Obama and his White Grandmother

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I listened to his speech today and again, I am amazed at the gifts this man has in speaking. If only he had any substance behind the words. I wish he were a conservative and espoused individual rights and responsibily rather than group rights and no responsibility, but thats another matter.

I happened upon this column, and was impressed with its analysis. I thought I'd share it with you. Its from the Wall Street Journal. A bit long, but worth the effort.

Obama and His 'White Grandmother'

Barack Obama took the stage this morning to give what was billed as a "major speech on race." It was, of course, an attempt to rescue his campaign from the revelation that his so-called spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, espouses a virulently anti-American and antiwhite worldview called "black liberation theology."

Here is the part of the speech that bothered us most:

I can no more disown [Wright] than I can my white grandmother--a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.
Our first thought was that it was pretty low of Obama to exploit his (still living) grandmother in this way. Is it really necessary for the whole world to know about her private expressions of prejudice? Doesn't simple decency dictate that a public figure treat embarrassing facts about loved ones with discretion?

Obama was trying to accomplish something very specific by dragging his "white grandmother" into this political mess. He was trying to diminish Wright's hateful theology by implying that it too is a private matter. Said Obama:

For the men and women of Rev. Wright's generation, the memories of humiliation and doubt and fear have not gone away; nor has the anger and the bitterness of those years.
That anger may not get expressed in public, in front of white co-workers or white friends. But it does find voice in the barbershop or around the kitchen table. At times, that anger is exploited by politicians, to gin up votes along racial lines, or to make up for a politician's own failings.
And occasionally it finds voice in the church on Sunday morning, in the pulpit and in the pews. The fact that so many people are surprised to hear that anger in some of Rev. Wright's sermons simply reminds us of the old truism that the most segregated hour in American life occurs on Sunday morning.
Note how Obama elides the difference between a comment at the "kitchen table" and a sermon delivered to a congregation of thousands and recorded on DVD.

Obama rightly faulted his spiritual mentor for using "incendiary language to express views that have the potential not only to widen the racial divide, but views that denigrate both the greatness and the goodness of our nation." But he tried to treat Wright's most outrageous comments as if they were aberrations rather than the most extreme expressions of an extreme ideology:

I have already condemned, in unequivocal terms, the statements of Rev. Wright that have caused such controversy. For some, nagging questions remain.
Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes. Did I strongly disagree with many of his political views? Absolutely--just as I'm sure many of you have heard remarks from your pastors, priests or rabbis with which you strongly disagreed.
But the remarks that have caused this recent firestorm weren't simply controversial. They weren't simply a religious leader's effort to speak out against perceived injustice.
Instead, they expressed a profoundly distorted view of this country--a view that sees white racism as endemic, and that elevates what is wrong with America above all that we know is right with America, a view that sees the conflicts in the Middle East as rooted primarily in the actions of stalwart allies like Israel, instead of emanating from the perverse and hateful ideologies of radical Islam.
What Obama is evading is that this "profoundly distorted view" is not just some passing emotion. It is what Wright himself, in the "talking points" page of his congregation's Web site, describes as "systematized black liberation theology." As we noted yesterday, Wright credits James Cone of New York's Union Theological Seminary with having undertaken this systematization. Here again is Cone's description of black liberation theology:

Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community. . . . Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.
So here we have, on the one hand, an old white woman who would be completely ordinary and anonymous but for her grandson's astonishing political success, and who harbors some regrettable prejudices; and, on the other, a leader in the black community who uses his pulpit to propagate an ideology of hate.

Obama said this morning, "I have asserted a firm conviction--a conviction rooted in my faith in God and my faith in the American people--that working together we can move beyond some of our old racial wounds, and that in fact we have no choice if we are to continue on the path of a more perfect union."

But if he cannot speak out unequivocally against the public, organized bigotry of his spiritual mentor, how can he possibly live up to this promise?

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Submitted by RightHook on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 12:26am.

The dishonesty and vacuousness of liberals is never more evident than when they try to defend one of their beloved empty-suit hypocrite politicians.

Obama, what a guy. A swell egg. Sells his own grandmother down the river to deflect criticism and attention away from his "spiritual leader" of 20 years, and long-time friend and mentor, the insane hate-spewing racist Jeremiah Wright.

Now THAT, folks, is pure class. Throws his own grandmother to the wolves. To offset criticism of a hate-filled maniac clone-of-Farrakhan masquerading as a "preacher." Nice.

Silence Dogood's picture
Submitted by Silence Dogood on Tue, 03/18/2008 - 6:40pm.

Am I to understand that Barack Obama threw his white grandmother under the bus? Thank you for verbalizing your arguement so well and truthfully.

Richard Hobbs's picture
Submitted by Richard Hobbs on Tue, 03/18/2008 - 8:44pm.

I was really mesmerized by this man's gift of speech. Until I listened and read it again a second time. And now, it almost makes me angry, to see how well he has played us all for the willing fools that he thinks we are.

To suggest that all across the United States that Church Pastors say things from the pulpit, of which members of the congregation do not agree, is so very disingenuous. It diminishes what truly awful things this Pastor has been saying for 20 years. He has been preaching HATE and DIVISION for the entire time Barack has been attending there. This is not the same as when a Pastor preaches against a particular type of sin, whether adultery, homosexuality or Catholicism no, not at all.

This was pure hate speech, and the church gave him ovations and sells these speeches on their DVD's as if they are proud of them.

The fact is, Obama remained silent. If he didn't agree with Wright, then his silence "enabled" Wright to preach this hate speech which helped cause blacks to become even more angry and bitter, something Barack now says shouldn't be. In the one personal example that Obama gives of his experience, it shows his inability to stand up and be counted in the very church which he calls home. Edmund Burke said it best, All that is Necessary for Evil to Triumph in this World, is for Good Men to do nothing. Well Barack did nothing, absolutely nothing.

No, Jeff, this speech was not phenomenal. Politically it may have been, but it proves our point. That Obama is all hot air. That if he won't stand up to his own Preacher's hateful speech in his own church, then how in the hell can he bring this nation together with the HOPE and CHANGE that he espouses that he represents.

It was a sad, sad speech. Heck, he even compared his grandmother's fear of being accosted by blacks on the street, -- a symptom Jessie Jackson has readily admitted himself, to the HATE and VENOM that Wright said every day. He spoke publically about a private family matter. He used his grandmother's sensibilities as a tool for political fodder. Has this man no shame?

He could have stood up years ago and walked out of that church and perhaps have help start a black church which preached non-violent and angry means to resolve our racial issues, . . . but he didn't. And why did he not stand up and walk out, because he needed that Church to get him elected. And now he needs to run as far from it without looking like he is running away from it. Its as simple as that.

Barack has the Audacity alright. The audacity to expect America to fall for his spin, like those people in the church who stood up and cheered when Wright said God Damn America. Yeah, Barack doesn't believe this stuff, and neither does his wife, who until only recently was never proud of being an American.

Give me Hillary any day of the week.

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 8:54am.

You agree the speech was politically phenomenal which was exactly my point. I wasn’t suggesting that he was making foreign policy or solving health care with it. It was a purely political speech.

I’m sorry that you can’t find his substantive stances on issues. They are readily available to anyone willing to put even the slightest effort into looking. The point is not to debate issues but to project the absurd position that because he is a gifted speaker then his rhetoric is all he has. Hillary’s position.

I’m drowning here from the crocodile tears you’re shedding for Barack’s grandmother.

Submitted by RightHook on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 12:36am.

But it speaks volumes about the man's character. No question. First we find out that he attended the "church" led by maniacal hate-driven racist lunatic Jeremiah Wright for nigh on 20 years -- and was in fact close friends with the nutjob, and had him working his campaign; then, he tries to clean it up by claiming that he "never heard" Wright utter anything but fellowship and brotherly love; then, when that doesn't take, he gives this pathetic platitude-riddled speech in which he drags his aged white grandmother (who's still alive) into the fray, as a counterbalance to the blatant and explicit racism and frenzied hatred and intolerance iterated by this "preacher." The sliminess and dishonesty is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Richard Hobbs's picture
Submitted by Richard Hobbs on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 10:10am.

Which should trouble you. With people swooning at his very feet. With crowds swarming into arena after arena, almost like a real black church, I imagined that you thought Barack was really the candidate of Change and of Hope. I thought you believed he was really the real McCoy.

Instead, you now know that he is as disengenious and as politically soiled as any other candidate.

He will do anything, say anything to get elected.

At least in the 60's, blacks at least got to ride on the bus, albeit at the back of the bus. Barack's grandmother was pushed underneath it, as he drove all over her.

He compared his mother's justifiable fears of black crime, with Wright's comments suggesting that White America created Crack and HIV to kill blacks, etc..

Yeah, we want Change alright. His speech sounded so very good, until you really paid attention to the meaning of his words. He should be ashamed.

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 12:34pm.

Absolute definitive proof!!!

Straight from the editorial pages of the Washington Post:

"Mr. Obama's speech was an extraordinary moment of truth-telling."

Moment of Truth

Since you could not possibly argue against an editorial in the Washington Post, I guess that pretty much closes this case. Better luck next time!

Richard Hobbs's picture
Submitted by Richard Hobbs on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 3:47pm.

Why didn't you mention the New York Times, which mimics the Post's opinion, or the LA Times.
Heck if you want a real time newspaper, try the Havanna News.
Or the Plains Dealer, talk about an opinion piece there.

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 3:50pm.

The New York Times didn't agree with me.

Submitted by Davids mom on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 10:17pm.

What do you know about the 'real Black church'? (A sincere question)

Barack's grandmother is beaming with pride that her grandson, the son of her daughter, is starting a conversation that the younger generation will be able to have without the bitterness and anger that those of my generation, who experienced Jim Crow and legal segregation, have and those of the generation who were born after the institution of integration have felt because of 'reverse racism'.

Rev. Wright and the Falwells, Robertsons, and ministers who encouraged the KKK have all said things that are incendiary. Well meaning ministers have given an offensive interpretation to the biblical account of Ham. Have 'whites' who disagreed 'left their church' or have they been role models to the younger members of their respective congregations on how to 'love one another' as Christians.

Barack's comments regarding his disagreement with Rev. Wright is that Rev. Wright believes that America will not change its racist ways. . .that America is static. Obama believes that America IS CHANGING. Regardless of the outcome of this political campaign, the younger generation will have this conversation - and hopefully continue to progress in improving race relations and understanding that all citizens of this country are Americans - and we as good Americans need to move beyond this classification by race and acknowledge that citizens of the United States are all Americans.

No one but Barack Obama could have given that speech on race. He has lived on both sides of the color line. He is a true American. One point that the speech brought out is that because of a lack of discussion between well meaning Americans about race, there are many misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Barack has nothing to be ashamed of. We, as Americans, should be ashamed that this is even an issue in this country in 2008.

I hope everyone will take the time to read the speech - and form their opinion based on their understanding of the speech.

Submitted by RightHook on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 12:41am.

And I am sure Obama's grandma is THRILLED to be introduced by dear Barry as the white counterpart to "Reverend" Wright, the frothing-at-the-mouth bigoted Whitey-hating wackjob. Yup, that puts it all in perspective.

Submitted by Davids mom on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 7:37am.

Yes! Except instead of America and 'whites' - the likes of Robertson and Falwell incendiary remarks are towards gays, lesbians, and multiracial couples. 'Deny that. Americans of different hues have problems understanding one another because they are insistent in reacting with poorly constructed satire - racist in concept. There are those who are willing to have the conversation regarding race in America - mostly young people who listen to the teachings of their spiritual leaders when being taught 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' - a concept found in all of the worlds major religions.

Submitted by skyspy on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:46pm.

All we know is what we have seen:

We have sermons titled "Death to White America", we have heard "God Damn America" from the pulpit.

I have never heard any white minister say: "Death to (pick your race) minority America" I have never, ever in my life heard such outrageous venomous filth and hate coming out of a ministers mouth in the name of God. Anyone who could listen to that poisonous crap is mentally ill, and has been brainwashed or, they are just as sick and hateful as the idiot who said these things in the first place.

I hope God DAMNS any minister who preaches hateful filth in his name!!!

I choose to vote against racist hate.

Submitted by Davids mom on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 7:48am.

All we know is what we have seen:

We need to correct the fact that Sunday is the most segregated day in American society. There are whites that visit and/or attend a traditionally 'black' church. I know that many of Fayetteville's churches have black members or regular attendants. Churches usually represent the culture of the attendants. There are cultural differences between black and white Americans. Yet black Americans feel comfortable joining their brothers and sisters in the celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Someday more whites will feel comfortable in celebrating some of the cultural activities associated with Kwanza. The younger generation is our hope.

Richard Hobbs's picture
Submitted by Richard Hobbs on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:09pm.

Dear David's Mom,

"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"

Listen, I'm trying to be nice. But the level of intelligent discourse on this subject has fallen to the point to where its just plain silly.

Yeah, okay, I get it. Obama is our savior. He, and he alone can save America from its white racism and heal the wounds that blacks have endured at the hands of whitey. oh, and the jews. So yes, I'll say it. God Damn America. Now, does that make you feel better David's mom?

What I find shocking, and sad, is that you don't choose to see the truth of the black racism, hatred, and victimization, which is part and parcel, the number one thing that is wrong with the black community. You stoke the fires of discontent living your lives with whitey as the source of your anger. So, hate away sister.

If you could just for one minute, give it a rest. But unfortunately, what Obama has done in America, is to let Whte America know, that black racism is much more pronouced than we imagined. I'm just floored at this level of hatred. And you guys just don't see it. In fact, you defend it.

Thats appalling. Obama is going to change America alright, but he's not doing it by healing the wound of racism. No, he's pulling the scab off of that wound, and pouring salt into it by claiming that its okay to hate white people, like his mentor believes.

I truly feel that the damage that Obama will bring to America can set race relations back decades. I for one, never knew that hatred in the black community was so very high, nor, that national black leaders not only would remain silent to it, but that they will openly endorse it as understandable, and even justified.

This is so very sad. The Audacity of Hate, should have been the title of your messiah's book.

AF A-10's picture
Submitted by AF A-10 on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:31pm.

Richard's still talking about our guy. Suweeeetttt!!!!

Kevin "Hack" King

other_side_trax's picture
Submitted by other_side_trax on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 4:02pm.

No substance, just jeers.

Stick a fork in YOUR candidate. He's done.

And you must settle for SHRILLARY. I can't wait.

From the other side of the tracks

Submitted by kreedham on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 12:06am.

The comments of Rev Wright that are getting all the airplay, IMO, were wrong and misguided. In no way am I defending them.

However I'd like to paste a quote here from another blog I frequent. It's just an observation folks so don't go getting all huffy on me. Here it is

"Interesting story I just heard last night from my wife and brother in law. My brother and sister in law both are both rabid Milwaukee Brewers fans. Last summer they came down from north central Wis to Chicago over a weekend and spent a few days watching a Brewers -Cubs series at Wrigley.

United Church of Christ is the main church in the town they are from (Nekoosa Wi). So sunday morning they looked all through the listed UCC churches in Chicago and decided to attend service at Obama's church, evidentally there are only a hand full of UCC churches in the whole Chicago area, and for some reason this was the one they decided to attend.

My brother in law said they were welcomed at the service with open arms by everyone there and Pastor Wright talked to them for 30 minutes after the service asking them all about their church in Nekoosa and their kids and what they did for a living and why were they on the south side of Chicago to attend a church service etc.

I heard first hand from my brother in law last night that Pastor Wright was one of the nicest pastors he had ever met and my brother in law just couldn't believe the video's he saw on tv with Wright going off.

My inlaws are two of the most conservative white people you will ever meet and they felt totally welcomed in Obama's church."

Just thought you'd like to know!

Submitted by Davids mom on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:30pm.

"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"

You're lack of comprehension is what is truly sad. Maybe it's because of the late hour. Good night.

other_side_trax's picture
Submitted by other_side_trax on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 4:05pm.

you perfectly. And he nailed you.

Suggest you pick up a copy of Larry Elder's new book, "How Stupid Black Men Play the Race Card and Lose".

Read it. You might learn something.

From the other side of the tracks

Submitted by Davids mom on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:36pm.

The late night caught me! You're = Your.

NUK_1's picture
Submitted by NUK_1 on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 11:18am.

I think the original comment of DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH is a reference to a hilarious Chris Tucker line in the movie RUSH HOUR anyway:) and who cares about grammers on the internets anyhowz.


Denise Conner's picture
Submitted by Denise Conner on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:43pm.

Good recovery! Laughing out loud Why is that one soooo easy to misuse?

Congratulations for getting "it's" (it is) right. Smiling

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 10:35am.

His poor grandmother.

Under the bus.

Oh, the humanity!

Submitted by Davids mom on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:09pm.

Some could certainly see Obama's comparison as offensive - but it was honest. As a member of a multiracial family - I have heard statements from those who love me - and I love dearly that made me cringe and hurt me to the core. You don't disown the person - but you show by your actions that you do not agree with them. A minister influences the youngsters in his church. Who do you think the younger members will emulate? Obama and his multiracial family - or the hateful words of Rev. Wright. The Obama family teaches by demonstration. Rev. Wright represents the 'old' . . .Obama has taken the spiritual goodness of the Christian religion and lives it. Because of his experience in both the 'white' and 'black' world - he knows that America can rise above the racist practices of yesterday. Rev. Wright does not.

I too have heard words from ministers in the black church who have given up on America. But that message is not the basis of their spiritual message to the congregation. . .and it's not preached every Sunday! The United Church of Christ is a 'white' church. Rev. Wright’s congregation serves a 'black community'.

Obama's grandmother is very proud of her grandson. You can bet on that!!

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 11:06am.

You bet she’s proud!

The Republican’s here will never support Barack or anyone like him. Do a Google search for "under the bus" and Obama and you’ll get over 135,000 hits. They’re just parroting what the echo chamber told them. Remember, it was less than three weeks ago that they were all claiming he was a Muslim. Before that it was that he had no issues just empty rhetoric. Who knows what’s next but you can bet it’s going to be something. Character assassination is their forte and it’s worked so well in the past. Suppose Hagee had endorsed Obama; do you think we wouldn’t be hearing a great hue and cry against his calling the Catholic Church the Great Whore of Revelations? Every right-wing talk show in the country would be having representatives of the Church on in a steady stream. Instead, what I’ve heard about Hagee is nothing.

Obama is almost certain to be the nominee. And unfortunately for the Republicans, it looks like this time the campaign is going to be about issues. And the issues are going to be the war the Republicans engaged us in and then mismanaged, the retreat from the search for bin Laden and the horrible economic mess they have allowed to happen after being handed the best economy in 75 years when they came into office. Facing the prospect of Obama’s rhetorical skills and the catastrophic failure in every aspect of foreign policy and a meltdown of the economy, coupled with the apparent senility of McCain who cannot seem to be remember who is fighting whom in Iraq for two days in a row and I would be concerned too if I was a Republican.

other_side_trax's picture
Submitted by other_side_trax on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:03am.

What a weak retort. Richard is right on target with his comments.

Obama is a master of pandering "to the crude and mindless whims of the masses."

But on Day One, Obama's ability to truly unite the electorate remains to be seen. If he becomes our next President, I predict a very short honeymoon ending in an abyssmal impotent failure. I too would like to hope. But hope is not a method.

It is the same kind of naive hope that Obama says he'll apply to foreign policy. Sure, let's sit down with the leaders of Syria and Iran. The same way your father tried to secretly negotiate the release of the hostages held by Iran (repeatedly and unsuccessfully).

Peace through strength is the best way. Reagan proved it.

From the other side of the tracks

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 6:18pm.

A Bush supporter concerned about Obama’s ability to truly unite the electorate? And on the fifth anniversary of the worst foreign policy debacle in the history of the United States accusing Obama of being naïve?


other_side_trax's picture
Submitted by other_side_trax on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 4:23pm.

All you can do is change the subject? You are so caught up in the (to quote Maximus) "Bush dereangement circle-jerk" and desperate to claim someone OTHER than Jimmy Carter as the worst President ever, that it clouds your judgment.

The worst foreign policy debacle was James Earl Carter's as he attempted to secretly negotiate with Iran for the release of the hostages. Repeatedly. Unsuccessfully. How naive. And then followed that with the Desert One debacle. It took Reagan to get the hostages released. How embarrassing.

All in the midst of double digit inflation and interest rates at 20%. Now that was a brilliant Presidency. How quickly we forget.

I'll take the entire 8 years of Bush over 4 years of Carter ANY DAY.

"Peace through STRENGTH" wins over IMPOTENCE.

Need I go on? How about the Neutron Bomb foreign policy debacle?

Lets just stop the comparison right here. Because the challenges that Carter faced were kindergarten compared to the challenges we are facing today. No comparison. But he still managed to screw it up so royally that no one disputes who the WORST PRESIDENT EVER WAS. Carter.

And Bush's legacy will in NO WAY resemble today's public opinion polls. They never do. Well, almost never. The one on Carter still applies. Must be the exception that proves the rule.

From the other side of the tracks

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 5:53pm.

If you wish to compare anything that happened during the Carter administration with a foreign policy disaster such as the invasion of Iraq by the guy you support so strongly from your political party then bring it on.

To compare the Iranian hostage crisis in which all of the hostages were released to the debacle in Iraq where after almost 4000 American soldiers have died, 20,000 have been seriously wounded at a estimated cost to the United States of over two trillion dollars; the result being that Ahmadinejad can ride in a unarmored car in a victory parade through Baghdad last week and announce at a joint news conference with Iraqi President Talabani, “This is a new page in the history of the relations between the two countries,” shows a deep and profound misunderstanding of reality.

I am perfectly willing to let history judge and am confident that it will not share your particular perspective.

maximus's picture
Submitted by maximus on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 5:17pm.

Some people (jeffc) are so desperate for a president worse than Carter that they'll vote for Obama.

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 5:07pm.

Whatever trax.

Here’s a link to his Nobel Peace Prize lecture:

Nobel Lecture

maximus's picture
Submitted by maximus on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 5:19pm.

How about a link to Yasar Arafat's or Algore's - just to show what one of those things is worth.

JeffC's picture
Submitted by JeffC on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 5:33pm.

We are pleased with it! LOL

maximus's picture
Submitted by maximus on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 5:40pm.

I suppose it's the little things in life...

yardman5508's picture
Submitted by yardman5508 on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 6:05pm.

only here, in Fayette County, could a Noble Peace Prize be considered "the little things in life"! Keep the faith.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

hutch866's picture
Submitted by hutch866 on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 6:13pm.

Hit a 96 Tuesday.

I yam what I yam....Popeye

yardman5508's picture
Submitted by yardman5508 on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 6:18pm.

your scores are most definitely headed in the right direction. Pick a day next week that works for you and we will get out together. I always work better if someone else makes those sorts of earth-shaking decisions. Keep the faith.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

BPR's picture
Submitted by BPR on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 6:05pm.

Sorry guys, I have Cable and this is exactly what I told my husband would happen to Hannity because he took a stand against what Obama's Pastor has said and what Obama said, my husband thought it would happen also. Take a look- it is happening.

Listen to Obama

We are the "Human Race"

Listen to this "Colored People"

We would be better off if we believed this. I guess Billy Graham agrees this group DC Talk sang at his crusade.

We Will Stand

Submitted by Davids mom on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 9:36pm.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful video - "Colored People'

Locke's picture
Submitted by Locke on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 4:49pm.

If what you want is war with Iran and Syria. Does it embarrass you that McCain doesn't know the difference between sunnis and shias five years after the war started and that he still doesn't know which side Iran is on? He made a fool of himself yesterday. Is that inspiring? Did Reagan inspire you when he cut and ran from Lebanon?

It is one thing to show a man that he is in an error, and another to put him in possession of the truth. John Locke

AF A-10's picture
Submitted by AF A-10 on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:20pm.

First things first. Barack could cure someones's cancer before Richard, Other side, and all of our other die hards' eyes, and they still would not vote for him. They'd say it was a satanic healing.

1) You hard core Republicans keep telling us how hosed Barack's campaign is, yet he still gains delegates.

2) You constantly say he is an "empty suit" while your bomb bomb Iran guy stands in the heart of the Middle East and makes a bufoon of himself not once; not twice; but three times, saying Iran is training Sunnis.

I'm not sure if you guys understand just how absurd that is. It is like saying Israel is supporting Hammas.

3) For very obvious reasons, you gentlemen cannot point to successful GOP policies to make a case for supporting your guy (whom you didn't want anyway), so you are stuck with talking about "our guy." I'm cool with that.

Guys, save yourselves some family time. Just vote for your 72 year old "not too smart on the economy" and "Hey Mr. Lieberman, what should I have said" guy. We get it. You don't like Barack. You want more of the same GOP leadership with its demonstrated results. That's fine. Let's put it to a vote and see what the rest of our country wants in 8 months. DEAL?

Kevin "Hack" King

Submitted by USArmybrat on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 8:28am.

Liking or disliking Obama has nothing to do with it. I can't see voting for someone that thinks that we are such fools as to believe that he didn't know about Wright's attitude and views or that he had never heard this unholy crap in TWENTY years of being in that church! This goes to Obama's judgement, in choosing to stay silent and remaining there, he condoned these ungodly rantings. He calls this man his "mentor" and quotes him in his book. He tries to downplay and minimize the damage to his campaign by saying, "all of us have had ministers say things we disagreed with". Yes, I have disagreed with my ministers before, but in over two decades of attending church, I NEVER heard ANYTHING like that! Politics were rarely, if ever, brought up. I just can't keep blinders on and act like this doesn't mean anything to my view of Obama. At first, I thought he was just a very gifted speaker with rather empty words but the more I find out about him, the more I fear him coming anywhere near the Oval Office. And I, unfortunately, do not have a "guy" in this race. McCain wasn't even in my top three(or four)favorites, but I know he is, AT LEAST, the lesser of the three evils running. I and many others long to have a "real" conservative, not another Bush, not another moderate.

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Submitted by sniffles5 on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 8:35am.

The fact that Obama "scares" a "conservative" like you gives me hope for the future of America.

"Conservatism" in America is dying. The American people are rejecting the core conservative principle of "us vs. them"....and that's a good thing.

Conservatives have weakened America tremendously over the past 8 years, and now the moderates, the progressives and yes, those dastardly libruls are poised to repair the damage that conservatives have done.
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Sissies!

Submitted by thebeaver on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 11:36pm.

Just Dispacable.

What could cause a man to continue to go attend a church, whose preacher is a black version of a Grand Dragon of the KKK?

I have never heard such hateful venom spew from anyone's mouth.

The fact that B-HO continued to attend this dispicable, hateful, racist church for 20 years disqualifies him for POTUS.

Barack Obama is scumbag.

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Submitted by yardman5508 on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 7:11am.

let me get this straight...you are NOW saying that the church one attends determines his/her qualification for President? Regardless of what the Constitution says? Just to be clear in my own mind as to what we are dealing with here. Keep the faith.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 7:33am.

I think most people remember when the mentally ill, sick wackjob Hitler was in power. We have learned through history that leaders who have been brainwashed with an evil sick message make for very poor and dangerous leaders.

I think what most people are saying is that racist hate, listening to it, or activily participating is very, very WRONG!!! If you sit silently by, while your rabid minister of all people spews garbage and you don't openly criticize him that means you CONDONE IT!! Which I, and many people are saying is wrong.

I don't want to be put in a prison camp for the crime of being any other race than being born black.

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Submitted by muddle on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 7:54am.

That is one of the lessons that the Indoctrinators at universities across the nation seek to impress upon students. It is, in fact, a common theme, and one with which I happen to agree.

Apparently, Obama was silent, and thus complicit, for some 20 years. It is only his recent concern for damage control that that caused him to speak out.

I do not believe that this issue is reducible to mere guilt by association. Obama's credibility ought to be challenged by these revelations.

It is almost too obvious to mention, and, for that matter, has already been mentioned many times, but a little thought experiment brings this to light. Imagine a white candidate whose mentor was Fred Phelps. He had been in attendance at Phelps' Westboro Church for some twenty years before announcing his candidacy. Do you think any reasonable person would suppose this irrelevant? To say that this is "guilt by association," or that one's church affiliation should not disqualify one's candidacy would be absurd.

Perhaps this will resolve itself. Perhaps Obama will come out showing that the American people can trust him after all. But the current concerns over his involvement with Wright is eminently reasonable and not merely a politically motivated attack (though it is, of course, that as well).

Submitted by Davids mom on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 8:22am.

Apparently, Obama was silent, and thus complicit, for some 20 years. It is only his recent concern for damage control that that caused him to speak out

First let me make this perfectly clear. I in no way sanction the rhetoric of Rev. Wright. . .or any other spiritual leader who shouts hate from the pulpit. Many whites and blacks have confronted their spiritual leaders regarding what has been said from the pulpit. Some, years ago, were called abolitionists. But their concern and opposition to these remarks were not always made public in most cases - and they did not leave their respective churches - but remained to change attitudes through demonstration of their lives. The church of my grandfather and great-grandfather was started because blacks were relegated to the balcony in the Methodist church in Philadelphia. . thus the founding of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. I challenge your statement - "apparently Obama was silent". I don't think so. But changing the rhetoric of a bitter person is almost impossible - note the likes of 'Beaver'.

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Submitted by muddle on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 8:32am.

You needn't make clear that you would never condone someone like Wright. I would already have inferred that from your history of posts here.

I just don't find your defense persuasive. Wright's hateful rhetoric may be incorrigible. So is that of the Rev. Phelps. Imagine attempting to defend someone who had moved in the same circles as Phelps for twenty years by urging the same considerations. The connections would and should be the kiss of death to anyon3e seeking high public office.

As I said in another post, perhaps Obama will demonstrate that the concerns are ultimately unfounded. But the onus is now on him, and reasonably so.

Submitted by Davids mom on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 9:04am.

Who is Rev. Phelps?

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Submitted by NUK_1 on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 11:03am.

I don't know what Phelps has to do with Wright as Phelps has zero to do with racial politics and rather goes for complete looney tune, but if you're really interested in he and his tiny band of kooks are all about(hating on gays, the whole country because of gays, etc), try www.godhatesf*gs.com
I'm pretty sure you can figure out what letter to replace the * with.

Last seen, Phelps and his group were picketing/protesting US serviceman's funerals. He's living proof that if you can about 10 other idiots to follow you around doing something totally stupid and offensive, you'll get media attention.


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Submitted by Paul Perkins on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 9:55am.

He is the white counterpart and mirror image (only worse) of Rev. Wright.

This is the way to blog!

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Submitted by mudcat on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 6:12am.

Unlike you, me and most who read and express opinions here, the majority of the new people who vote in November will be willing fools. Many will have registered this year and be voting in November for the first time in their lives and that's not just the young people - many will register and vote (for Obama, of course) simply because he and they are black.

That being said, Obama said all the "right" things in his speech, but he kept the fire burning with the white grandmother thing and a couple of other points. Why? Because he secretly loves this controversy - he knows this will not change your vote or mine since we were not going to vote for him anyway, but it will inflame many new voters enough to go out and register and vote for him. Of course that also applies to registered voters who never seem to have the time to vote - but they will this time.

This whole thing is a brilliant campaign strategy designed to get the most votes. Mc Cain can't fight this - it is going to be the old (possibly too old) Washington insider against the young, black, Kennedyesque, empty suit who will change America for the downtrodden masses. Get used to the idea of President Obama, because he just got more support this week than anyone knows. And no it won't show up in the polls because they just poll active registered voters.

How else do you explain his puzzling decision not to sever his ties with that church and pastor 20 years ago? Oprah did.

Submitted by USArmybrat on Tue, 03/18/2008 - 10:51pm.

Dittos to your post, Richard...just read his speech instead of listening to his inspiring style of delivery and you can see the hypocrisy of Obama. I really disliked him comparing his grandmother to that hate-filled MENTOR of his...that was LOW.

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