Triple Fight Night In Tyrone

The Tyrone Planning Commission will hold it’s bi-monthly fight card designated as the “Downtown Redevelopment Debacle” June 12 @ 7 PM.

In the featured bout of the evening David “Neanderthal” Nebergall will defend his Cruiserweight Zoning Championship against anyone seeking an Amendment.

And Number 1 Super-Heavyweight Contender Gordon “Broken Promises” Shenkle will take on anyone in the audience for Ginger “The Tyrone Cutie’s” vacated crown.

The Under-Card will also feature the return in spirit of Barry “The Ghost” Amos to defend his Lightweight Redevelopment Plan.

Your Referee weighing in at $235 per hour will be Dennis “The Legal Menace” Davenport.

Counting for the Knock-downs is Deficit Consultant “Bloody Mary” Sturm; and Cut Men Hugh O’Neil & Brian Henry will work in the fighters corners.

In Pre-fight ceremonies Mayor Don “I don’t have a dog in this fight” Rehwaldt will crown Valerie Fowler “The Queen of Tyrone’s Government”.

Don’t miss this important event. The fix is on and the losers will be awarded a consolation (Sur)-“prize” of Tax increases by the Council.

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