How Obama, district voting are similar

Tue, 03/04/2008 - 4:22pm
By: Letters to the ...

What is happening today in Fayette was happening in Chicago 30 years ago. In fact, it’s happening all across America.

One of the few “achievements” for which we are supposed to give Obama the keys to the White House is his work as a “community organizer.”

No, this isn’t a person that comes into your home to straighten up your closets or garage. Nor to pick up trash along the highways in and around your community. No, a community organizer was someone who beat the drums of discontent, where before there was none.

Both Hillary and, more importantly, Barack are followers of Saul Alinsky. Hillary wrote her hidden thesis on him while at Wesleyan college and Barack literally followed each of the tenets of Alinsky’s rules for four years while working in Chicago.

For all practical purposes, a community organizer is a person that comes into a community from the “outside,” as Barack did when he returned to the Chicago inner city after his college. (Why didn’t he return to his home in Hawaii? Because as he has said, he wanted to experience a real African-American lifestyle, which explains much of his other behavior.) So off to the inner cities he went.

To be a community organizer sounds so very humble. You know, helping people fill out forms to receive benefits, driving food to the shut-ins, helping children in the schools. But this isn’t what Barack was doing, at least it wasn’t his real goal. It was to follow the teachings of Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky’s methods of “organizing a community” are unique, and he is considered the founder of this movement.

“Obama answered a help-wanted ad for a position as a community organizer for the Developing Communities Project (DCP) of the Calumet Community Religious Conference (CCRC) in Chicago. Obama was 24 years old, unmarried, very accustomed to a vagabond existence, and according to his memoir, searching for a genuine African-American community.”

Both the CCRC and the DCP were built on the Alinsky model of community agitation, wherein paid organizers learned how to “rub raw the sores of discontent,” in Alinsky’s words.

One of Obama’s early mentors in the Alinsky method was Mike Kruglik, who had this to say to Ryan Lizza of The New Republic, about Obama:

“He was a natural, the undisputed master of agitation, who could engage a room full of recruiting targets in a rapid-fire Socratic dialogue, nudging them to admit that they were not living up to their own standards. As with the panhandler, he could be aggressive and confrontational. With probing, sometimes personal questions, he would pinpoint the source of pain in their lives, tearing down their egos just enough before dangling a carrot of hope that they could make things better.”

“The agitator’s job, according to Alinsky, is first to bring folks to the ‘realization’ that they are indeed miserable, that their misery is the fault of unresponsive governments or greedy corporations, then help them to bond together to demand what they deserve, and to make such an almighty stink that the dastardly governments and corporations will see imminent ‘self-interest’ in granting whatever it is that will cause the harassment to cease.”

“In these methods, euphemistically labeled ‘community organizing,’ Obama had a four-year education, which he often says was the best education he ever got anywhere.”

In other words, a community organizer, like Obama, was to come into a community and raise so many issues and to get the populace’s blood boiling such that they would then do whatever he wanted.

In Fayette County, district at-large voting has worked since its inception. Even when the Democrats controlled it for the vast majority of the last 150 years, no one complained about it. But now, the community organizers are beating the drums of discontent and making an issue out of nothing.

They say that we are only one of three counties that have it. That’s proof enough for me to suggest that maybe the other 156 counties should follow our model, since Fayette is by far the nicest place to live in Georgia.

But not for the Democrats. The reason is, they haven’t “Claytonized” Fayette yet. That is, to take complete control of the sheriff’s office, the commissioner’s office, of the school board, etc. They want ultimate control.

It isn’t about black or white; it isn’t about being properly represented; it’s about power. And since blacks tend to vote for the Democrat 90 percent of the time, they have framed this issue around a racially charged one, rather than in the truth, and that is, that it’s all about Democratic power.

Obama has stirred the embers of America into a roaring fire of discontent, just like Steve Brown and other “community organizers” are trying to do here in Fayette. That’s a damn shame.

We have it good here, very good. Those of you who listen to such rubbish are destined to never truly be happy in your own condition of life, since you are so easily stirred by inflammatory rhetoric. Whether it’s coming from a pastor that drives around in one of a dozen luxury automobiles, assailing the plight of the poor, or a slick talking U.S. senator from Illinois who has no real world experience other than in “community organizing.” You will never truly find peace of mind.

Because inner peace doesn’t come from what the government can do for you; it comes from what you can do for yourself, unrestricted by oppressive governmental policies, unrestricted by bloated governmental agencies, as we find in Clayton, where so many of the elected officials are uneducated and inexperienced community organizers who really have no idea what they are really doing. Beating the drums of discontent might help to get out the vote or to even get you elected, but it’s no way to lead.

These tactics remind me of what a professor once told me years ago. He was visiting Israel and he had noticed a sheep herder crossing a busy highway. The sheep followed his lead because they knew he had been a proven leader, protecting them, taking them to greener pastures.

He compared this to America, where our cattle farmers herd their cattle by striking the cows on their rumps at the back of the herd. These cows then moaned and groaned and then pushed their way forward, in a direction presumably where the rancher wanted them to go.

The comparison is real. To truly lead, one need only to honestly say what you mean and mean what you say, and the people will follow.

Or, one can merely mimic Obama or Alinsky’s style and become a cow herder, and rap the rear ends of the discontented voters with catchy phrases, such as, “Yes, we can.” Symbolism over substance often wins the day, but to what ends?

These community organizers are slick. They prey upon the uninformed and they play them for fools. Remember, there is always ulterior motives for these people. Whether it’s to add another Rolls Royce to their garage, or to get Democrats elected with their emotional rhetoric, they will always know that you have been bought and paid for with lies and half truths. They will then fall back with charges of racism and voter disenfranchisement if they are ever exposed for the frauds that they really are.

The community organizers have complete control of Clayton County. Do you really what them to control Fayette as well?

Remember the same party that is demanding district voting and talking about the individual rights of their base, also have on a national level, “super community organizers,” a.k.a. super delegates, who will overturn the votes of the masses to do what they need to do to maintain control. Not much of a democracy to me. (References from and

Richard D. Hobbs

Peachtree City, Ga.

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David Hedlund's picture
Submitted by David Hedlund on Sun, 03/09/2008 - 9:20am.

Dear Editor and Neighbors:
This election year is really gut wrenching for me. I look at the candidates and the things said and done an wonder where our country is headed.
On the one side are the Democratic Candidates. They spout words without the facts to back them up, messages of hope without action or truth. They assault the Office of the Presidency and Vice Presidency with accusations, lies and outright slander without concern for our country, our people or the world view. They attack the actions in Iraq as an ongoing war, when in reality it's a time of support for a democratic form of government gaining strength to stand on it's own two feet. They talk of the death of Americans in Iraq and ignore far greater casualties on the streets of our own nations capital. Are we truly interested in addressing our own cultural problems or do we just want another American Idol?
On the other side we have the Republican candidate, John McCain. Is McCain a conservative or liberal? The actions of the past have showed him to be far from a conservative and more of a Maverick or (My way way or the highway). While I would not normally vote for McCain, I feel I have no choice this time if I want to retain my freedom. The Democrats seem bound and determined to try and take it way through government control of healthcare and other programs. McCain and the Democrats would give our hard earned money and achievements to illegals, sticking us with the bill. No easy choice here, but we can still fight against these attempts by being heard.
I challenge all of you to not be fooled by the rhetoric, but to listen closely to what is being said and investigate the claims. Just because they're running for office does mean that they are telling the truth. Their track records tell loads about who the candidate are and forecast a future that we may want no part of.
There is no Jack Kennedy, Ronald Reagan among these candidates.

David Hedlund
Newnan, Georgia

Submitted by sageadvice on Sun, 03/09/2008 - 2:18pm.

How do you consider Reagan a conservative when he financed 50% of the budget by borrowing money which has yet to be repaid?

Worshiping a movie actor because as an actor he could say what you wanted to hear is like praising NERO of Rome as a great firestarter!

I don't buy BS.

AF A-10's picture
Submitted by AF A-10 on Sun, 03/09/2008 - 10:56am.

Jeff carter showed, in detail, how John McCain is as conservative or moreso than Ronald Reagan was. They are almost mirror images on immigration. How could you forget RR's actual policies?

Kevin "Hack" King

Denise Conner's picture
Submitted by Denise Conner on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 6:12am.

"Dangling a carrot of hope" -- Obama's good at that.

I saw a documentary about the Middle East that showed sheep herders, just like you described. It made me think of THIS.

AF A-10's picture
Submitted by AF A-10 on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 12:56am.

If Hillary somehow squeaks out a nomination, I hope you have plenty of arrows in your quiver to fire her way. Just curious, when are you guys going to offer reasons for us to vote FOR someone versus your current diatribe of "democrats = boogeymen/women?"

Kevin "Hack" King

Submitted by thebeaver on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 4:58pm.

I think that Barack Obama would be a great president. I have hope that he can provide free health insurance for everyone.
I have hope that he can bring our soldiers home and make the world a safer place. I have hope that he can protect Americans from poverty by printing more money at the mints. And, I have hope that he can make me a taller, more attractive, wealthier person, immune to all illnesses. The best part is that all of these will be accomplished at absolutely no cost to me.

Some skeptics would say that he can't do these things because he hasn't had enough leadership experience, foreign policy experience, or government experience. Some would say that Obama can't provide for all our needs without doubling taxes. And, some would say that he hasn't provided one piece of a specific plan to reach these goals.

Well, to those people I ask, "Where is your hope?"

All these years I've been creating accomplishments and gathering experience to list on my resume. From now on, I'll just list my hopes and plans. All that work was so unnecessary.

Barack Obama is a human featherball -- a slick, smiling, substance-free empty suit who excites gullible dimwits by repeating the words “change,” “unity,” and “hope” over and over --

TruthSleuth1958's picture
Submitted by TruthSleuth1958 on Tue, 03/04/2008 - 8:01pm.

Time for a parable:

A conservative and a liberal see a hungry man and the liberal cries that "we should all contribute and buy him a fish". After strong arm collection and a transfer of funds the liberal buys the man a fish, puffs out his chest and says, "look what I have done", "I have seen the hungry and fed him", "You should all be as compassionate as I am".

With a clear conscience the liberal leaves the man.

A conservative stops, sees this same man, and takes the time to discover the problem that caused the hunger. He then teaches the man to fish (which feeds him for a lifetime) and says "you did it, good job".

Both men have cleared their conscience and met their intrinsic obligation to help their fellow man.

The liberal fed him a single meal by taking from others and causing him to depend on them for his welfare every time he is hungry.

The conservative fed him for a lifetime by teaching him to rely on himself.

If you are unhappy with your station in life - change it. Don't wait on others, especially the government, to make it better for you.

Sniffles05 The Plagiarizer in Chief
Sniffles05:Angry and often proven wrong.

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 4:38am.

Imagine an 8 months pregnant woman in despair on the side of the Interstate. She has a flat tire. It's freezing outside and she isn't wearing a coat or jacket.

BPR drives by. She notices the situation, rolls down her window and shouts "I'll pray for you!" She then drives to her warm comfortable home and writes a blog entry here about what a good deed she has done.

Skyspy and Beaver drive by. "Hey that woman over there looks like she could use some help!" says one. "Wait! Wait! She's black! keep driving!" say the other. They drive off, relieved at their close call. They later write a blog about how black people don't take care of their possessions.

Tsloth drives by. He rolls down his window. "Need some help?" he asks. The woman nods, in gratitude. "I can read you the directions on how to change a tire!" The woman looks at him in disbelief. Tsloth is offended. He yells "Hey you gotta learn to be self-sufficient! I wasn't even going to charge you!" He drives off in disgust and write a blog entry on how lazy people are nowadays.

Richard Hobbs drives by. He notices the situation but doesn't slow down. He gets home and writes an incoherent letter to the editor, using a preganant woman with a flat tire as a metaphor for Obama's campaign strategy.

Terry Garlock drives by. He rolls down his window and asks "who did you vote for in the last election?" The woman, taken aback, replies "John Kerry". Garlock spits on the woman and drives off.

Paul Perkins drives by and surveys the situation. He rolls down his window and says "Thank you for not aborting your baby!" He drives off.

Denise Conner drives by. She tries to run the woman over. A police car witnesses this and pulls Denise over. Denise denies trying to run the woman over. The cop tells Denise his dashboard camera taped the whole thing. Denise lectures the cop for 15 solid minutes on how unreliable dashboard cameras are.

Sniffles drives by. He stops and fixes the flat for the poor woman.

The moral of the story: You can do the right thing, or you can do the right-wing thing.

Truthsleuth Speaks!
Don't Click This Link, Denise!

Paul Perkins's picture
Submitted by Paul Perkins on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 10:27am.

would have slowed down and said
"I wish I had been born with a flat tire so I could understand your problem better"

Conservatism is based a true understanding of human nature. Liberalism is based upon hoping human nature will change.
This is the way to blog!

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 10:33am.

Hack would stop immediately to assist the woman and change her tire. A Fayetteville police officer would stop and approach the scene, service weapon drawn, and ask Hack for ID.
Truthsleuth Speaks!
Don't Click This Link, Denise!

Submitted by sageadvice on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 10:58am.

Do you mean FFWB? Or, maybe DWB?

Submitted by thebeaver on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 6:35am.

Sniffles, the self-righteous jaggoff, hits the woman up for 25 dollars for fixing her flat.

Barack Obama is a human featherball -- a slick, smiling, substance-free empty suit who excites gullible dimwits by repeating the words “change,” “unity,” and “hope” over and over --

Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 8:00am.

sniffles, petitions the county commission to have the taxpayers pick of the tab for his changing of the tire. Then he demands that the taxpayers buy the woman a new car, and pony up the jack to pay for the babys care.

Then he will go home to his mothers basement, and blog about what a great person he thhinks he is.

Paul Perkins's picture
Submitted by Paul Perkins on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 10:16am.

would then blog that if we had district voting she would have someone to complain to about the flat tire. Smiling

I,for one, believe that Hack would help the woman because he's offered to do so for Denise in the past.

This is the way to blog!

AF A-10's picture
Submitted by AF A-10 on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 11:35am.

I give this high marks in creative writing, but I smell a good natured fight coming. I should have been a highway patrolman with a broken radar. I don't so much mind speeders who drive predictably, but I can't stand passing a breakdown. It's funny when I've stopped to help guys. They often get this "I do it myself" attitude when I'm just making sure they don't need a cell phone or a gallon of gas. I typically try to pull up to them as to conceal my "Worst ever" bumper sticker. I don't want to scare my conservative tire changers.

And Armymajor, I'm still there for you too!!

Kevin "Hack" King

Submitted by sageadvice on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 10:56am.

I was under the impression that women can now fly jets, even in combat, and have all the rights of men.

If they can't change their own flat tires by now, we must have some kind of affirmative action for females that I am not aware of yet?

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 10:24am.

THAT made me laugh! Laughing out loud
Truthsleuth Speaks!
Don't Click This Link, Denise!

Locke's picture
Submitted by Locke on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 9:38am.

The conservative wouldn’t stop, discover the problem with the man, and teach him to fish.

What would happen is that the conservative wouldn’t even notice the hungry man and if he did he would walk right past him. If he says anything at all it would be, “Hungry? Get a job dirtbag.” Then he would go home and write up a blog about how he helped a hungry person by giving him some sound advice.

Submitted by blazing2006 on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 10:11am.

I hate to burst your bubble but article after article ,in print and on the tube, to include over the years, CNN and of course Fox, have all consistently stated that conservatives out give liberals by as much as 3 to 1 in some reports. Yes, conservatives tend to be alittle more demanding of people that are capable and yet "lazy". It's an accoutability thing. Two types of people in this world Locke, Givers and Takers, which one are you? Personally, I would feed him and then teach him to fish. The question remains, would he want to learn, or is he just a taker? So I guess all that's left to say Locke is - Right back at ya, "What a crock"

TruthSleuth1958's picture
Submitted by TruthSleuth1958 on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 11:42am.

MainframeComputerGuy's picture
Submitted by MainframeComputerGuy on Tue, 03/04/2008 - 11:12pm.

Don't forget the third line to your fish story. I wish it was mine but I found it in The Vent (the only thing worth reading in the "Al Jazeera Constipation") a couple of weeks back.

"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Give a man religion and he'll starve to death praying for a fish."

Great comment Richard -- right on with the Dimmocrats and the reparations crowd.

Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 03/04/2008 - 5:43pm.

clayton county is an example of what the democrats have to offer.

Am I the only person who remebers this same battle cry 20+yrs ago. We want to be heard, we want representation. I had just moved to Atlanta for a new job. Not knowing any better, or the history of clayton county the cries of we want "representaion" seemed justified. Then all of the Delta families moved from riverdale to PTC. Things did go down hill from there. Slowly more democrats were elected to positions of power in clayton. Fast forward to today. They have all of the leaders in power that they (meaning the democrats and the naacp) wanted. The problem is now they don't want them.

If we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.

Submitted by kreedham on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 1:28am.

That if we get district voting in Fayette County then we will turn into Clayton County. I agree that the elected officials have done a poor job in CC but to blame it on district voting is a stretch.

Unless there is a dramatic shift in the demographics and population of Fayette County then I think you are worrying a bit too much. I expect the Republicans will stay in power for a while. As I've said more than once, if district voting were to come to Fayette, then at best only 1 democrat would be elected therefore comprising only 20% of the county commission. Is that something to be afraid of? If the tables were turned and we had 5 democrats on the commission it would be my preference that at least 1 (maybe 2) would be Republicans. 100% of the power, by either party is not a good thing.

Submitted by skyspy on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 8:24am.

It is never good to have one party in control of everything.

I hope that no matter which way the issue of district voting goes, we keep the county like it is. A nice safe place to live.

yardman5508's picture
Submitted by yardman5508 on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 8:33am.

that is what we are all after, Reps, Dems, greens, whatever. We just have honest differences as to how to achieve that goal. Keep the faith.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Submitted by skyspy on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 8:52am.

What are the plans of your party? Do have plans to limit the growth of high density housing? Do you support our local law enforcement?

Aside from wanting a voice, what plans do you have to make this county better than it already is?

yardman5508's picture
Submitted by yardman5508 on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 9:05am.

we have to start with getting a voice, then head into other areas (the one's you mentioned first and foremost). A comprehensive transportation plan, a Development Authority with responsibility for more than attracting industry, increased public education on the causes and solutions for citizens in the area of law enforcement, televised government meetings.

My basic concern with Fayette County is that the voters spend so much time pining about how great it is here and how we want to stay that way, that they fail to recognize that, in order to maintain, we must advance. Standing still is moving backwards as the rest of the world passes us by. We have to have a vision for what we want from our county. Our platform points into the future. You might notice that the other local party has YET to define what they envision for our county. Oh, but they don't need to , because they are the majority and do not need vision. Keep the faith.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Denise Conner's picture
Submitted by Denise Conner on Fri, 03/07/2008 - 8:45am.

"we have to start with getting a voice"

Aren't you speaking now, and didn't you and many others speak at the recent Commissioners' Meeting? Don't you send in LTE's? Didn't you vote?

The Board of Commissioners did "advance": we, the people, elected 2 new members recently. I've heard many parts of a "vision" for FayCo from some of the Commissioners. Weren't you listening?

Meeting Minutes and Agenda of Actions for 2008

Richard Hobbs's picture
Submitted by Richard Hobbs on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 4:52pm.

Do you ever read your posts before you hit send.

What you are saying, is that you want a voice to be heard. This makes me assume a few things. 1.) Your voice is not currently being heard; and 2.) that you have something to actually say, other than you want your voice to be heard.

You also seem to have a difficulty with the fact that here in Fayette, we've got it real good and yet, we shouldn't be satisfied with that, that we should ADVANCE forward and not stand still.

Well, let me make this perfectly clear, WE ARE NOT STANDING STILL! We are fighting tooth and nail to stop the influences of carpet baggers and snake oil sales men that are trying to destroy our community. The Democrats took over Clayton County. They have a tract record such that I really don't think I want to hear their voices heard here in Fayette.

In fact, the only voices I hear coming from Clayton is how very horrible it is over there with their current leadership. Again, like Obama, their leadership are nothing more than community organizers who talk the talk, but have nothing to say.

If you want your voices heard, then do something about Clayton, to make it the envy of the metro area, and then prove us wrong. Until then, I really don't hear anything coming out of the unrepresented voices, except the lies and deceit that is common among rabble rousers.

For God's sake People. This is one of the very best communities to live in. Why do you have to destroy if merely to acquire power for the Democrats? Why? Its maddening to think that you are more concerned over one single Democrat being elected in Fayette, while Clayton County sinks lower and lower into nothing more than a crime invested pot hole.

I'll tell you the voices that I wish I heard coming from your mouth, and that is the sound of responsibility and accountability. Figure out why Clayton is such a horrible place to live, and then fix it. Then come back here and tell us how we aren't giving you your own voice.

So yes, like Obama talks so charmingly, without saying anything substantively, so also too does the District Voting advocates say anything worthy of being heard. Its about power people, plain and simple. Why is this so hard to understand?

TruthSleuth1958's picture
Submitted by TruthSleuth1958 on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 6:10pm.

Obama usually votes 'Present'. So I don't think Yardman writes for Obama. Allow me to elaborate.

When the draft was on and 'Yardman' was called to duty for his country he just couldn't go ... you see he was a contentious, err, "conscientious objector". He was just not able to 'Murder' anyone and I guess cooking food way back in the back line mess tent where Algore was reporting was too risky. He might after all have to kill a potato. God forbid he serve as a reporter - he might have to kill a story.

Anyway, Hussein Obama, well he's quite different. You see , when they called for tough votes in his brief career he took the cowardly route and voted "Present", not 'yes' or 'no', 'in favor' or 'oppose' ...just "Present". This was his favorite vote and he used it more than any other.

So while neither of them has the courage to serve, and neither of them has ever contributed to the nation or society, and even though both of them take freely of our national fruits all the while complaining about America, big companies, Bush, Tax payers keeping their money and the military, one was "Absent" but the other was "Present".

I hope that helps you distinguish between the two.

Sniffles05 The Plagiarizer in Chief
Sniffles05:Angry and often proven wrong.

yardman5508's picture
Submitted by yardman5508 on Fri, 03/07/2008 - 8:10am.

the depth and breadth of your ignorance is staggering. For your information, conscientious objectors can and were drafted. I was number 87 in the 1970 lottery{the first modern lottery, you might recall. You were, what, 12 then?} and spent three years (not the two I would have if drafted into the military) working at a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed children. Keep the faith.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

TruthSleuth1958's picture
Submitted by TruthSleuth1958 on Fri, 03/07/2008 - 11:19am.

And what years did you serve (I spent more than '3' thanks for asking).

Sniffles05 The Plagiarizer in Chief
Sniffles05:Angry and often proven wrong.

hutch866's picture
Submitted by hutch866 on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 10:52am.

How can you get a voice when you don't define your goals, are we to just take it on faith that we will agree, before I vote for anyone I want to hear their position, not elect me then I'll tell you .BTW which Starbucks is the usual? We've had the last few in PTC, but we've had several in Fayetteville.

I yam what I yam....Popeye

yardman5508's picture
Submitted by yardman5508 on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 11:00am.

the one on 54 by the Publix (former Fuddruckers}. Keep the faith.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

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