A size "2" dress?

My TV got stuck for awhile today on one of those "Hollywood Today, or something" type shows.

What they were doing was flashing women on the screen and bragging about "look at her figure, she is now in a size "2" from a size "12." "what she does to get there and stay is she orders fried chicken, for example, and where she used to eat all of it, now she just eats one piece.
"Isn't she fabulous? "Sexy?"
Next, here is the next one: also a size "2"..................

Tell me what is a size "2"?

Couldn't Kirstie Alley or Oprah get into a size "2" if the hem was just below her thigh tops, and Bikini shaved line?

Who watches this stuff, knowing that face lifts have been done, fat has been goughed out everywhere, and all kinds of acids have eaten away the wrinkles?
Also war paint and lighting covers all other errors that don't go with size "2."

Have you seen Cher lately? She is collecting Medicare, and just started a new Vegas show! Tina Turner is touring again (without her French lover) and has assisted living people along!

Of course Miley Cyrus can wear a "4" since they really don't make a "2."

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simpleton's picture
Submitted by simpleton on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 3:20pm.

A size 2 today is not even remotely what a size 2 was a couple of years ago. It is much, much larger.
I know a woman who went through a rather stressful time and lost some weight as a result and found that she could no longer wear anything sold in the typical ladies department as even IF they carried a size 2 (which wasn't often) it fit her more like a size 6. It seems as though designers have been secretly transferring sizing tags from one pair of jeans to a larger pair, perhaps in an effort to sell more jeans. The way I figure it, bigger people don't go clothes shopping as often as smaller people. The lower the number on the inside tag of their jeans, the more likely it is for them to buy more pairs of that number. It makes sense, I suppose. And it makes women feel better about themselves while living in a society full of twisted, fascist beauty standards. Perhaps the government is behind it. Perhaps they took Ralph Lauren aside and explained to him that the economy is collapsing and could he please rearrange his sizing tags to try to boost the economy up a little bit?
In all seriousness, I suppose this manner of sizing isn't as bad as the opposite, a few years ago. This acquaintance back then would yank a shirt off the rack and angrily exclaim, "What the $#@& do they mean, MEDIUM??!! This is a $%&@ing extra small!" Now this woman has had to resort to buying a size 12 and a half. In little girls.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 3:34pm.

nice to tell me what I was afaid of, my butt is a lot bigger than it ever was.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 1:23pm.

is not a bad fit on someone 5'2 or under, anything taller does look like a drink of water.

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