for those that read the White Slavery

thing, I hope I made the point. If not, I will spell it out. There has been misery and unfairness shelled out to both races. No one has a corner on it. Instead of sitting around making references to it, why don't we do someting about the current endenture of the masses today?

Some rich have always made it off the backs of others. It is a fact. We can't change the PAST...BUT WE CAN AFFECT THE PRESENT AND FUTURE.

We have a presidental race going on. Right now, people are loosing their houses due to unfair and preditory lending laws. Fact.

The ones that aren't loosing their houses, probably have credit cards. Has anyone noticed 30% interst rates on those suckers? Or..the $38.00 late fee...pluse $38.00 over the limit fees? THAT IS ENDENTURED SLAVERY! Some of these people where pulled in by 0 interest rates. FACT.

Did you know that for FEDERAL jobs today, they will not hire you if you have a bad credit rating? FACT

It seems that if you get caught on the wrong side of the credit crunch, you are never gonna get out of the endure slavery of this.

It seems to me, time would be better spent ...MAKING... our politicans answer to ...US!

How did let ..THEY...let the cc card companies charge the rates in the 1st place?

How and why did they ...LET...THEM DO PREDITORY LENDING? I don't blame these people for walking on the loans!

Who is the government trying to bail we speak? THE BANKS! WHO DID THIS IN THE 1ST PLACE!


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Submitted by sageadvice on Sat, 05/03/2008 - 3:47pm.

I'll have to agree that it takes a special kind of busines man to want to issue credit cards to people who won't pay them on time and then charge them 30% interest and late fees that are enormous. That is certainly not long term planning for an honest company, is it?

However sir, the users do know what they are doing. Even most of the ignorant ones. They don't even try to hold down the spending so that sometime maybe they can get out!

The only questions are these: why do we have such unscrupulous bankers, and why do we allow and encourage our poor and ignorant to harm themselves?

I have no pity for those making over 75K per year and still in serious trouble on credit cards.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Sat, 05/03/2008 - 4:12pm.

75k per year. Most of those, pay them off. I'm talking about kids just getting out of college and people who's money isn't going as far as it use to. Gas and food have gone up and people's pay checks and needs stay the same. They are caught. In comes a cc that says low interest. They think/hope, this will tide them over if they just put Publix and Kroger on the card. Then it doesn'nt 6 months down the road and up pops a 30% rate where there was a 5. The people offering these rates also know the ecnomy better than Greenspan. They know these people are gonna get caught in their web and that is why they offer the teaser rates.

The banks did the same things with homes. They knew these people couldn't afford them. They knew they would get in and get caught in the high interest. What they didn't count on in their greed is that these people would ...WALK...! Now, I hope the ones in the cc mess do the same or....ask the politicans to help them. It is an election year. If they don't now, they never will. People like David's Mom are still wanting to fight the Civil War! Why? because it is easier than doing something....REAL...TODAY! Make the politicans accountable for their friendships with these bankers.

It is nothing more than endenturing the public.

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