Council holds decision on new tire store

Thu, 11/29/2007 - 4:11pm
By: John Munford

A proposal to redevelop Crook’s Tire Center was tabled by the Senoia City Council last week so council could get a look at the elevations for the rear of the property, where a setback variance was requested.

The parcel is located at the intersection of Broad and Bridge streets, but the existing tire store will be taken by the Georgia Department of Transportation for a drainage area for Ga. Highway 16.

The new development features the tire store being next to the Hit-N-Run convenience store and another retail building that would be located behind the existing location of the tire center. Several residents opposed a driveway that would exit onto Bridge Street, and owner Greg Crook said he would be willing to compromise and make that an exit-only onto Bridge Street, forcing traffic to go back onto Hwy. 16 instead of the other direction on Bridge Street.

Another council concern was the reduction of the setback at the rear of the property which abuts a residential lot. Tom Hardy of Omni Consulting said the rear of the property would be heavily landscaped and the parking lot back there would have a six-foot privacy fence. Hardy also said the rear lot drops about four feet, adding further to the buffer next to the residential area at the rear.

One option is to move the new tire store a bit further forward toward the highway, but that would create less area to stage autos that are exiting the service area, Hardy said. The new tire store would be about 6,000 square feet, which is larger than the existing building.

In other business, council agreed for the city to add a four-way stop at the intersection of Ivy Lane and Autumn Creek. The city will add the temporary poles but the developer is expected to replace them with matching decorative poles per the rest of the subdivision.

A representative of the homeowner’s association said construction traffic associated with the second phase is causing a significant amount of traffic problems.

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Submitted by bladderq on Thu, 11/29/2007 - 8:48pm.

GEEEZ & they think it's hard in PTC. They've already fought for a car wash they didn't build. & why would anyone want to turn left onto to Bridge St..... to try to go over a closed bridge? And how many cars are going to be using this tire store? Geeez.

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