Brown Bagging?

Can the bag be any other color? Can it be in an expensive flask? Can it be plastic? What color. Why must it be hidden? I never touch "brown bags", uuuhhh.

You won't be welcome into my store with any kind of bag with your own food and drink in it! Not even if I hire "strippers."
Are these strippers the Minsky's type or the south Atlanta type?

What is the purpose of their stripping? Is it kinda like ED pills? Do most women approve or just do the stripping?

I have never seen so many blurbs on here on a Sunday about a subject before!

Is this type of show approved by the feminists'? The Church? (any).

The brown bags still fascinate me! Why on earth would a grown man hide a bottle in a "brown bag," walk out the door, go to a club with "strippers, or even to a restaurant with apparent bad wine, and then drink it. Do they have to keep it in the bag while they swill it from the bottle? Will they also have to take their own wine glasses? Will restaurants require that the glasses be of a standard kind--depending on the type wine? For instance---some require a big snifting glass don't they?

Then what does one do in a strip club with the brown bagged stuff? Is this where one sits at a bar, the girls come along stripping and collecting bills in her underwear--while you swill? Is that it?

Or, is it the Minsky's type stripping on a big stage, like the high schools, and you sit out in the audience buying trash and junk from the clowns?

We seem to have at least ONE professional wine drinker on here who has already stated that there is NO GOOD wine in PTC restaurants. Would the quality of the girlee strippers have to come up to the class of the brown bagged wine?

There are so many variables with this that I'm not sure we can get it by the whiskey drinking Baptists! The Catholics don't care what the quality of the wine is as long as there is plenty of it. The Methodists say it doesn't exist here, and the Muslims and Hindus don't drink.

Maybe the answer is for the wine experts to tell the places what good wine is and make them stock it!

No French wine though---O'Reilly and the republicans don't drink it!

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Submitted by hutch866 on Sun, 05/18/2008 - 5:52pm.

One thing I admire about you is your ability to write something stupid and not be embarrassed. Keep up the good, uh, bad work.

I yam what I yam....Popeye

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