Fayette meets state water saving goal

Wed, 12/26/2007 - 12:53pm
By: John Munford

Fayette County met Gov. Sonny Perdue’s goal to reduce water usage by 10 percent in the month of November, the governor’s office has announced.

Last month Perdue ordered water systems in 61 counties — most around metro Atlanta — to cut their water use by 10 percent. The effort beat projections, saving 348 million gallons a day, which Perdue said is enough water to supply 1.7 million households a day.

Fayette County Water System Director Tony Parrott chalked the achievement up largely to Fayette residents who continue to follow the state-mandated ban on outdoor watering.

Parrott said Friday that the county has gone about 10 days without even a phone call from someone reporting a watering violation on their neighbor.

Parrott also said that local industries have improved their processes to use less water.

Meanwhile, one of the county’s largest water users, the Fayette Pavilion, passed up on its annual fall planting of landscaping material, which further cut the need for water, Parrott said.

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Submitted by Nitpickers on Wed, 12/26/2007 - 9:15pm.

I don't know how Sonny measures all that water--I guess we tell him what we saved!
I have a problem with the math however.
We saved 348,000,000 gallons a day, which was enough to supply 1,700,000
households for a day. I think that is 205 gallons available a day per household, which I assume would have got no water if we hadn't saved so much. Now during that time of savings, the lake continued to go down a few feet anyway. Maybe the Industrial users who actually use 80% of the water didn't save their share?
I suppose it is better to not bother the industrial users or we might lose our jobs, a few at a time. It will be better for us to lose all of them in the spring if it doesn't rain like hell this winter, which it never has done. Even the rain we got this, and last, week was below the average rainfall for this time of the year.
I suppose since we used some Atlanta water back in the 80s due to a drought here, we will soon have to reverse pump to Atlanta some from Lake Peachtree and other Fayette water puddles?
I do hope the Corps of Engineers aren't releasing that 10% we save to the power plants and mussels and development south of here, but I bet they will!
The ditches they are digging now between the puddles at Lake Lanier, so as to gather all the water into one larger puddle (as soon as they get all the tires, boats, beer cans, and old cars out of the big puddle. The sucking out pumps are also being lowered into the big puddle so as to use the water down there where all the heavy metals and "stuff" is located---however they have increased the treatment chemicals to 10,000 bags more a day to kill it out, except for the heavy metals which we don't have a filter to do. The idiots created won't show up for at least one generation so it won't matter much.
Now, let me see 205 gallons per day saved, which will supply how many for how many days--I can't figure it, but I recommend that we go ahead and build that many more households to use it up, anyway!
Folks, if it don't rain enough to float a large gopher-wood boat very soon, or we dig 10,000 wells, pretty soon, or we tap the Tennessee River, pretty soon, or we get the tanker trucks on the road from lake Michigan (they will sell it for $4.00 per gallon), we will be drinking Jack Daniels and Milwaukee beer for breakfast!

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