Most new residents come from Clayton, Fulton

Tue, 05/20/2008 - 4:33pm
By: John Thompson

13,720 moved here between 2001 and 2005; Coweta 3rd with 3,647 into Fayette

A regional snapshot compiled by the Atlanta Regional Commission offers a fascinating view of the migration of neighboring counties’ residents into Fayette County.

In Fayette, the largest number of residents who moved into the county during the period from 2000 to 2005 came from Clayton and Fulton counties.

Clayton tops the list with 8,278 residents crossing the county line, while 5,442 Fulton residents moved to Fayette. The third largest group of migrants came from Coweta County, with 3,647 former Coweta residents headed to Fayette.

Conversely, Coweta was the destination for residents leaving Fayette County. More than 7,000 Fayette residents moved to Coweta. Fayette County Development Authority Director Matt Forshee said he believes the reason is a changing perception about Coweta County.

“For many years, Coweta was thought of as a far more rural county. But with the recent development over there, along with lower priced homes, many residents are headed that way,” Forshee said.

The second choice of destinations for residents who left Fayette was into Fulton County. ARC figures show 3,811 former Fayette residents headed north.

“I think you have a lot of empty-nesters moving back into the city [of Atlanta] into a more urban setting,” Forshee said.

The study indicates that more than half of the people who move into one of the 20 counties in the region move from another county in the greater Atlanta area.

The snapshot also documents the adjusted gross income of residents who stayed in the county, moved in and moved out.

Non-movers in Forsyth County reported an adjusted gross income of $89,800 per return in 2005, the highest in the 20-county region. Next were Fulton ($85,800), Fayette ($84,600) and Cherokee ($69,100).

For in-migrants into one of the 20-counties in 2005, those moving into Forsyth reported the highest AGI per return at $82,800, followed by Fayette ($58,400), Cherokee ($54,700) and Hall ($50,900).

For out-migrants from one of the 20-counties in 2005, those moving out of Forsyth, again, reported the highest AGI per return at $74,400, followed by Fulton ($60,500), Fayette ($56,100) and Cobb ($51,400).

The study also shows which other states’ residents chose Fayette for their new home. From 2000-2005, 647 Floridians moved to the county, while New Yorkers made up the next largest group with 543 Empire Staters moving into Fayette.

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Submitted by Podunk on Thu, 05/22/2008 - 12:01pm.

We're guilty. We moved to Fayette from Clayton to escape the crime-infested neighborhood ours had become. We rented here for several years and loved it in Tyrone, but taxes and home prices were rather high, so we bought nearby over the Coweta line.

We hated leaving Tyrone, but at least we're still close and go to Tyrone and PTC regularly. That way, we're still putting in sales-tax money to support this great county. I hope it stays great....and I hope Coweta remains a decent place to be for at least a few years.

Submitted by 30YearResident on Wed, 05/21/2008 - 2:04pm.

They've coming in from Fulton and Clayton County all right.....

DragNet's picture
Submitted by DragNet on Thu, 05/29/2008 - 9:37pm.

Cowetans welcome Fayetteans fleeing from the "invasion" of thugs coming from Clayton and South Fulton. Shall we propose a fence at PTC to keep those gangsters and their big old cars with boom boxes out?

Making you think twice......

Submitted by NeedtoKnow on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 7:36pm.

...I think I'll end up much farther south. Pike, Lamar, Meriwether and Troup are all looking pretty good. I can't imagine moving up into the mess that is Atlanta.

Submitted by too bad on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 4:47pm.

and their schools are good

Submitted by Spyglass on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 4:37pm.

It will either be in a box, or within steps of a BEACH....

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