The Obama files: Why many of us are very concerned about who he really is

Tue, 05/06/2008 - 3:50pm
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I would like to explain to those liberals and fans of Barack Obama who are alternately mystified and angry about the whole Rev. Wright affair. At best, they think the hubbub is a giant waste of time. At worst, they think it’s a not-so-thinly veiled racist attack on both Wright and Obama with no merit or precedent.

Let’s take the precedent issue first. Our memory is so short. Doesn’t anyone remember how Mitt Romney was dragged over the coals for being a member of the LDS Church, which at one time refused to grant membership to blacks? Romney betrayed no evidence of racism, yet he was smeared with the suspicion of being racist due to his being an LDS member. Guilt by association.

Or what about President Bush in the 2000 election? He spoke at Bob Jones University, an extremely conservative Christian university that had denied blacks admission and whose founder had made bigoted statements about Catholics. The press made a heyday out of that, even though Bush had not attended the university nor endorsed its views. He simply spoke to the people there and sought their support.

In short, this game of guilt by association is nothing new in politics, and so those Obama defenders who cry and wail in the streets about him being treated so unfairly need to grow up, remember history, and realize that in politics, this stuff is going to happen.

Now let me address the merits of the case of why people ought to be concerned about Obama’s 20-year association with Wright. The main reason is that Wright’s rhetoric and hatred towards America cast doubt on Obama’s claims to be a new kind of leader, one whose sunny and optimistic outlook was a break from the past, especially with past black political leadership who specialized in racial guilt and with past liberal/leftist leadership who specialized in convincing us all how horrible America is.

We, even some on the right, bought Obama’s happy talk and were at least glad he was not some sort of angry demagogue motivated primarily by resentment and grievance.

We were glad he wasn’t going to accuse us white folks of being racist at every turn, and for those who voted for him and supported him in general, he offered the chance of “racial innocence,” meaning that by supporting him, no one can question whether or not you are a racist (such things must nearly be proven in today’s society).

So when we found out he attended a church whose pastor cursed the U.S., believed the government intentionally spread AIDS amongst blacks, and generally exemplified the anger and vitriol of “the politics of the past,” forgive us if we were a bit worried.

We then triangulated Wright’s comments with Obama’s left-leaning (although very thin) voting record, where he supported things like partial-birth abortion and was given nearly perfect liberal voting credentials, and his wife’s comment about never being proud of America until her husband won a primary, and we wonder: is Obama who he says he is?

I have to give him credit for his recent, unequivocal denunciation of Wright. It must have been hard, and I do sympathize with him in terms of the personal impact.

At the same time, these are the chickens coming home to roost for liberals. They spend the vast majority of the time trying to convince Americans that their country is little more than an agent of injustice, racism, sexism, greed, and intolerance, and that the only ones who can save America from itself are correct-thinking liberal politicians and their bureaucratic allies in government.

Instead of viewing the great strides our country has made by eliminating such things as slavery or child labor, or by gradually but surely improving the civil rights of minorities, they view the past existence of those inequalities as proof that America is bad to the core.

Their solution to that rotten core is a rash of left-leaning policies and laws that would further redistribute income, restrict economic and religious freedom, and generally insulate the less productive members of our society from having to take any responsibility for their own well-being.

So, those of us of the opposite mindset, who instead have faith that the essential goodness of this country will continue to improve the lot of everyone, are suspicious and concerned about those who would rather continue to punish the country for its sins, past and present, real or imagined.

That is why Obama’s association with Wright was so troubling, and why no Democrat who strongly and openly embraces that party’s core philosophies and policies can win the White House.

One last point: I’m sick of being told I can’t be critical of Wright’s crazy accusations just because he is black. The Rev. King said we ought to judge men on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

You don’t get a free pass for saying false and irresponsible things just because of your skin color. We ought to be allowed to judge the comments in a substantive way and not fear being labeled (yet again) racist because we disagree with a black person.

And, by the way, why is the Rev. Wright so angry? He’s certainly done quite well for himself in this horrible, god-forsaken country. But then again, hate-America-first and fear-mongering demagoguery has been his meal ticket, so why quit now?

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.

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JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Wed, 05/07/2008 - 1:26pm.

I welcome Trey’s support for ending slavery, a triumph for liberals, and his support for ending child labor laws after his political party spent decades fighting the legislation which was first passed as the Keating-Owen Act under the progressive administration of democrat Woodrow Wilson. The Supreme Court, at the time dominated by Republicans, ruled that the legislation was unconstitutional, agreeing with (Republican) Justice William Day who presented the majority position.

Then in 1933 The National Recovery Act, which outlawed all child labor, was passed under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This act was also overturned by the Republican dominated Supreme Court. Roosevelt then sponsored and got passed the National Industrial Recovery Act which set age limits for working in some industries. It lasted until 1935 when the Supreme Court ruled that Act unconstitutional. In 1938, Roosevelt got the Fair Labor Standards Act passed and after a change in the membership of the Supreme Court the Act was upheld as constitutional.

Updating to modern times, the United Nations and the International Labor Organization consider child labor exploitative, with the UN stipulating, in article 32 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child that: “...States Parties recognize the right of the child to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the child's education, or to be harmful to the child's health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.”

I would welcome Trey’s support for this resolution which is actively opposed by the current administration because in also bans the death penalty for children under 16 years of age.

As for Rev. Wright, Trey is correct in that guilt by association is a long and hallowed tradition in American politics. Bring it on; even Obama admits that it is a legitimate issue:

Obama tells Fox that Rev. Wright controversy raised a legitimate issue

I am surprised though that somewhere in the letter, Trey did not see fit to mention Rev. Hagee whose endorsement Trey’s guy actively sought out and who has said over and over how proud he was to have Hagee’s support.

Trey somehow left him out even though Hagee has denounced the Roman Catholic Church as "the great whore of Babylon" and "a cult." He blames the Catholic Church for the Holocaust and predicts the Church’s imminent demise.

"This is the apostate church," Hagee said. " … this false religious system is going to be totally devoured by the anti-Christ."

Read it here or watch the sick video:

McCain Faces Fire Over Minister's Views

Or watch Hagee propounding on how the Catholic Church helped Hitler and the Nazi’s and how the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves. Riveting stuff:

John McCain Courts Holocaust Revisionist

I hope Mr. Hoffman does not object to those of us who do not give Rev Hagee a free pass for “saying false and irresponsible things” just because he is white.

Hagee has certainly done quite well for himself and fear-mongering demagoguery has been his meal ticket so why should he quit now?

It begs the question though as to why McCain so actively sought his endorsement and even today embraces his support.

Guilt by association is a fine American tradition. The problem Trey, is that it works both ways.

Submitted by Davids mom on Wed, 05/07/2008 - 12:28pm.

If you carefully read DM and Hack, you will note that they too acknowledge the 'change' in America - and are tired of being lumped with those who whites view with suspicion. In certain parts of the country, the Reconstruction was portrayed as being run by a bunch of uneducated buffoons who were 'black' - and that they 'ruined' the country. If one reads the essays and accounts of that period - you will see that those who were in Congress from the South were educated and dignified. In fact in Louisiana, many were Freedman and prosperous businessmen. When the Jim Crow laws were instituted, the Freedman complained because these laws were treating them as if they were not competent enough to contribute to the governing of the states in this country. Many of them - at that time - elected to 'pass' for white. (There are a lot of 'zebras' in the United States.) America's past has its dark moments - but I'm grateful that the light at the end of the tunnel is shining! Blacks are a minority in this country. Obama's success is not dependent on the 'black' vote alone. There are many 'whites' that are voting for him and donating to his campaign. Regardless of the outcome of the primary - a Democratic president will be elected - because the country is tired of Bush economics and foreign trade policies - and of course the war. The foundation of our country is that its citizens have the right and responsibility to voice constructive criticism regarding the country's policies. We don't all speak with one voice. That is democracy. Policies based on 'racism' and/or 'reverse racism' are wrong. This election is proving that we are 'overcoming!!

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Submitted by other_side_trax on Wed, 05/07/2008 - 10:35am.

You are right on target with your commentary. Thanks for sharing.

From the other side of the tracks

Submitted by thebeaver on Wed, 05/07/2008 - 8:51am.

Hack and David's Mom need to read this.


Barack Obama is the personification of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The Perverse Worship of a man

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