District voting shot down by Ga. House - updated

Fri, 03/21/2008 - 3:38pm
By: The Citizen

A bill that would have changed the way Fayette County residents elect their county commissioners was voted down by the Georgia House of Representatives Wednesday morning.

The bill would have split the county into five different geographic districts, with a requirement that voters could only vote for one county commissioner based on which district they live in. It was defeated 91-48.

Currently Fayette voters are allowed to vote on all five commission seats in an “at-large” format.

Proponents of district voting argue that it would make it easier for voters to know whom to contact with concerns about the county government. Opponents of the process say it would lead to commissioners being elected to favor their district over the needs of the entire county.

“I am pleased that the House today recognized this proposal was not appropriate for local legislation, as it does not have the support of the local community it would affect,” Ramsey said in a news release. “This is not a debate that should occur on the floor of the House by politicians from all over the state of Georgia, this is a decision that should be made by the local citizens of Fayette County and their locally elected officials.”

Before the vote, Ramsey reminded his fellow House members that none of the local governments in Fayette County supported the change, including the county commission and the city councils from Peachtree City, Fayetteville and Tyrone.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Virgil Fludd, D-Tyrone, along with house members Darryl Jordan and Roberta Abdul-Salaam, both of whose districts include parts of Fayette County though neither of them live in Fayette.

During his campaign Ramsey had said he would strongly resist any move to change Fayette County’s election process from at-large to district voting. Although he didn’t speak from the well to address the entire House, he did get to have a say, along with John Yates, R-Griffin, from their seats prior to the vote.

Ramsey said the vote to defeat the measure was bipartisan.

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Submitted by johenry on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 10:51am.

The irony of someone like Ramsey who was elected in a district election complaining such a process is as clear as the nose on your face.

All the members of the Board of Education are elected by district vote and that doesn't seem to bother Matt Ramsey. Why?

Submitted by AllKnowing on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 4:20pm.

The members of the Fayette County BOE are all elected at large just like the County Commissioners. You are misinformed. Maybe you would like everyone in GA to vote for all state reps. That would really be democratic would it not? Of course, the state and national bodies have to have districts. Or the alternative would be to have everyone be their own representative and have a huge convention to decide everything and not have a representative at all. You democrats are so dumb. Dumb little sheep following. BAA BAA

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 10:55am.

The Fayette board of education cannot make decisions that have a financial impact on Ramsey's constituents (i.e. developers).

The Fayette board of commissioners CAN and DO make decisions (primarily rezonings) that have a financial impact on Ramsey's constituents, so that is why the status quo must be protected at all costs.

I hope this clears things up.
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Submitted by johenry on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 11:05am.

So sniffles5, what you're telling me is Matt Ramsey is just protecting his campaign contributor developer base by making it harder to vote Herb Frady, Eric Maxwell and the other pro-developer county commissioners out of office.

That makes perfect sense since he was obviously elected by the same form of voting he protests. If I remember correctly, Ramsey did not protest his election.

Does anyone remember Matt Ramsey protesting his own election because it was district voting?

Submitted by AllKnowing on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 4:22pm.

You are really stupid. BAA BAA

Submitted by thebeaver on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 9:59pm.

Fludd's dreams of awarding county contracts based on racial quotas is dead. It's not the last time we will here from them. The Democrat party and Alice have probably already filed the lawsuit.

Barack Obama is a pathetic slimeball - He threw his grandmother under the bus on national television - WHAT A SCUMBAG!!!! WAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Submitted by mysteryman on Fri, 01/02/2009 - 9:26pm.

Take it easy on that stuff holmes, put that pipe down for a while, while i agree Mr Fludd has plenty of counties to play with outside of fayette, for people here want results not excuses, let him continue to waste his constituents resources, trying to get his foot into this countys coffers, The economy is already bringing to light what his alleged associates really are FRAUDS..The problem will correct itself..GOD BLESS..

Submitted by mysteryman on Fri, 01/02/2009 - 9:26pm.

Take it easy on that stuff holmes, put that pipe down for a while, while i agree Mr Fludd has plenty of counties to play with outside of fayette, for people here want results not excuses, let him continue to waste his constituents resources, trying to get his foot into this countys coffers, The economy is already bringing to light what his alleged associates really are FRAUDS..The problem will correct itself..GOD BLESS..

Submitted by Spyglass on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 7:30pm.

Just don't forget...he's out of touch...

shadowalker's picture
Submitted by shadowalker on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:57am.

Its amazing how people that do not live here want to control
and why is abdul -salaam even in this country (just kidding)

they are all idots jordan , flood and salaamie


Submitted by Miss Dixie on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 1:42pm.

This trio of Democrats does not represent this county at all. Jordan has only one precinct in Fayette County in his district. Has anyone ever seen him or Abdul at anything here in the county? (Excluding the time Abdul was running and broke the law at several polling places by entering and compaigning and then returning when made to leave in the company of Tyrone Brooks with a megaphone). Our only true Representative is Matt Ramsey. Thank goodness that turncoat Democrat woman running as a Republican did not win. We don't need another democrat.

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 7:29pm.

I guess I can't have a representative that has a similar appearance to me or even a similar philosophy (liberal/tax and spend/welfare queen supported/food stamps for all) to what I hold near and dear to my bleeding heart.

So sad, Matt where is your soul? Don't you care about us non-voting, non-taxpaying, non-working people in your district (or near your district)? Huh?

Submitted by skyspy on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:52pm.

We get to vote for all five and give hell to all five when they fail us. This is a good day.

secret squirrel's picture
Submitted by secret squirrel on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:55am.

We already vote in districts for other offices, most notably US Representatives. People act like district voting will somehow harm not only their way of life but jeopardize their very souls.

Can anyone rationally explain why there's no such similar uproar when we elect our US Reps?

Submitted by Spyglass on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 7:31pm.

I'm not sure how it even compares to how the State elects its officials. It's up to each County to make these decisions, and Fayette has been this way for a while.

Are you saying we don't have the right to choose?

Submitted by boxwing on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 5:18pm.

You cannot discuss the manner of voting for the House of Representatives without the context of the whole set-up of the federal system. The founders set up a system of checks and balances both at the state and federal level. Representatives were intended to allow the expression of will by the various groups of people in the state. The Senators are elected state-wide to represent the best interests of the entire state. This was done because the founders feared that the general populace would vote in people that would be so parochial that government could not function. So state-wide voting for Senators was the counterweight to district voting for Representatives.

If you are going to hold up the federal system as a model for Fayette County, then you should be supporting a mixed system with both at large and district voting for Commissioners.

Submitted by Dalmation195 on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 6:42pm.

While your premise is correct, the Senators from each State were not originally elected by the populace, rather by the State Legislatures. The Representatives were envisioned to represent the citizens, and the Senators to represent the states in Congress.

Somehow this system went awry, and that is too bad.

In addition, for district voting to work properly in Fayette County, we would need to elect the Chairman as an at large position by the populace. That would then add another commissioner to our board.

We do not need that.

I am glad that this went down in defeat yet again.

Virgil, I thank you for your service, but this is not right for Fayette County. Why is it that when it suits you Democrats, the will of the people is perfect, but when it does not suit you, you must force your views on everyone else?

MajorMike's picture
Submitted by MajorMike on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 4:10pm.

Because this attempt to change the way in which Fayette County elects it's Commissioners is perceived as a ploy to give the black populace in north Fayette a greater chance in electing one of their own to the commission. I really don't see that it would change the commission makeup at this time but it might in the future, especially if the Clayton County population keeps moving south. THAT is what scares people.

Generally, most people are tired of the incessant demands of the black activist community and the consequences of caving in to those demands. I believe that a whole lot of people are willing to fight to keep Fayette from becoming another Clayton or Fulton county.

Matt Ramsey has at least worked to support the vast majority of Fayette residents who do not want what they see as unhealthy change just because a small group is demanding it.


The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.

Submitted by John M on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 4:08pm.

District voting has been very harmful to Fayette County. Idiots like U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland were elected through district voting. That guy is a major embarrassment - Mac Collins was a ton better.

"I'm NOT John Munford"

Submitted by IMNSHO on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 10:47am.

This is great news. Listen to the people. I bet if it was put on the ballot this year (which it won't and couldn't be), the majority would vote NO on district voting.

Submitted by tikigod on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 10:17am.

Finally, some good news here in Fayette. Thanks to the State House for keeping their noses outta our business. Why was this even being debated at the state level?

veni_vedi_vici_fayette's picture
Submitted by veni_vedi_vici_... on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 12:49pm.

It was debated again at the state level because one of our state reps thinks he was elected dictator. Virgil Fludd (D) received only some 2000 votes in Fayette out of 106,000 citizens. He thinks he is king. This whole District Voting idea is his. It is his way of hopefully electing a black democrat in a district he has drawn for the north part of the county. And then you have the white leadership of the Democrat party fanning the fire.

Thanks to our new State Rep Matt Ramsey for a great job. All reports about him are positive.

When we have redistricting we all need to lobby the legislature to remove Virgil from this county as a representative. Virgil please note the word REPRESENTATIVE- NOT BOSS HOGG.

Submitted by John M on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 4:03pm.

Buddy, when you say, "Virgil Fludd (D) received only some 2000 votes in Fayette out of 106,000 citizens," you don't come off as a very bright guy.

Only a portion of Fludd's district is in Fayette County, so not all of 106,000 would be eligible to vote for him. On top of that, more than half of the 106,000 is under age 18 and can't vote.

Your "black Democrat" remark sounds like Rev. Wright's surmons.

"I'm NOT John Munford"

Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 4:39am.

Or at least listen to them when he decides to introduce something that affects all 106,000 of us. He can't meddle in Fayette County affairs without considering the entire county - no matter how much or little of his district is actually in the county. He can't have it both ways and retain any credibility. Fludd's actions in trying to force district voting on us are the same as if Jack Smith or Eric Maxwell got involved in choosing the next superintendent of schools in Clayton County. The excuse they could use is that they know more about what Clayton needs that the people of Clayton do simply because they are smarter and their agenda is high-minded. How do you think that would be received?

Or, Fludd could just keep his big fat race-baiting nose out of our business, then there would be no need to debate the issue.

Submitted by Spyglass on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 7:33pm.

In my humble opinion.

veni_vedi_vici_fayette's picture
Submitted by veni_vedi_vici_... on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 7:18pm.

The facts stated in my previous blog are all true. Fludd did receive only 2000 votes in Fayette. This is partially because he represents only a small portion of this county. That was my point. He is not representative of this county. He does not have a mandate from Fayette County. He could not get elected if it were not for the larger portion of his districct which in Fulton County. He is a Fulton County Democrat. He is not representative of Fayette County. His thinking is contrary to the wishes and beliefs of the MAJORITY of this county.

The county estimates that there are 106,000 citizens in the county at this time. This is true. Of that number about 75,000 are registered to vote. So that would be 71% - not the half that you stated. It would be helpful if you would at least do a little research to arm yourself with some facts before calling someone else ignorant - which is what you are. You are showing your own ignorance. You just start blah blah blogging without even trying to find out what you are saying.

As for my remark that Fludd wants a black democrat - that is a true statement that he has stated in the presence of others several times.
If you think that calling someone a black democrat is racist, well, that shows where you mind goes.

Yes, sir, you certainly are no John Munford

Submitted by Dalmation195 on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 6:46pm.

Rep Fludd still only received 2000 votes in Fayette County. Does that give him enough reason to force this down our throats? I do not think so.

Please redraw the districts so that each county is represented by one or two reps. At least those that are elected can actually have to speak for those who vote for them.

If V. Fludd lost those votes in Fayette County, his political base still would not be harmed.

Open your eyes to the reality!

Submitted by kreedham on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 9:07pm.

First a few comments...

For those of you lambasting Virgil Fludd just maybe he was following the will of his area of Fayette County.

For years local legislation, via the unwritten rule, was voted on only by members of the areas affected. That changed, whether good or bad, the last time the R's confronted this issue. Now I may be mistaken that the unwritten rule is still honored unless of course the state house majority doesn't like it.

For those of you whining about "outsiders" representing Fayette County (remember also Brooks is represented by the gentleman from Griffin) remember that when the house redraws the district after the 2010 census.

For those of us that wanted district representation, well we lost. For those that didn't, good for you but as I said...Let's move on!

Submitted by Teilnehmer on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 9:27pm.

we don't need him to cram district voting down our throats. He did not move on or get the message when this was defeated last session. I suspect he will not move on. Again, as someone else said, he was not elected king of this county.

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