The Herb Shop Returns To Tyrone

But not without delays from permit clerk Valerie Caldwell. After originally opening in the Publix Shopping Center 3 yrs ago, the shop was put out of business by Barry & Valerie.

Yan Mom, the owner was seeking an accessory use for her business to help pay the high rent. Barry & Valerie delayed and never would make a final decision. When her lease came up for renewal at the start of 2007 Yan was forced to close up shop.

After Dick Shelley called and told her Barry was no longer running Townhall, Yan agreed to give it another try at his location.

Although Valerie delayed the permit an unnecessary 5 weeks, the Herb Shop plans to open on June 21. The Herb Shop has many excellent Asian herbs for good health. Shelley says that after taking VS-C for viral immunity, he has not been sick in 3 years, only sick of Tyrone’s government. He also recommends Sinus Support EF which greatly relieves pollen problems and other allergies, plus energy products. Come by the Herb Shop at 929 Senoia Road and welcome a good business owner back.

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Submitted by Margot on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 5:26pm.

Tyrone never consulted the business community about how to bring in business to redevelop downtown. Passing a land use ordinance that deleted uses was the stupidest bureaucratic idiocy that only government could conceive of.

Although, our new council and planners are still carrying on with the old groups’ comprehensive plan and won’t listen to the business community who as Tracy Young promised to consult but hasn’t, that nonsense is failing. Fire Valerie, repeal the zoning ordinance with downtown business input and free enterprise will redevelop downtown without socialistic government interference. Plus the deficit will turn into a profit.

Submitted by Margot on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 5:42pm.

I’m looking at some of his campaign literature, which says: Elect Tracy Young. As your Councilman I will, 1) create open government that citizens can trust, 2) seek taxpayer input on zonings, 3) require fiscal responsibility from Council and Staff , and 4) repeal the zoning ordinance.

Well, so far Tracy, you have 1) help create the $million deficit, 2) not sought any input from the business community on zonings, 3) made the motion to deny a zoning amendment that would have gone a long way toward repealing the ordinance, 4) not responsive to a citizens complaint, 5, voted a secret executive session to refuse to even talk about trying to settle a serious lawsuit, thereby adding continuing legal fees to the deficit, and 6) by these broken promises, you have completely helped destroy the trust and confidence so many of us had in you, and the hope for a better, open trustworthy government.

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