Why Steve Brown will win the election

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I have defended Mayor Logsdon and Mitch Seabaugh in the past and I defend their right to choose as they see fit. They were elected by the people and until they're unelected, leave them alone.

The big deal now is the people are watching Matt Ramsey and he made a huge mistake surrounding himself with Bob Lenox, Joel Cowan, Fred Brown and others. Group VI is working their magic also.

The secret squirrel publicly threatened the new councilman Sturbaum on this site and the_assassin is pulling his stupid antics on Steve Brown regaring the boy who drown.

The people are sick of this kind of stuff. It looks like Steve Brown can't lose on the issues, so the mud starts getting thrown.

A select few in this town have done their very best to ruin the good reputation of people who work in real estate development. I call them the Bob Lenox crowd.

I'm in the business and it makes me ill knowing we look like a bunch of greedy fools to everyone.

Steve Brown is going to win because the other side doesn't know how to behave.

I've said I think he would do a pretty good job at the state level. Maybe those of us in the real estate development field ought to try to work with him.

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Submitted by Mike King on Wed, 12/12/2007 - 3:27pm.

Doug Sturbaum and I ran a fairly low profile upfront race, and for the life of me, I believe the four candidates competing for the State House are doing the same. I have found nothing in the remarks or printed word by either candidate to prove otherwise.
We in Fayette County have it pretty well in that we live in relative freedom from rampant crime, our schools while not perfect bode us well, and our quality of life far exceeds that of surrounding metro areas. What concerns me, however, is that through this medium we have lowered ourselves to squabbling like unruly and illmannered children.
Can we not debate point to point, issue to issue without the rancor that has begun to fill this site. I, for one, care how I am perceived and any stranger to our community or a new arrival visiting this site can only conclude that we are a community divided by political extremes.
For example, when we decided to live in Peachtree City it was only after careful consideration of several factors, one of which was reading past issues of our local paper. This can be on line now and the reputation we are making for ourselves is not helping.
Let candidates speak to the issues and debate each other in a civil manner. If these guys and gals can do so, then why can we not do the same?
After the election we should all unite behind the individual that will represent us and together we can hold his or her feet to the fire when they appear to stray from the course we believe should be taken. There will, undoubtedly, be no hostile tones from the three individuals not elected. They will simply do as I have done and that is to take their defeat with the honor of having been willing to serve and not chosen, hold their heads high and get on with their lives.
Let's move away from placing targets on the chests or backs of political candidates and elected officials, most are decent and honorable men and women. Should we disagree, say so and be done with it. Character assassinations are not the reason we remain in our town.

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Submitted by Silence Dogood on Wed, 12/12/2007 - 2:12pm.

You represent the develoment industry well. I actually think there are a few more attorneys out there that are misrepresented by all of the bad ones.

It looks like I'll be voting for Steve too.

Thank you and God Bless you.

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