On June 5, Tyrone’s council went into their Secret Executive Session to discuss two new “threats” of lawsuits. The only information citizens received was that the lawyers were instructed to moved forward. What does that mean, who might sue, and why? People don’t sue for no good reason. They sue because their government has refused to help.

When lawyers are instructed to do something, that means large legal fees contributing to our deficit. There is such a thing in law called Alternative Dispute Resolution, which involves various forms of mediation or arbitration. The two sides agree to sit down like intelligent adults and discuss ways to resolve their differences. But our bullheaded officials know only one way. They take the attitude that government is always right and citizens are always wrong. So let’s pay lawyers to fight our citizens to the death. Most of that comes from advice of lawyers because that’s how lawyers make their living.

The Council initially creates so much hatred in citizens by their fooling around. Case in point is Winnie Anderson.

When John Wieland developed the Estates Subdivision 8 years ago, Barry Amos approved putting drain pipes under Farr Road that dumped water directly on to Ms. Anderson’s lot. During heavy rains the drainage covers her backyard flowing up to her back door.

After numerous discussions and put offs by the Old Council, Ms. Anderson was forced to sue Tyrone. After spending $5000 on legal fees, her case was postponed because of her lawyer’s illness.

Ms. Anderson then supported Rehwaldt, Young & Shenkle along with campaign promises to better represent the citizens plus Furr & Caldwell’s personal promises to help her. Mayor Rehwaldt even placed his “Vote for Me” sign directly over the drain-off on Ms. Anderson’s property and was shown the problem. Ms. Anderson went before the “New” Council this year expecting some reasonable help with the intentions of dropping her lawsuit. Three times the Council has postponed a decision, when all it would take is extending the drain pipe across her backyard and dumping the Wieland water into an adjacent lake. Why can’t they help correct a problem that the government created to begin with, avert a lawsuit and save legal costs plus damages?

If Ms. Anderson wasn’t one of the two, Secret Executive Sessions on lawsuits, I personally know that she will be the third. The citizens need to be informed about who is suing and why by our officials.

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Submitted by Like it is on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 1:31pm.

The drainage pipe you speak of under Farr Road has probably been there for 50+ years. Long before Ms. Anderson moved in. In addition, many phases of the Estates subdivision were already built before Ms. Anderson moved in. Her problem is that her builder set her house to far in the ground. Go look at it. Her builder is long gone & now she wants Tyrone to fix it. Personally, I'am glad Tyrone is fighting this. I feel bad for her but it's not the repsosiblity of Tyrone tax payers to fix problems they didnt create. I normally agree with the hate Barry comments, but in this case he had nothing to do with it!

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 6:53pm.

it is tax records....the Estates by Wieland were buildt in the 1998 1999 and 2000 era...Farr Lake Estates, Anderson's home was buildt in 1999....No matter which came 1st chicken or egg...Barney the town engineer approved ....BOTH.... so I don't know why anyone is splitting hairs on this....Barney did it...if the developers got over on him....well that is the towns old gov problem for hiring him and ignoring the complaints...hopping they would give up and dissapear. When a zillion people complained, they ...KEPT.... him....and treated the taxpayers like they were want to know who the OKIES REALLY ARE?.....the bunch that voted out....!

The woman has a problem....BARNEY n the old bunch too lazy to look into .....some of the new bunch....please fix it. it doesn't matter which developer....the town...barney/mayor///thelma lou///alll signed off on it...if you think differently....please go down to the Fayette county court house....and get yourself a copy! the town is responsible cause they let Barney/the mayor///and the town ....when the people told them over and over ....what they were can anyone make it any keeping those people in office....our chikens are no comming home to roost....!

Submitted by Margot on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 4:52pm.

Apparently you are not capable of comprehending the written word. Read it again. Tyrone Confidential said, Barry Amos approved the plans for Wieland about 8 years ago to put the drain under Farr Road. The drain has only been there for a few years not 50 years. Listen closely now. If Barry had not approved the drain then the water would not be flowing on Anderson’s property. Listen again now. Barry then approved the Builder’s plan but did not require him to extend the pipe. Two mistakes by Barry the “Great Engineer” who worked for Tyrone. Barry was negligent in approving the drain plan. Tyrone is liable in tort for the actions of it’s employees under the legal theory of respondent superior for Barry’s negligence.

Submitted by TJAM on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 9:27pm.

I don’t know about Ms. Anderson’s problem but if she has a problem that she thinks is the Town’s fault I hope she has some facts and not just “blog facts”. Blog facts aren’t normally based on anything other than what someone wants others to believe not necessarily the truth. Anyway if she does have real facts I am sure she can get an attorney to take her case, if she has no real facts just "blog facts" I guess she could represent herself.

Submitted by PreciousStahr on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 11:23pm.

That's right Tjam, your blogs are not normally based on anything other than what you want others to believe that they have no real facts. Anyway, the fact is, that you're not telling the truth.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 3:13pm.

With the shortfall's in budget dollars that Tyrone is facing; Why was Bill McNally allowed to get away with over $200,000 in billing recently. As small as Tyrone is that amount exceeds what they should spend in 5 years. Bring back that guy with the funny last name that used to be the city attorney. He kept the city out of trouble and I don't think he ever saw a month that went over a few thousand dollars at any given time.

Word Of Caution: There are those who are trying to get back on the county commission who would not hesitate to bring Kingpin McNally back to overbill the county and once again try to take over sheriff's department. Be careful folks....


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


Submitted by Boo on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 4:42pm.

2 years ago, Winnie Anderson called Grace Caldwell & Gloria Furr and they went out to inspect her drain problem, promised they would help and of course like always, did nothing helpful.

Winnie Anderson lives in Farr Lake Estates at the corner of Farr Road. Drive by and you can still see the black silt fence Barry Amos put up to catch the water - an absurd solution. Then Barry and the old guard Council including Grace & Gloria took the position that extending the pipe was the responsibility of the Builder.

Submitted by Margot on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 5:13pm.

The “Great Engineer” Barry approved the Builder’s Plans, and all drainage pipes. The common law is called “common” because it was derived from the common sense of reasonable people. Why can’t our Tyrone officials use their common sense? Common sense tells you that if the government was responsible for approving the drainage, then the government is responsible for correcting it. Otherwise the common sense of ordinary people on a jury will impose damages on Tyrone. If your were on a jury in Winnie Anderson’s case and you could see that there is no way that she could have dumped the water on herself, what would be your decision?

Submitted by Missy-Sippy on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 10:04am.

If I was on the jury in the Anderson drainage problem, I would vote to give Anderson the cost to extend the drain pipe and require Tyrone to pay her legal fees. Then I would pay her a large amount of money, say at least $100,000 in punitive damages to punish Tyrone for causing her so much trouble over a simple issue. On 2nd thought let’s make that $250,000 to send a message to Tyrone not to be treating its citizens that way. Maybe that would get their attention and cause the citizens to demand proper representation from its elected officials.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 5:29pm.

2 bails of straw/ no drainage ditch/ no shoulder for cars to pull off on/no sidewalk/ no cart path/// equals- biger salaries for a very few employees...the taxpayers won't notice///they are too busy trying to figure out where they are gonna get the money for the taxes.!

My advice...don't stop here....keep on going....

If Tyrone has something to offer besides traffic tickets...someone...the new Barney....let us all know...he seems to be running this place...almost as much as old Barney

too bad

Submitted by Spot on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 6:58pm.

You have been too quiet, so I thought you had changed your negative attitudes and ways. You and others want to continue to make Tyrone a laughing stock! Please get help - you are a very sad person.

Submitted by too bad on Tue, 06/10/2008 - 9:54am.

offeser offerser Ole Beach Bear and you were having words about the number of poleese in Tyrone. You stated a rule of thumb was 1 for ever 1000.

In the 2006 Citizen survey, there were 5800 people in Tyrone. By your own accounting that would mean 19 would be too many. If you have 2 for ever 1000. You still would need only 10 or 12 at most.

Offeser are there too many of you?

Submitted by Missy-Sippy on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 10:00am.

Tyrone's govment has made the town a laughing stock not the citizens.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 5:03am.

"You and others want to continue to make Tyrone a laughing stock! "

I don't know how to tell you this, but I wasn't responsible for putting in the stretch of Swanson with no shoulders, no sidewalks or golf paths. Then when it rained, instead of fixing it, put bails of straw in the ditches! They are still laying there if you care to look. Its kind of hard to see them for all the weeds up to some of those fictitious pedestrians butts. You know the ones the 30 mph signs were posted for, along with the watch for pedestrians, pedestrian crossing and whatever the signs say that are all over that road. It also leads up to a very unsafe 4 way. Instead of fixing the 4 way correctly or putting in a stop light. they just stick traffic cops back in the bushes and weeds waiting for the cars so they can ticket them. None of that is my doing.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 5:31pm.

new Barney! job perks

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