Chiefs lose state final in second overtime, 7-6

Sat, 05/10/2008 - 9:15pm
By: Michael Boylan

Hundreds of McIntosh students made the trip to Lovett on Saturday night and witnessed an intense championship lacrosse match and saw their team represent the school well.

Lovett struck first with a goal 90 seconds into the game, but Caleb Benson answered a minute later to tie the score. Lovett scored two more goals in the quarter and another halfway through the second quarter to take a 4-1 lead. Early, McIntosh seemed to struggle with Lovett’spressure, but Brennan Ott scored two goals late in the quarter to get McIntosh and their legion of fans back in the game.

The Lions struck early again in the third quarter and then the two teams amped up the defense, each preventing their opponents from scoring. McIntosh’s Nicco Derosa score early in the fourth to cut the Lovett lead to one and after minutes of frenzied play, with flags and bodies flying, Ott netted his third goal of the game and tied the score. D.J. Ward scored 25 seconds after Ott to give the Chiefs their first lead of the night, but Lovett tied it one minute later and neither team could break the deadlock for the rest of regulation or the first overtime.

In the second sudden death overtime, Lovett stung the Chiefs with a goal 27 seconds in and took the state title.

Coach Mike Meutzel and his team were devastated by the result.

“Just getting here doesn’t seem good enough for the players or the coaches,” said Meutzel. “It was a great effort and tomorrow they’ll probably feel a little better, but everyone’s disappointed right now.”

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Submitted by Jan Friel on Tue, 05/13/2008 - 12:37pm.

I came to Peachtree City from Missouri last weekend to see a good lacrosse game between Lovett and Mcintosh. Instead I saw great GAME!! The teams were well matched and put their all into this game. Mcintosh seems to have a cohesiveness thatlets the players know where that ball will be. I have seen 3 Mcintosh games this season and they were all great. I will be back next year for the state finals because I know the Chiefs will be there!!

Fyt35's picture
Submitted by Fyt35 on Mon, 05/12/2008 - 6:42am.

Congratulations to coach Muetzel and the Chiefs on an outstanding lacrosse season from your friends at Whitewater H.S. You have much to be proud of; battling till the end!

P.S. To The Citizen staff, how about some all county honors for lacrosse now!

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Submitted by aliquando on Sat, 05/10/2008 - 11:18pm.

Great job Chiefs! As an alumn and a lax coach at another school we were really pulling for you. You have made Fayette a lacrosse county!

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Submitted by borntorun on Sun, 05/11/2008 - 12:43pm.

Congratulations to Lovett for the victory in a hard fought contest but also want the McIntosh boys lacrosse team to know that even though the outcome wasn't what you wanted, you have no reason to hang your heads today.

Reading the lacrosse website blogs prior to the game, the lacrosse "experts" were all predicting a Lovett blowout saying things like the McIntosh defense was big but slow and Lovett would score lots.

However, the McIntosh defense of Bradley Harris, Andy Milani and David Bexley, Nathan DeRosa, Ben Sims and Carl Scheuemann proved the naysayers wrong and at one point held Lovett scoreless for 20 minutes.

Lots of heart and determination shown by the defense none more so than Bexley breaking his foot in the opening minutes of the game but refusing to sit, playing a great game and almost winning the game in OT with a shot during a clear that just missed.

And what can you say about players like Brennan Ott, Caleb Benson, DJ and Zack Ward, Garrett Lee, Jack Bornhoffen and Nicco DeRosa. Lots of great talent, skill and a "never give up" attitude shown by these and all of the other young men on this team.

In a very short four years, McIntosh has grown to be one of the elite lacrosse teams in the state. The seniors on this team have laid the groundwork for what will hopefully be many good seasons to come and we'll be watching as several of you continue your lacrosse play both at the NCAA and collegiate club level for the next few years.

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