Sheriff candidate Simmons pledges full assault on gangs

Tue, 01/29/2008 - 4:35pm
By: Letters to the ...

In response to the article, “Criminal activity in Fayetteville: Reality vs. perception” (The Citizen, Jan. 16, 2008), I agree with Chief Steve Heaton when he stated, “The number of criminal offenses at the Pavilion are low with the exception of larcenies. Larcenies are the predominate offense at the Pavilion. This is not surprising considering it is the largest retail center in the area.”

The Fayette Pavilion with its 1,450,837 square feet is the largest open air shopping center in the state. Since opening in 1998, it has become a magnet in attracting criminals to the county. Each day criminals travel to Fayette County to prey on persons shopping at the Pavilion who leave their purses and wallets unattended in shopping carts. These criminals are looking to steal anything that isn’t nailed down.

Long-time residents of Fayette County are alarmed by the number of larcenies committed in the Pavilion, and other retail centers in the county. Many residents avoid shopping at the Pavilion because of the fear of crime.

In the spirit of community policing, the public should be informed of the types of criminal activity occurring at the Pavilion and other retail centers. Once the public has been made aware of these crimes, they should be taught how to avoid becoming a crime victim while shopping at these locations.

There are three major components, known as the “Triangle of Crime,” that are necessary for the completion of any given crime. They are (1) the criminal, (2) the victim, and (3) the opportunity. Without all three of these components, no crime can occur.

Residents can break the triangle if they are taught to recognize and reduce the opportunity for crime. Without an opportunity, the criminal will not be able to commit the crime, and the resident will not become a victim.

Residents can learn to reduce the opportunity for crimes through practice of the basic components of crime prevention, which are recognition, anticipation, and avoidance of a crime risk.

When I am elected to serve as the sheriff of Fayette County, I will train all department personnel in the concepts of proactive crime prevention. I will create a Crime Prevention Unit in the department to conduct crime prevention training courses that will be offered to citizens and business owners.

Additionally, I will join forces with local chiefs of police to initiate innovative deployment strategies aimed at apprehending criminals, and deterring criminal activity in their jurisdictions. Many of these strategies are commonly used in large urban areas to suppress criminal activity.

Additionally, I will join forces with the directors of security of the major retail stores in the Pavilion, and other shopping centers, to develop crime prevention programs to protect our citizens and visitors who shop in their stores.

When I am elected, I will create a unit in the Sheriff’s Department to suppress youth gang activity. I will offer gang prevention training programs to parents, school officials, and youths that address the following topics: what are they, how do we identify them, why kids join a gang, and the hazards of being involved in a gang.

The next sheriff will be faced with many challenges. There will be no time for an apprentice to learn the job. Fayette County will need a qualified sheriff who has the skills, experience and education to do an effective job. There will be no time for on the job training.

Please join me in the fight to preserve our peaceful way of life. Community involvement is key to resolving the current problems we face in our community, by working as a “TEAM,” Together Everyone Achieves More.

To learn more about my candidacy, or to volunteer to work on the campaign or to make a contribution, please visit my website at I can be contacted by email at or by phone at 770-716-9088.

Dave Simmons, CPP

2008 Republican candidate for Fayette County Sheriff

Fayetteville, Ga.

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Submitted by Aerocop on Thu, 01/31/2008 - 12:34pm.

I viewed Mr.Simmons' website and saw that he has a very extensive training background. That said, did anything he implement really work or did he just learn a bunch of catch phrases and other trivial pieces of garbage such as "Triangle of Crime."
Look at the crime rate of where he came from. What about the Mayor that he helped get elected and then became his Dept. of Public Safety in some po-dunk town with no Police. Where's your mayor now??
Fayette needs someone who is pro-active and not just a good jaw jacker. Talking out your butt does not prevent crime nor does all your touchy feely training programs.
Detroit is a war zone. All your training was probably to get you out of the building and where you could do no harm. Detroit P.D. was under constant FBI scrutiny and has a horrific reputation as a corrupt and incompetent agency.
Talking with residents of Whitewater, I doubt you'd get a vote out of your own neighborhood.
Please, go away and let someone like Hannah or Thomas Mindar, who really want whats best for Fayette County be the next Sheriff.
You can stroke your ego somewhere else and be a one term Sheriff if one was dumb enough to vote for you.
Let your skeletons stay in the closet back home in Michigan...

Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 01/31/2008 - 12:57pm.

Thanks for saying what most of us already know. Detroit cops make Atlanta PD look like christmas angels.

I don't know why he keeps reminding us that we don't need an apprentice in the Sheriff's office. He has been retired for 12yrs.

Fayette County is a big county. We will need someone from inside our Sheriff's dept. so that the change of Sheriff will be seemless to both the citizens and the criminals.

If Detroit is the picture of "successful" crime prevention, I would hate to see the body count on a city that was a total failure.

Submitted by Dondol on Thu, 01/31/2008 - 12:03pm.

Just what we need, someone moving down south to help us with our problems. Look what happened at DEFAC's, Sonny hired Mrs. Harvey from Chicago and brougth her down here and just look at the mess its in. Simmons for Sheriff, I don't think so!

Submitted by CuriousBob on Tue, 01/29/2008 - 6:31pm.

Mr. Simmons, In an earlier letter to the editor you stated that many of the criminals in Detroit came from outside the city limits to perpetuate their crimes. Just where were they from and other than prostitution and drugs, what crimes were they committing? Just curious.

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