid, they all left. What does that tell you about how much they care about the town?

The town kept their weeping at every opportunity recs diretor,34,700.000 and her part time help 18,000.00. The story is they emailed a lot of people that had been using the fields and the rec center. They all came up and beat on their chest about how they were going to help...they did everything but say...''here is my check for the usage you rec center people didn't collect in the past!

"But going forward, we are gonna really give you some business. " I would say, we really got the business already when nothing was collected for the fields usage all this time!

It would have been funny, if it wasn't mine and all the other taxpayers money, being divided up by morons! An moon faced dial had the biggest ### grin on his face. If it had been all taxpayers, instead of employees packing the place, I'm sure the statements would have been different.

Tyrone residents will always pass Peachtree city with their golf cart paths, ampitheaters, well run town, and come home to our higher taxes, well paid employees, town with nothing in it....and wonder why did I ever move here?

Submitted by Spot on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 12:21am.

Just when I thought there was hope for you OBB, you just had to voice your opinion again. You went all of 32 minutes after you said you were not going to trash Tyrone before you did it again. It's never too late to move if youre so unhappy. When there arent any employees left, maybe you can get a job in our overpaid town. Why dont you show everyone how it should be done since you have all the expertise. Maybe you can even run the whole town?

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 10:27am.

you are as stupid as always...if the town doesn't give up its charter, then may I suggest fewer employees and more amenities for the taxpayers?

the town doesn't need Barry's possee, it needs a few good men, like the Marines. Cut the police to 10 or 12 and pay them well and give them long term disablity

the reck center, is way out there.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 7:38am.

be disolved. Everything would be the same, but our taxes would go down.

We would have the same garbage pick up, same fire station, the counties law enforcement. The difference...It would cost us less than it does now!

The area would still be called Tyrone, and we wouldn't have to fight Weiland or any other developers. We wouldn't be a town, so Weiland and the others would have to fight with the county and we wouldn't have to pay any lawyers to keep them off us. In other words, the bull's eye would be taken off Tyrone for the developers.

The same thing is happening here as in some other areas in the past. Amelia Island, St Simon, and other areas. Developers move in. The area hires an overpriced intrastructure and then the founding families don't have enough to pay the taxes and have to more. My best friend years ago, built a house on Malibu beach, their lot was 60,000. they paid cash. In less than 5 years, their house was valued at several million dollars, and their tax bill was 26,000. a year.

Tyrone is not Malibu, but the same thing is happening on a much smaller scale. These people here are getting nothing for their over inflated taxes but happy faces on town employess. No cart paths, no amphitheaters, no nothing.

They had a 200,000. deficit that they were taking out of reserves..Next year, if the money doesn't change, they will have to raise taxes.

The 5-0's picture
Submitted by The 5-0 on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 6:23pm.

You dissolve the Town of Tyrone and I'll explain to you how your standard of living will drastically drop!

1. You remove the police department and law enforcement will fall on the Sheriff's Office. With their budget, they MIGHT be able to add an additional zone to cover the old town's borders. This means that (on a fully-staffed day) there would be one deputy for the entire area of old Tyrone. Good luck calling 911 for help when the response time is 10-15 minutes or more! Businesses wouldn't be checked (it is just too much for one officer to cover) and neighborhoods would be un-patrolled. You could forget having your house watched while you're on vacation.

2. Say goodbye to Founder's Day and to your countless parades and festivals.

3. No more Tyrone means no more rec center and the activities they offer.

4. You think the County would support Tyrone's six different parks? They don't have the rec budget to support all of them, nor would they want to. The County has to spread the parks evenly across the county so one area doesn't have an unfair amount of parks and greenspace while other areas don't have any).

5. Your taxes may drop because you're living an unincorporated area, but your increased distance to fire/police services would drop your home values and increase your home insurance premiums.

6. I personally believe that the only reason why Tyrone isn't as crime-ridden as north east Fayette County is because north east Fayette County is unincorporated while the north west corner isn't.

I think I've made my point. Don't be so quick to throw away what you have. Tyrone isn't as bad as you make it out to be.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 8:19am.

and other apendage were as big as your gun!

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:11pm.

did you get a boo boo on that one. sooo sorrry.

"5. Your taxes may drop because you're living an unincorporated area, but your increased distance to fire/police services would drop your home values and increase your home insurance premiiums."

WOW! You think the county is going to ...PICK UP THE FIRE DEPARTMENT...AND ...MOVE...IT?

"2. Say goodbye to Founder's Day and to your countless parades and festivals. "

The guy from the bank told the town about 2 years ago, let me
..COLLECT... the money for you just this year....and see what happens...if you can read between the might guess...the town made money off Founders day for the 1st time in eons...last year...bussiness as usual...and it lost money...taxpayers taxess made up the difference...Where do u suppose the money the money went before....? and after? DAAAA? What do you suppose he was trying to say in a nice way? And...proved?!!! the bottem line told it all.

The only thing at founders day that is even worth while is the fire pay everyone...OVERTIME.... they were gonna cut out the fireworks...Oh please! And then we have the 'carnie rides' run by carnie people...then there is really nothing else...booths by Valentines...other buss...things that would boor you to death...and nothing else. Founders day?//Flounders day?

You list all this crap...and then you go back...over n over ....we aren't safe without the boy n bout we aren't safe ...from them....

No one has the smarts to cut the posse down from Barney something like we need, then you wouldn't have to cut their long term dis...but you haven't figured that out yet...stay away from dunkin do nuts and ..think...

The 5-0's picture
Submitted by The 5-0 on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 12:31pm.

"WOW! You think the county is going to ...PICK UP THE FIRE DEPARTMENT...AND ...MOVE...IT?"

Actually, they are.
The FD is being kicked out of their old building due to septic problems and violations.
There's no telling where they'll move the new department to.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 12:46pm.

but it doesn't matter where or if they move it. Point is, we will still have a fire department. That is something the ....county...provides, not the town. We would still have everything and you know it. Your ego just can't take that we would be the same if not better off, if the town disolved.

The 5-0's picture
Submitted by The 5-0 on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 1:06pm.

I have a good paying job in a good jurisdiction.
Doesn't matter what happens in Tyrone, I just sympathize with them.

You citizens are the ones who'll rue the day if you dissolve your city.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:17pm.

there goes the meal ticket...that is why you are so po ed...go back and trace you aren't fooling anyone


You HATE someone saying this cause you know they are gonna go off and weight it in their head...and realize they are being HADDDDDDDD...!!!!

Most people have hated the government of Tyrone for years....most people have resented the high taxes and nothing to show for it...

You are on dangerous ground...I suggest you crawl back in your taxpayer paid for hole...before we dissolve it and you will have to look for a real job, just like all who pay your bloated salary!

Submitted by glfrgurl on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 7:37pm.

As far as the parades, festivals, etc. if you took a vote and asked the citizens would you want lower taxes or to continue these events I know what the answer would be: lower taxes. The parks are okay but nowhere in line with PTC or Fayetteville. The tennis court and basketball court has to be mowed on a weekly basis so no one breaks an arm or leg tripping over the weeds. (Go take a look if you don't believe me) No pools, no useable tennis or safe basketball courts, a baseball complex where the land was donated and the facilities paid for by fundraising by the baseball assoc. so you can't credit the town with that one. Cart paths were promised to the outer city years ago and they still haven't been contructed. The county would do an "as good as" job in managing it. Fire dept. is already county controlled I believe. Everyone is just fed up with the taxes and the question of money mismanagement.

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