Finally, proud of America!

It is going to happen, can you believe it?
We are going to have a black President finally.
Colin Powell, (C. Rice, didn't help), forged the way.
The only regret that I have is that it took a whole administration of bandits and pundits only seven years to so alarm the populace, that radical change will surely occur.
No amount of the level-headed cajoling by decent people like me could convert them to reason.
I have been thinking about the first 100 days of 2009 in Washington, and with the possible exception of all of the moving vans coming and going, I suppose the new first family Presidential pictures of the first day in office might be the most exciting.
The first time in our history that we elected real change to the White House.
Then of course, next would be the appointments (thousands) that a new President of the opposition party has to make. It will hold millions spellbound all around the world
The "I told you so" people who warned about what might happen if budgets weren't balanced, if wars weren't concluded, if torture wasn't stopped, if FEMA wasn't elevated to more than, "good job Brownie." If we weren't somewhat protected from poison toys from Asia (China mostly), from our own spinach and hamburger meat, for making us realize that our Veteran's hospitals were shameless shells of protect my job crap-holes.
For further poisoning our air and financing China to further poison theirs. EPA, what is that?
To allow another several hundred ditch-diggers to perish in a deep hole due to no OSHA awareness.
To let Limbaugh talk about just how much gravitas that Bush had, and to reward him with 30 million dollars plus speaking fees to do it.
To pick a VP who had just received $30,000,000 dollars from energy companies, and who proceeded to hold meetings with them in secret to develop our energy policy--$4.00 dollar (soon) gasoline, and save Saudi Arabia by busting up Iraq.
To say nothing about adding $4, 000,000,000,000.00 to our kids debt.
Man I could run my family on less than that very easily.
Most of the bandits deserted the ship before they were prosecuted and are proceeding to become filthy rich.
I'm sure their children won't neglect to learn how it is done.

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Submitted by thebeaver on Sat, 02/23/2008 - 6:11pm.

Why does it matter so much as to what Barack's skin color is?
I thought we were supposed to judge people by the content of their charachter, not the color of their skin?

Barack Obama is a human featherball -- a slick, smiling, substance-free empty suit who excites gullible dimwits by repeating the words “change,” “unity,” and “hope” over and over --

Submitted by sageadvice on Sat, 02/23/2008 - 7:10pm.

Just what was ML King asking the school systems to do when he wanted the schools "integrated?"
And when he wanted someone to sit on a bus anywhere they wanted to sit?
And when he wanted them to be able to vote unhindered?

He meant black citizens, I think. He assumed that all white citizens had all of those rights.

I think it would just be untenable for a white woman to enter the Miss. Black America pageant!

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