Fayette County employee arrested in money scheme

Fri, 06/13/2008 - 5:22pm
By: John Thompson

The following statement was released early Friday evening by the Fayette County Commission:

Today, the County issued a warrant for the arrest of a Fayette County Government employee,. Joyce Payne. Mrs. Payne, an eleven-year county employee who was employed in the Human Resources Department, is suspected of falsifying documents during a period from February through September, 2007. The falsified documents enabled her to divert public funds in the amount of $6,218.00 for her own personal use.

Officials became aware of a potential problem when they were contacted concerning what was believed to be an erroneous Form 1099 issued to an individual who had provided services to the county. An internal investigation, conducted by the Fayette County Marshals’ Department, revealed sufficient evidence to take action against. Payne. Payne was arrested this afternoon at the Stonewall Administrative Complex and she was immediately placed on administrative leave without pay.

County Commission Chairman Jack Smith remarked, “It is extremely disappointing to learn of these allegations against one of our own. I am shocked that such a talented employee could possibly lower herself to this level. In the history of our county’s government, occurrences such as this are so rare that we can scarcely remember the few times it may have happened in the past. Although an incident such as this casts aspersions on all who give of their time and talents in service to Fayette County, I and the Board of Commissioners have full faith and confidence in both our administration and the general integrity of our system of controls to limit such incidents.”

Early this year, the county began a comprehensive review of its internal controls and has made numerous improvements to decrease the likelihood that incidences such as this one can occur. This review is ongoing and enhancements to our system of internal controls for both prevention and detection of illegal acts will continue as part of our review process.
The charges against Mrs. Payne will follow a normal course through the legal system.

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Submitted by oldbeachbear on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 1:13pm.

We have an opening and you have free run of the hen house.

mapleleaf's picture
Submitted by mapleleaf on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 6:37am.

It's interesting how some people confuse the words "incident" and "incidence," especially in the plural.

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 11:10am.

Good eye!!!!
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