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You can't seem to articulate any reasons the latest map won't work. Again, none of the three schools were overcrowded.

You spread unbased rumors, i.e. that the Spring Hill parents are afraid of diversity. SO how come my son has 7 of 20 kids as minorities in his classroom?

I quite honestly would've been fine taking SOME of the East Fayette kids into Spring Hill as long as we got to keep the rest of our school as-is. That means we keep Lakemont and Lakeside.

Why? Spring Hill built a successful track record with our current communities not just by educational standards but also in PTO support.

Check the AYP scores. Given the number of East Fayette students that qualify for free or reduced lunch (i.e. not well-off families) their test score results are nothing short of phenomenal. If memory serves about 30 percent of East Fayette students qualify, meaning they come from homes with special challenges. (I also seem to remember that Spring Hill's number was around 17 percent of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch).

BTW the Spring Hill parents weren't afraid taking on of the East Fayette kids either. That rumor was started by well-intentioned people with chips on their shoulders.

Here's hoping all of us can move beyond this. But know these two things:

1. I don't care WHO you are; and

2. Any new kid enrolling at Spring Hill will be loved and welcomed with open arms and educated to the highest standards NO MATTER WHAT!!! I get the same feeling about the teachers and principals at East Fayette too.

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