Useless Precautions!

A woman died on an American Airlines flight from Haiti to New York recently. It was determined later that she had a heart attack, apparently.
The rest of the story:
The woman ate her meal and started complaining that she couldn't breathe and said she needed some oxygen. The attendant got her some water. She again asked for some oxygen, and when other passengers started complaining to the attendant, she got an oxygen tank but when trying to administer it, found it to be empty. She obtained a second oxygen tank and it was also empty.
By that time the woman was becoming very ill and the attendant got a heart machine for a doctor who was on board, who had been trying CPR. The machine wouldn't work!
The woman was pronounced dead, and the pilot continued on to NYC, instead of landing in Miami, as he had started to do.
It may not be likely to say if the equipment would have saved her life, but that is not the point.
This is a premier airline and they have written procedures to check such items as those that failed, on regular schedules. Odds are that the forms will be filled out as Ok. In Starbucks, maybe!
If you want further examples of lax duties and lax supervision and lax management, obtain one of the PTC code violation sheets for a few items and go check them out at a few places.
If you don't find blocked aisles, exit bulbs burned out, fire equipment dirty and blocked, flammables next to stoves, and on and on (not to mention factories and warehouses) I'll repay you for your time.
Remember the state credit card fiasco?
Management approving for payment, items worth thousands on the bill not even used by the state government.
Why, we even build police stations on rotting swamps that mold everything. We even build Tennis Club Houses that wash out when it rains and the roof leaks.
This could go on for pages, but I simply don't understand the management attitude. Many people who do the work will cheat if they know the boss doesn't do his job either, and really doesn't care.
If a case is brought up for examination, the penalties are often minor and always just the lower echelon are wrist slapped.
Answer: it is supervision's fault--punish them swiftly.

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