Burglars hit F'ville three days in a row

Fri, 06/06/2008 - 12:11pm
By: Ben Nelms

Back to back burglaries in Fayetteville in the early morning hours Wednesday, Thursday and Friday netted thieves few items for their effort. Police cannot confirm a connection but are investigating the three.

The June 4 burglary at Attina’s Music on Ga. Highway 54 West occurred at approximately 1:45 a.m., said Police Chief Steve Heaton. Entry into the store by an individual described as a “tall person” wearing a red hoodie and a long sleeve gray sweatshirt was gained after a rock was thrown through the store’s window, Heaton said.

A display case was busted and a guitar peddle board and several musical adaptors were stolen, he said.

A June 5 burglary occurred at Friedman’s Jewelers at Fayette Pavilion sometime after 1 a.m., Heaton said. The burglar, wearing a red hoodie and possibly male, gained entry after throwing a rock through the store window, Heaton said. The burglar busted two empty display cases but took nothing.

Heaton said officers responded within 30 seconds of receiving the alarm call from the dispatcher, arriving to find several people that have noticed the burglar in the area of the store prior to the break-in. No one called police, Heaton said.

The June 6 burglary came at approximately 3 a.m. at Johnny’s Pizza at 230 S. Glynn Street. The perpetrator threw a concrete ashtray found outside the store through a window to gain entry. The burglar stole a big screen television, Heaton said. No description of the burglar was available at this time, said Heaton.

Heaton said any possible connection to the burglaries is being investigated.

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Submitted by robste on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 10:25pm.

I moved to Fayette County in 2002 to get away from the crime that was permeating itself in Riverdale. I lived there 31 years and I saw a once well-knit middle class community dissolve into a chaotic mass of crime and low income housing.

Now I see the same thing happening to Fayetteville, and the one constant in all of this is the rise in crime, the majority of which are committed by blacks. Facts are facts. It is not racist to point out the obvious statistics about the rise in black crime in Fayette County, and it is not racist to point out that the rise coincides with the uptick in black poplulation in the county.

All big government solutions have done (as PTC Avenger pointed out so well) is destroy the black family in America. A whopping 90% of blacks continue to vote for the Democrat party that has helped to undermine them, and that is tragic. Their culture has been turned on its head due to big government, and quite frankly I have a difficult time understanding a culture that by and large welcomes affirmative action or welfare, which should be an insult to them. I have a difficult time understanding a culture that in many cases lives in the past, as though some imaginary Jim Crow is still out to get them. I have a difficult time understanding a culture who in many cases lives in a perpetual state of victimhood instead of accepting responsibility and improving their lot in life. To a large degree, they look to government instead of looking to themselves and their limitless potential for solutions.

I have a difficult time understanding a culture that to a significant degree has clearly departed from Dr. Martin Luther King's vision of "character over color." We're talking about crime here, which is a serious character issue. The fact that the majority of those crimes in Fayette are committed by blacks speaks loudly to the need for them to heed the words of Bill Cosby and restore their community, instead of pointing fingers of blame at him or labeling us racists because we point out the very same things he does. They need to come together and fix their community, because it is hurting ours.

Submitted by PTC Avenger on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 5:56pm.

I've had enough of this. The Sheriff's office denies that we have a "gang" problem -- whether or not that's true remains to be determined. I'll tell you what we do have though: a black crime problem. Is this position a popular one? Absolutely not, but it must me confronted. I don't think anyone will deny this (in private at least), and those who do are simply out of touch with reality. Just browse the stories from the past weeks. Last night I was talking with a friend of mine who owns a small business in Fayetteville. We started talking about the changes taking place and I was surprised to learn that his business was robbed last week. It never made the papers or got any media exposure. I wonder how many other robberies have gone unnoticed? How long until home invasions become routine?

For years I've been saying that this would happen sooner rather than later. Is it any surprise that all this crime coincides with a 26% increase in minority population? No, it is not. When are you going to stop accusing me of racist speculation and begin to see what is really going on? It seems like 90% of people are in denial. "We don't have a gang or crime problem," they say, "they're just wannabes." Tell that to the woman who got sprayed in the face and robbed a few nights ago. Tell that to the clerk who had a gun pointed at him at Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's. Tell that to the store owners who lost hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars of goods. When do these criminals cease to be "wannabes" and start to become real criminals whom threaten our way of life? While Fayetteville seems to be absorbing the brunt of these crimes, Peachtree City is starting to see a significant rise as well. And what are people doing about it? Moving to Coweta county. What cowardice. We worked hard to build and sustain this community and shouldn't run down the road with our tails tucked between our legs when it's threatened. "White flight" is a trend that's gone on for far too long and it must stop here. Don't run away, take a stand and defend your community.

Consider this a call-to-arms. Every citizen who is qualified and able to do so should seek a firearm. If you don't feel comfortable carrying it on you then at least get one for your home. Once these thugs start getting their heads blown off maybe they'll think twice before committing crimes here.

Sadly, many of you will accuse me of being a racist. In today's day and age that word means nothing because it's been overused and carelessly hurled at way too many people. It would be irresponsible to assert that there are no white criminals posing a risk to our community. There are. But is it racist to simply state the facts that the majority of these crimes are being committed by young black men? Is it racist to not want to see my home of almost 20 years turned into a ghetto slum? By every measure – increased crime, cultural degradation, teenage pregnancy, incarceration, drug abuse, and bastardy – blacks find themselves in far more dire straits today than forty years ago. Black culture today is a violent and self-destructive culture.

Fayette county should not be exclusionary. We should welcome anybody who is willing to work and contribute to our way of life. We are a county of achievers and we welcome achievers, of any race, to call Fayette home.

After all this -

Food Stamps
Section 8 housing
Forced busing
Affirmative Action
Race norming
Out-reach programs
No Child Left Behind
Anti-Jim Crow laws
Anti-miscegenation laws
Sensitivity training
Lower academic standards
Magnet schools
War on Poverty
Head Start
Free Breakfast
Free Lunch
Free day care
Free after-day care
Earned Income Tax Credits
Sub-Prime Mortgages
Subsidized phone service
Subsidized electric service
Free health care at any emergency clinic
Brown-vs-Board of Education
Free Legal Clinics
Peace Corp.
Rainbow Coalition -

blacks still can't seem to get it right. After all this, many still use the ever present crutch of slavery to excuse their modern shortcomings. The truth is that their ancestors would be ashamed to see what they've become. They would be ashamed that they invoke their hardships to explain today's failures. I urge you curious types to research national crime statistics for black-on-white crime versus white-on-black crime. You will be shocked. It makes you wonder just who should be apologizing.

Submitted by CI5835 on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 1:08am.

Pure and simple that is what it is...it is a crime problem. It doesn't matter and it makes absolutely no difference if it is black or if it is white, it is a crime problem. We are actually in a good position of fighting it becase we know exactly where it is coming from and as you all know that place is Clayton County. One reason for this is that contrary to what many believe and regardless of what you think of the man as a peson Victor Hill in Clayton county is actually being very tough on crime. He may be a manipulative egotistical maniac but he has instituted a zero-tolerance policy for crime. Under Hill no one gets a break, not even for throwing a cigarrette but on the street. Because we know where the perps are coming from there are several simple steps that can be taken but currently are not. 1) Increase the frequency of "security checks" on local businesses. 2) Set up random rolling road blocks at all access points into/out of Fayette from Clayton. 3) Prioritize vehicle pull-overs so that officers specifically look for out of county vehicles to stop. As long as the officers are following the law and make legal traffic stops we will have nothing to worry about.

Submitted by skyspy on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 10:11pm.

We already gave the criminals clayton county we shouldn't have to give them another county.

They are hoping we keep Scotty-softy-on-crime. They hope we elect a Sheriff who would be as easy to corrupt as victor hill. You see victor hill, has several federal charges against him and some lawsuits as well. They know that their free pass in clayton county to commit crime is just about over, and they are looking for a new stomping ground. If we elect a Sheriff who is easy to corrupt they will bring black on black crime here full time.

Crime pays, and it pays very well if you can pay law enforcement to overlook it. So far the criminals have not had a chance in Fayette County. How we vote in July will determine what happens. Are we going to give the criminals an easy pass into our county, or are we going to elect someone who will continue to fight crime?

The crimes mentioned in the story happened in the city of Fayetteville and in the Fayetteville Police Dept. territory. It isn't the cities fault or that of the police officers who work there. They have the misfortune of being closest to the filthy crime sewer clayton county.

For those of you who are newcomers you have no idea what clayton county looked like as little as 20yrs ago. If we elect the wrong people it could happen here.

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 6:32pm.

This is going to get things started tonight.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Submitted by susieq on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 6:50pm.

What makes you say that? Don't you believe in calling a spade a spade? We have a black crime wave here. It doesn't matter whether it's gang related or not. The city police, not the sheriff's department, need to do something about it.

Submitted by kikenbutt on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 7:22pm.

Now with the copper wires and other precious metals going to India. The departments need to work together don't you think?

Submitted by sageadvice on Sat, 06/07/2008 - 6:41am.

Actually far, far more money is stolen by white business executives and con artists than by black guys!
They just don't take it by force or after dark!

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 7:05pm.

I made big ^#%@$& of myself on a blog along the same genus about a month ago. I was humbled----badly. I'm all about preventing crime and putting away those that commit it regardless of race. I'm going to leave it at that.
Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Submitted by susieq on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 7:15pm.

Sorry you were humbled, but surely you can admit that it's black crime in the burglaries and robberies here. White folks are just abusers, pedophiles, builders and politicians...and bankers.

Submitted by PTC Avenger on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 7:12pm.

That's what it boils down to. Aggressive law enforcement and STRICT sentencing combined with citizen vigilance can go along way. Throw the book at all criminals, black, white, hispanic, Asian, whatever.

Submitted by sageadvice on Sat, 06/07/2008 - 6:38am.

Such generalities!
Officers do their jobs
Lot of jail time for everyone
everybody eye everyone suspiciously
Throw the book?

How about helping raise them correctly?

Submitted by susieq on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 7:19pm.

Aggressive law enforcement, and they would holler "RACISM."

There's only so much the police can do until AFTER the crime.

Submitted by PTC Avenger on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 7:35pm.

Unfortunately you're right. Make no mistake about it, there are some organizations that have had their eyes on Fayette co. for the past few years now. They're trying to destabilize the county and alter the status quo for their own benefit. District voting, anyone? I'm sure some of you remember the letters written to the paper several months ago by a disgruntled African-American parent decrying the "overt racism" exhibited by our "Jim Crow-style" law enforcement. You raise a very valid point: realistically speaking, what can be done?

Submitted by susieq on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 7:43pm.

Do what they did on Old National. Place those black burglar bars on all store doors and windows.

AND add cameras to the roofs of all buildings. Then the police can start questioning people wearing a hoodie in the hot summer if they show up on camera before or after a crime has been committed.

Submitted by PTC Avenger on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 7:59pm.

That's not a bad idea. My only concern would be, besides the immediate property devaluations caused merely by the presence of the bars throughout the city, would be that this might cause the criminals to become more brazen. There's a chance that this might make our homes more suceptible to break-ins. And personally, while I am extremely concerned with crime as it exists now, I'd rather they rob businesses than our homes. I understand your point, though.

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