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With the demise of SB458 the Fayette County schools breathe a sigh of relief, while absolutely nothing of consequence will be done to remedy a problem that will only get worse. The problem remains for Clayton County kids and will only worsen in time.

It seems as if those we elect have found another "hot potato" that is much too hard and indeed too controversial to fix.
Like most within Fayette County, I tend to lean conservative on most issues, thus the support I give to Republican politcos, but currently those of whom I have supported have been a dissapointment.

Take for example the city official elected in part because of a financial background only to dip into cash reserves while raising both fees and taxes. Local, state, and federal officials continue to dodge those issues that are of consequence due to their difficulty and devisiveness.

When they do act it usually ends up as a half baked scheme that puts a band aid on a sucking chest wound as in the case of SB458.

For my money I'm looking for the politician that will do their constituents bidding without reliance upon favors from those in higher office. Add to this, individuals who will not be afraid to make a tough decision and the willingness to explain their action with conviction or publicly admit their error.

We here in Peachtree City did just that with the election of both Haddix and Sturbaum, and we must continue this trend. The other three members of our Council would do well by taking note of their support and their leadership.

In closing, I add an old adage from my past: LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

Just my two cents worth.

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