Crime in Fayette

As I take a glance in this weeks The Citizen articles; Most new residents come from Clayton, Fulton, New target of thieves; Catalytic converters; Convicted robber arrested in Pavilion drug chase May 16, Gunshots hit house; F’ville police probe; Smash and grab burglary at Radio Shack, Sheriff’s race marred by vandals stealing signs; Who’s responsible for stealing Simmons’ signs?, To maintain Fayette Pavilion’s viability, inevitable crime must be contained; Local DFCS board at odds with region officials on investigations; It’s NOT OK to hurt pets; Police Reports from last week that are on the rise. These articles should be alarming to us Fayette residents. I do not shop at the Pavilion, or dine at the Pavilion. Forget about Tinseltown and Cinemark 10 at night, absolutely not.

Mr. Hannah, Mr. Babb, Mr. Mindar are running for Fayette county Sheriff and are all on leave from their perspective positions in the Sheriff County’s office. I understand that the current Sheriff is somewhat semi-retired and not in town much. Who’s minding the store now?

Just by reading the articles on crime in The Citizen is alarming to me. I am waiting to hear the debates for the upcoming elections and I for one will be listening very carefully.

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Submitted by sageadvice on Sat, 05/24/2008 - 6:44pm.

I suppose their job is being held for the losers?
Never have understood "electing" a sheriff! Maybe in the old days when they were supposed to represent the state also, but now most just run jails and serve warrants and protect the courthouse. Ours is expanding into dope, speeding, drunks, etc.

I usually do not eat "brunch" at a favorite restaurant in Fayetteville, but we did recently and I was suprised that I noticed that 90% of the management and wait staff were Central and South American natives.
Also, the wait staff was made up of about half of the same, and the rest African-American. There was no problem but I had never noticed that before.
Is there truly a real "invasion" of minorities into Fayette County?
I checked the car tag at a well known chain general store at the Pavilion. One whole section near the side door was from counties other than Fayette---employees, I assume.
I'm not suggesting here that all citizens can't go and work where they please, but I do not remember such as this just a few years ago!
You know when water starts flooding a sinking ship, the smart animals are the first to know it and try to be first to abandon ship and survive any way they can.
What then happens to where they came from? That seems selfish to me.

Submitted by kreedham on Sat, 05/24/2008 - 7:43pm.

Can't understand why we elect a sheriff either. We used to elect school superintendents but finally did away with that.

My question is, since we do elect sheriff, then why is it partisan elections. Sheriff, Coroner and Tax Commissioner should be non partisan with the two top vote getters in the primary facing off in November. If only two run then straight to the general election. If a candidate wants to say they're a Republican or Dem so be it.

THE BOSS's picture
Submitted by THE BOSS on Fri, 05/23/2008 - 12:24pm.

Well it sounds like business as usual.

Let’s see if I have this right,

1.Fayetteville Police cover all the Fayetteville City limits
2.Peachtree City Police cover all the Peachtree City limits
3.Tyrone Police cover all the Tyrone City limits
4.Fayette County Sheriff covers the balance of the county, and assists the city’s when requested and runs the jail.

(The Fayette Pavilion is in Fayetteville City limits for those that don’t know)

And where is ALL the crime committed?

Sounds like poor management all around.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Fri, 05/23/2008 - 12:13pm.

Who’s minding the store now?

Thank goodness it's not that Simmons fellow who desires to bring the corrupt Detroit cop culture to our fine community. Remember, we don't want to run like Detroit or Clayton County.


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


Submitted by smoothassilk on Sat, 05/24/2008 - 8:16am.

worse? I just love you anti Simmons supporters who continue like a broken record with the same ole things over and over and over again.

Submitted by Tom1939 on Mon, 05/26/2008 - 11:36am.

Smoothassilk, here’s more broken records you probably want to bury and forget. Dave Simmons listed his last rank on the Detroit police as Deputy Chief but his described duties are those of a Commander. The man that promoted Simmons to the rank of Deputy Chief Ike McKinnon was involved in a promotion test scandal where several Detroit police officers close the McKinnon scored statistically impossible scores on a Detroit police promotion test. Chief Ike McKinnon is the Detroit Police Chief that promoted Dave Simmons to the rank of Deputy Chief but Dave Simmons on his web site does not describe performing the duties associated with that rank. Simmons only states his last duties were serving as Ike McKinnon’s chief of staff helping to run the 4500 member police force in Detroit. After being promoted to Deputy Chief Simmons continued performing the duties of his rank of Commander. His official duties did not change with the change in rank. He continued performing the duties of his lower rank.

This discrepancy has never been explained by Simmons. Would this questionable discrepancy on a resume cause a job candidate to be removed from further consideration for a position? This smacks of a “Good-ole boy” system. Did Simmons benefit from a Good-ole boy system to receive an inflated retirement pension? Did Simmons receive this promotion to buy his silence? Could this be evidence of official corruption revealed by accident that no one was expected to notice?

Should Simmons’ pension rate be downgraded to that of a Commander not Deputy Chief because he was, in fact, functioning as a Commander? Should Simmons' ill-gotten gain of an inflated pension rate be returned to the Detroit police pension system? Does this qualify as a new record Smoothassilk?

If this is true, Smoothassilk, there is no statute of limitations for the McKinnon / Simmons inflated retirement rate corruption scheme because every time Simmons accepts a pension payment, month after month, he breaks the law, month after month, on an on-going basis, which re-sets the clock, month after month. Criminal intent is easy to prove because he accepts the benefits, the money from the inflated pension, which establishes the main element of the crime, the profit motive, the criminal intent.

Maybe someone should investigate this inflated retirement rate scandal for the citizens and honest police officers of the city of Detroit? Since this involves wiring money across state lines, Michigan and Georgia, the Feds might have jurisdiction over this. Hey, we make a good team, Smoothassilk. You keep posting and I'll keep replying so you don't get bored with old, broken records. If your man Simmons does get elected he'll probably run the sheriff's department from Club Fed, cell block, Detroit Police Row, cell #1A.

What if this kind of discrepancy existed on the resumes of Mr. Hannah, Mr. Babb, or Mr. Mindar where they list the rank and accepted the financial benefits of a rank that they never served? Would that in your mind, in and of itself, be enough to disqualify them from any further consideration for the high office of Sheriff of Fayette County?

Here is a Detroit News article published on September 14, 2001:
Release Detroit's police exam probe
Detroit News, The (MI) - September 14, 2001
Author: The Detroit News ; Bill Johnson

Recent news that a Detroit police officer accused of cheating on an exam for sergeant was found guilty of misconduct didn't generate a lot of attention. That's unfortunate, since unanswered questions surrounding the incident remain.

Lest Detroiters forget, former Police Chief Benny Napoleon reneged on a promise to release an internal report that looked into the circumstances surrounding the breach. Chief Charles Wilson, his replacement, has an opportunity to demonstrate more openness.

Jose Hardrick, who was also former Police Chief Isaiah McKinnon 's driver, is the last officer to face charges of misconduct for cheating on the promotional exam. In 1997, Hardrick was accused of taking test questions and answers from former Chief McKinnon 's office prior to the test. According to the arrest warrant, Hardrick's fingerprints appeared on a test booklet that contained questions and answers. He scored 191 out of a possible 200 on the exam, outscoring 99.7 percent of the officers who took the test. This was conspicuous because Hardrick was not known for his academic prowess. He reportedly ranked 22nd in a police academy class of 28, having failed two of the eight exams. On the others, Hardrick scored in the lower third.

The first trial of the six-year veteran ended in a hung jury. The second trial was heard by Wayne County Circuit Judge Brian Sullivan. Hardrick, terminated after the incident, faces up to five years in prison.

His conviction only tells part of the story. In all, eight officers, including McKinnon 's nephew and some of the ex-chief's friends, were investigated after posting near-perfect scores. Included was a former member of McKinnon 's administrative team, a fellow member with McKinnon on the police department's band and an officer once assigned to protect Mayor Dennis Archer, who was a jogging partner of McKinnon 's. All scored between 163 and 195 on the tests.

Experts testified that scores above 150 are extremely rare. Eighty percent of all officers taking the tests scored below 100 with the overall median score being 78. But questions persist. Why, for example, did so many people close to the former chief score so high?...

...Napoleon promised an internal investigation that would let the "chips fall where they may." Despite repeated reminders, he did not release the result of that investigation before resigning this summer. This caused some to speculate that the department had something to hide.

Hardrick insisted that McKinnon, who retired shortly after the incident, left study documents out on his office sofa and encouraged him to take them. McKinnon , called as a prosecution witness, denied that he gave his driver an advance look at the test material. Rather, McKinnon said, the only help he gave Hardrick was a set of old study questions he used when preparing for promotion tests in the 1960s and '70s.

"I had no personal knowledge of any cheating on this exam, nor did I use my position to give anyone an unfair advantage," McKinnon said in a two-hour appearance at Hardrick's preliminary examination in 36th District Court in Detroit...

"The conviction confirms the commitment of the Detroit Police Department not to condone and to vigorously prosecute acts of corruption," said Chief Wilson following the Hardrick guilty verdict.

That's fine. And one should not allow the actions of a few wrongdoers to poison the image of the majority. But let's not forget that concerns raised about cheating on the tests resulted in a decision by the department to throw out the results and reorder the exam at a cost to taxpayers of about $250,000.

Police misconduct, such as the leaking of an exam, is indicative of management and control lapses. Unless the results of the internal probe into the testing scandal are publicly released, Detroiters will continue to lack confidence in the professionalism and integrity of the police.
Caption: Detroit Police Chief Charles Wilson. Bill Johnson
Edition: No Dot
Section: Opinion Page
Page: 15A
Record Number: det10527084
Copyright (c) The Detroit News. All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of Gannett Co., Inc. by NewsBank, inc.


The above article reveals, Jose Hardrick, was Detroit Police Chief Ike McKinnon’s driver and Hardrick was convicted of a felony in the cheating scandal after his friend, Ike McKinnon, testified in court against his former police driver. The fingerprints of Ike McKinnon’s driver were discovered on promotion test questions and answers that Ike McKinnon received long before the test. The driver Jose Hardrick claimed Ike McKinnon made these test materials available to him before taking the promotional exam. Ike McKinnon claimed the driver took the material without his knowledge. Several male and female police officers, and Ike McKinnon’s own nephew, all with a connection to Ike McKinnon, also scored statistically impossible scores on the promotion test after never coming close to passing a promotional test in the past.

If Ike McKinnon’s driver Jose Hardrick was telling the truth, and circumstantially it appears that his was, did Hardrick ask Police Chief McKinnon to help him cheat on the promotional exam? Or, on the other hand, did Police Chief McKinnon approach his friend and driver Hardrick with the promotional test material then McKinnon's act of official fraud came to light?

It is more likely that Ike McKinnon, of higher rank, approached his friend and driver than the driver approached the Police Chief to help him commit a crime. If this is true then Ike McKinnon gave false testimony to convict his friend after McKinnon drew his friend into a position to break the law, which then got Hardrick fired and convicted of the five-year felony when all he was originally doing was driving for his friend, Police Chief Ike McKinnon.

The issues flowing out of all this is; Simmons had Ike McKinnon down here to personally announce his candidacy for the high office of sheriff. Simmons’ even has the words of Ike McKinnon on his sheriff campaign web site. Does the fact that Simmons’ would still associate with a corrupt law enforcement officer like Ike McKinnon disturb you? The fact that Simmons would have Ike McKinnon testify to his law enforcement qualifications to serve as our sheriff must suggest something to you. Birds of a feather do tend to flock together don't they? Do these issues imply something about Simmons’ judgment, his character and his qualifications to be our sheriff?

What if the other candidates for sheriff had these substantial issues surface during this race? In your mind, would these issues disqualify them from any further consideration for the high office of sheriff? These are real issues surrounding Dave Simmons. These questions are not as you suggest, “a broken record…the same ole things over and over and over again.” Maybe the broken record is playing a tune you need to listen. Why are there so many broken records to play about Dave Simmons? Maybe we should start playing a new record for your tired ears, "Thick as thieves ... and smoothassilk!"

If I were Mr. Dunn I would slowly start distancing myself from the Dave Simmons campaign for sheriff. There is enough time. Greg can turn this situation into a positive for himself by doing this now, not later. Dunn should start putting out the word that "truth challenged" Simmons did not tell anything about his past in Detroit. This would probably be true because Greg is probably learning much of this for the first time. Greg Dunn should throw Dave Simmons under the bus in the way that Ike McKinnon threw his friend Jose Hardrick under the bus to save himself. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!

The Dark Knight's picture
Submitted by The Dark Knight on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 11:57am.

but you just might be pushing slander here, be careful.
I have been following these blogs of yours, and no where do your findings mention nor implicate Simmons by name, I have also looked and find nothing.

I would have to say you have a personal ax to grind here and just might be one of the bad people you keep crying about.

Submitted by Tom1939 on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 12:03pm.

...done with public funds in public office are fair game to be exposed and discussed in the public arena. And, the civil defense against slander or libel against an individual, not a public official, is the truth. Therefore a public official has no expectation or right to slander or libel. Look at what's been said about Bush for the last seven years! Can Bush sue?

Everyone naturally has a motive for doing whatever it is that they do. However, if I'm posting things that are relevant and valid what difference does in make regarding my being motivated to take the time to post what is fact based and insightful? You may not like what I'm posting but should that be the determining factor for providing public information?

Finally, I find it curious that you characterize my postings about Simmons and his associates as postings about "bad people" and I might be one of them, too. This suggest you see them, Simmons and his associates as "bad people." Would you vote for someone you, consciously or unconsciously, view as a "bad person?"

Submitted by thenatural on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 1:34pm.


The problem with your posts are that they are full of supposition and innuendo rather than fact. Your insight is tainted by your agenda and you have yet to present a fact about Simmons.

Stick with boosting your own candidate,and let the chips fall where they may.

Submitted by thenatural on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 8:29am.

I read your post twice, to see where, in the official information you provided, Mr. Simmons was mentioned. Since I did not find any, I am guessing that you want us to "assume" because of a close working relationship, Mr. Simmons is guilty by association. There is no proof, but you just know it. Fine, that is your opinion and your are entitled to it. I would prefer some hard evidence of wrongdoing.

As far as his rank is concerned, why do you care what he was called and what he was paid? Is that money coming out of your pocket? If the chief of police wants to call him an deputy chief, pay him as a deputy chief and give him the work load of a commander (as you see it) then fine. Why do you care? If Simmons held the official rank of deputy chief, then he was a deputy chief. His work load was irrelevant. If the citizens of Detroit think he is cheating them with his pension (which is an absurb assertion) then let them sue him for redress

Of course, calling Bruce Jordan a Lt. Col. just so he could get a raise without changing his duties is not the same thing. If Mr. Jordan was found to be abusing his office then of course that would not reflect at all on Mr. Mindar, Mr. Babb and Mr. Hannah.

Your reference to the "good ole boy" network in Detroit is really funny considering that our choices are 3 current deputies who "grew up" under Randall Johnson the original good ole boy, and an outsider.

Lastly, these attempts to tie Dunn to Simmons are laughable. These guys have their own races to run and do not have the time or the interest in bolstering each others campaign.

I suppose that all this negative stuff being posted here about Simmons means that some of the bloggers here consider him a real threat to the status quo.

I do not know who will win the race for sheriff. If it comes down to the most qualified, then the runoff will be between Mr. Hannah and Mr. Simmons. If that happens, I cannot see anyway that Mr. Simmons can win a runoff.

Submitted by Tom1939 on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 10:03am.

Thenatural, public servants are supposed to be held to a higher standard. Law enforcement executives, which are public servants, are supposed to be held to an even higher standard because they enforce the LAW. The Detroit police chief, for example, Ike McKinnon, cannot simply grant "paper" promotions like presents to his favorite friends and retirement gifts as a way to thank someone for their service to him. This smacks of a "good-ole boy" network where they gain power and position and exploit the position in unethical ways to benefit each other using public funds and retirement benefits.

Granting a promotion on paper to inflate someones pension rate before their retirement in a private company is acceptable. Granting a "paper" promotion on a public law enforcement agency to financially benefit a personal friend of the chief suggest official corruption.

When McKinnon granted and Simmons accepted the "paper" promotion doesn't this suggest something to you about, not just McKinnon's but also Simmons' character? Under the law, when a person steals something and another person buys that which he or she knows is stolen, they are both guilty of a crime. The buyer, the one that accepted the stolen goods, cannot claim "guilt by association!" The actions of both parties constitute the commission of the crime! And, ignorance of the law cannot be used as an excuse ... especially by enforcers and executives of the LAW!

Does this suggest something about Simmons' character qualifications to serve in the highest law enforcement role in Fayette county?

Would you have confidence in a law enforcement agency, the Detroit police department, that had no standards for those it promoted into leadership positions? Where the chief of Detroit police, Ike McKinnon, attempted to help several individuals he knew were intellectually sub-par cheat on their promotional exam to place all of them on a career path toward police department executive leadership? Would you have confidence in any police executive coming out of that system and elect that person to head the Fayette county Sheriff's department?

Simmons "paper" promotion is not a matter between two old friends, McKinnon and Simmons. They were both public servants. The promotion was not their personal property. They both knew, or should have known, granting an empty "paper" promotion was taking advantage of their unique position of being at the top of police executive leadership that no one else had the opportunity to do.

When McKinnon granted and Simmons accepted the "paper" promotion does this reveal a willingness to take advantage of their official position for their personal gain? If this was their personal business it would make no difference. But this is the public's business. And, this is the business of all honest police officers that have paid into their pension system and receive their fair and honest pension rate upon their retirement. Are these enough issues to make this a public matter? Is this something the public must be concerned?

Are these issues relevant to the voters of Fayette county when selecting the next sheriff to lead own community's main law enforcement system?

Submitted by thenatural on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 10:33am.


Next time I pose a question, you might consider answering it instead of simply restating what you have already said.

It is your opinion that the promotion is a "paper" promotion. It is your opinion only. There is no basis in fact for your statement. There is no proof that Simmons promotion was " a gift" from his chief. It is all supposition on your part. You keep saying that Simmons did this, and Simmons did that, but you have no proof.

If you do not want him to be sheriff just say so, and let it go.

You cannot prove anything that you have said. The problems with his former chief and his driver are public record. If either of them was running for sheriff in Fayette County I would have a problem too.

Interestingly, you have ignored the similarities between what happened with Simmons in Detroit and the Jordan/Johnson actions here.
Let me restate for you. Jordan had reached the top of the pay grade for Major in the Sheriff's department. In order to get a raise he was promoted to a previously non-existent grade of Lt. Col. His duties did not change, the groups for which he was responsible did not change. Now that my friend is a "paper" promotion.

If you do not wish to respond to the question that's fine. But when you don't respond, your credibility becomes suspect. All you sound like now is a "mouthpiece" for a candidate, or more accurately, the "anybody but Simmons" group.

Submitted by Tom1939 on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 11:35am.

... but, there is a major difference. In the Jordan/Johnson situation, it appears that a new rank position was created and filled. Perhaps, the duties of the old rank had grown to such an extend that it had, in fact, evolved into a larger role deserving of the creation of a new rank. A correction was made to compensate for this change by creating a new rank or renaming the old rank and placing the duties of the former rank into the new rank.

In Detroit the role and duties of Deputy Chief's are clearly defined with clearly defined duties as the executive head of a division or branch of the entire police department because the department is too large and complicated for the Police Chief to manage alone. Simmons was given the rank but didn't move to perform the duties of the rank. This was and still is highly unusual. Why did this occur on a problematic police department that had a history of experiencing ethical lapses up to the point of official corruption at the Chief of Police level?

All major police departments have the rank of Deputy Chief or Deputy Superintendent. This was not a newly created rank or slot created by Ike McKinnon as was the case in the Jordan/Johnson situation down here.

Plus, Jordan did not retire soon after the new rank has created, it was a real rank created to redress the department's evolution into a modern policing system to meet modern policing challenges.

Yes, I am in the "anybody but Dave Simmons" camp and I'll tell you why. The other candidates are young or younger than Simmons. They are in their professional prime, they are career law enforcement officers who seek the opportunity to give more to our community by their professional service, and their current experience and modern law enforcement expertise.

In addition, they have served our community with honor and integrity in their current positions and now want to rise in their career paths. They deserve the chance to compete against each other for the "top" spot. They have paid their dues, put in their sweat equity.

I'm an old dog and Simmons' is an old dog built to play a game from two or three decades in the past. Let him stay in the past ... if I can help him accept that his time has passed ... so these young men running for sheriff can be our present and our future ... I will do all I can to offer valid rationales why Dave Simmons is not the change Fayette county is looking to make.

Thenatural, trust me on this one, if the Fayette County Sheriff's Department needs a change ... it is anybody but Dave Simmons!

Submitted by thenatural on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 1:25pm.

For starters doesn't it feel good to come clean? Why did you not say at the outset that youth was a criteria for you? That dedication to law enforcement, Fayette county style was a factor? Of course, the fact that Randall Johnson is older than all of these people and has been for these last two terms is irrelevant. Guess it depends on how you define youth.

Being a long time member of the sheriff's department, on the whole is good too. Sweat equity, time in grade, all of that is valid. But it does not automatically lead to continuing improvement, but more likely SSDD.

Now you lapse back into your same rhetoric about the chief and Detroit as a corrupt department, which as you said, promoted Simmons into a role because they wanted to!!. Randall promoted Jordan, because he wanted too!! That is all that is needed, end of story.

As far as comparing the local situation to Detroit, again you ignore the facts because they do not fit your ideal. As I said the first time Bruce Jordan was promoted to Lt. Col. solely to give him a raise.
A raise on which his retirement pay is now based. No change in responsibility, no difference in command structure, just a title change and a raise. And by the way, Jordan had to retire or be fired for his problems. This was not a modernization of the command structure as you claim or there would be another Lt. Col. to replace him when he left, and there is not, is there?

If there was any identifiable reason for the rank change for Jordan other than topping out on salary, I would agree with you.

I guess the bottom line is simply this, you have valid reasons for wanting one of the three candidates who presently work for the sheriff to be elected sheriff. You have finally put forth your personal reasons why you feel that way.

Just keep this up, unless you feel so threatened by Simmons that you have to keep attacking him. Your not helping your own cause by keeping the pot stirred up.

Submitted by Tom1939 on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 3:19pm.

...I can't argue with your logic. I bet you play a good game of chess! My wife would love to meet you cause you're one of a few that have shut my mouth ... in mid sentence. Police officers ... even old retired cops are passionate about right and wrong. We don't like to see people taken advantage of ... or being exploited because of their ignorance of certain facts or information. As a cop I have always given and respected honesty, truth, justice and ultimately fairness and equal treatment. That's the cop code I followed.

Take care!

Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 05/27/2008 - 6:27am.

Is the Attorney General of Michigan aware of this? Did the U.S. Justice Dept. become aware of this during their investigation? Since the money is being sent across state lines the FBI should be made aware of it.

The taxpayers of Detroit are still being ripped off by this jerk. This screams for a forensic audit. No wonder he had to get out of Detroit.

The only time crime is allowed to flourish is when good people sit back and do nothing.

Simmons and his "workers" have been putting his campain signs on the right of way and private property without permission. He can't even follow simple county ordinances, even for a short period of time to con us into voting for him.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Sat, 05/24/2008 - 9:01am.

So are we supposed to ignore our concerns in regards to Simmons' past history, alliances, and possible past corrupt dealings? You can call us a "broken record" all you want. But, since it seems that our concerns may very well be valid, then it only seems right that this 'Barney Song' be played over, and over, and over, and over.......... for the sake of We The People.

With Hannah, Mindar, and Babb we know what we're getting. With Simmons???? God only knows.

Now you Sheriff Johnson haters can continue your whining about your illegally placed signs being removed all you want. And we fully expect to hear it's all about race from you characters at any moment now. But keep this in mind..... If we really desired a Detroit mafia styled sheriff's department, don't you think we would move to Detroit?


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


buZZard's picture
Submitted by buZZard on Sat, 05/24/2008 - 9:27am.

No the weather sucks there, and I can’t fly in that smuck of theirs!

Damn Git, Git Real!

No one moves to Detroit, everyone moves from Detroit!

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Sat, 05/24/2008 - 9:49am.

Buzz, I've been there one time. Flew up there several years back to watch the Bravos play the the Tigers. The cab ride to the stadium consisted of nothing but cold rain. The game consisted of nothing but cold rain. The after game dinner consisted of cold Detroit hospitality heaped upon my already wet and cold physical and mental being that day. The ride back to the airport was miserably wet and cold. Exiting ATL to catch the Park 'n' Ride bus to my truck was priceless in that warm sunshine. Smiling

Nope... never wanna go there again. Although I really think Brother Basmati would be much happier there. Smiling


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


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