Advice for the Falcons: Draft a quarterback, embrace Cowher

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Yet again, the Atlanta Falcons are looking for a new head coach.

And it comes as no surprise.

It perplexes me that Falcons owner Arthur Blank and general manager Rich McKay put their complete faith in Bobby Petrino, a man who has a history of not being forthright with those who have hired him.

And why were Blank and McKay confident that a college coach could turn around one of the worst teams in NFL history? How could they overlook the fact that the last two college coaches who made the jump to the NFL, Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban, were utter failures?

At least both Spurrier and Saban have won at least one national championship. Petrino never even sniffed the national championship.

It would be easy to continue to hammer Blank, McKay and Petrino for attempting to develop a relationship that was doomed to end in a messy divorce from day one. But as an optimist would say, the Falcons must look ahead to the future and focus on the positives, something that most of their fans might have considerable trouble even considering at this point.

The Falcons have some young, talented players they can build around — linebacker Michael Boley, cornerback DeAngelo Hall, wide receiver Roddy White and defensive end Jamaal Anderson, just to name a few — plus they are going to have a top-10 pick in next year’s draft. That pick could be used take a potential franchise quarterback; there are three highly touted quarterbacks the Falcons could choose: Boston College’s Matt Ryan, Louisville's Brian Brohm and Kentucky’s Andre Woodson.

(No NFL team would likely ever hire me to be a scout, but if I were the Falcons, I would pounce on Ryan, who somewhat reminds me of former Boston College standout and current Seattle Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck.)

As for hiring a coach, the Falcons will likely take a long look at San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Mike Singletary and Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, both of whom are intriguing options and will be head coaches in the near future. Neither, however, should be the next Falcons coach, though I have a gut feeling Singletary will land the job.

There is one proven coach who could transform the Falcons into contenders; he has won a Super Bowl, and he brings instant name recognition.

His name is Bill Cowher.

Cowher, who won the Super Bowl with Pittsburgh as recently as 2006, might not even consider the job — coaching the Falcons is not exactly a highly regarded job — but Blank needs to at least inquire while wielding enough money to close the deal. And a successful businessman like Blank knows that money talks — loudly.

Blank, along with McKay, should do everything possible, including granting complete control of personnel matters, to lure Cowher out of CBS’ studios, where he currently works, and hire the man who gives Atlanta the best chance of winning.

It’s possible for the wounded Falcons to soar to new heights. Well, if they listen to my advice, that is.

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Submitted by edgar on Sun, 12/23/2007 - 2:36am.


About your Falcons column…
I believe you left out a first-round quarterback that the Falcons should seriously consider.
I was worried that Petrino would stick around for a few seasons and we would end up with Brohm, who looks to me like Alex Smith part II.
But now the Falcons have the chance to draft the best QB available, and to me, the cream of the crop is Colt Brennan.

Anyways, please email me.
I like your Starr’s Mill v. Whitewater recap.

(my given name is Edgar, but I’m the third and it’s the south).
Please write me back at
(The Citizen’s website is quality, but I can’t find your email address on it anywhere)


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