Degradation of this blog's quality

Not mine of course.
But have we fallen to continually discussing only racially charged sheriff's elections; the travails of Podunk Tyrone; and restaurants?

Many of the long time contributors have slowed dramatically with their input---having talked themselves into trouble, or by causing others misery, taking this crap seriously!

There is yet SOME discussion of the luck of the airlines (don't have any) and the role of the military these days. But not much that details any truth.

We no longer want to defend or discuss our six year war, about 4200 dead and 25,000 wounded soldiers. The national debt is totally ignored as if it doesn't matter how it will have to be paid, maybe soon.

Personal debt is horrendous for maybe the majority! Hardly anyone has a home paid for or even has significant equity!

The dollar won't buy but 60% as much oil as it did not very long ago. Bread is 3-4 dollars per loaf and is nearly inedible---3-4 dollars!

More "officials" are into stealing public money than has ever been recorded, even locally. The Mayor of Atlanta is in Washington, D. C. begging for money to "save" Atlanta since the citizens can not pay any more for much needed and neglected improvements or repair! The republicans say, " let it rot down."

The pollution in the air keeps many of us feeling sickly for months of the year and no one really cares. We listen to radio idiots tell us there is no problems, only bad laws and restrictions
on corporations. We like to believe these crackpots, who get by claiming to be "entertainers."

We select presidential candidates who neither side want! All caused by 20 odd years of conservative propaganda that reveled in corporate malfeasance!

Every time we get a president capable of reining in excess, we find them supposedly violating the ten commandments and go crazy and put in another fascist. There are apparently some sins much more unforgivable than others.

It has never been too late with our great resources, but we better get on it!

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Submitted by skyspy on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 11:10pm.

We have been begging you to leave us alone since you were dollar and bonker$, and d.smith.

Yet, here you are...

Hutch and Tony have tried to help you and coach you to no avail.

Submitted by rm.snell on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 3:03pm.

Sage, I agree that there is many things to blog about in this world. Many of the arguements on here are ones that I do not wish to get into the middle. I will not argue religion or race- that is one's own choice. As for politic- I usually vote republican but I vote more toward the candidate I like and not their choice of donkey or elephant. I stay out of Peachtree City government because I do not pay taxes there. I stay out of the war as my family members are over seas and in the military and I support them and their decisions. Tyrone is the place I live and play. I know it's leaders and the direction I would like to see it go.
If you want to talk about state politics or the effect of the arid weather we are having I am in.
I defend those I feel I like but there are not many fights I will put my dogs in.

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Submitted by Cyclist on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 11:44am.

several are on vacation. Like $, Bonkers, Nitpickers, D.smith and .....
Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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