Outback Steakhouse All-Region 2-AAAA football team annnounced

Thu, 11/29/2007 - 3:50pm
By: Kevin Wandra

The Region 2-AAAA football coaches and the local media met Thursday morning at Outback Steakhouse in Peachtree City to select the 2007 Outback Steakhouse all-region football team. The first- and second-team selections are below.

First-team offense

Quarterback: Fayette County’s Brandon Boykin
Fullback: Fayette County’s Matt Daniels
Running back: Whitewater’s Thomas Frierson
Running back: Banneker’s Alfred Moreland
Running back: Woodward Academy’s Jamal Paige
Wide receiver: Banneker’s Steven Fowlkes
Wide receiver: Westlake’s Reginald Givens
Tight end: Fayette County’s Barack Little
Tight end: Woodward Academy’s Corey Manning
Offensive line: Fayette County center Trey Carter
Offensive line: Westlake offensive tackle Chance Warmack
Offensive line: Whitewater guard Kyle Bowman
Offensive line: Whitewater offensive tackle Sam Ernst
Offensive line: Fayette County offensive tackle Jervai McConico
Kicker: Whitewater’s J.C. Jennings
Kickoff returner: Whitewater’s Thomas Frierson
Kickoff returner: Westlake’s Jacquis Jackson

First-team defense

Defensive tackle: Creekside’s Cha Lane
Defensive tackle: Banneker’s Alfred Davis
Defensive end: Starr’s Mill’s Stephen Roberts
Defensive end: Whitewater’s C.J. Williamson
Defensive end: Banneker’s Steven Fowlkes
Linebacker: Whitewater’s Zach Mann
Linebacker: Whitewater’s Ryan Hidalgo
Linebacker: Banneker’s Justin Chapman
Linebacker: Starr’s Mill’s Chris Sudduth
Cornerback: Fayette County’s Brandon Boykin
Cornerback: Whitewater’s Chris Asbury
Cornerback: Creekside’s Terrance Parks
Safety: Fayette County’s Matt Daniels
Safety: Banneker’s Darrell Simmons
Punter: Creekside’s James Moreland

Second-team offense

Quarterback: Banneker’s Kacey Webb
Fullback: Whitewater’s Collin Wooddy
Fullback: McIntosh’s Nick Popiel
Running back: Northgate’s Malcolm Poindexter
Running back: Westlake’s Jacquis Jackson
Wide receiver: Banneker’s DeMarco McNeal
Wide receiver: Banneker’s Darrell Simmons
Wide receiver: Fayette County’s Terrow Davis
Wide receiver: Creekside’s Joe Harris
Offensive line: Banneker offensive tackle Alfred Davis
Offensive line: Creekside guard Jamar Thomas
Offensive line: Westlake center Patrick Williams
Offensive line: Northgate center Blake Turner
Offensive line: Banneker offensive tackle Randall Fowler
Kicker: Fayette County’s Luis Martinez

Second-team defense

Defensive tackle: Westlake’s Karrington Andrews
Defensive tackle: Northgate’s Joe Poropatic
Defensive end: Whitewater’s Thomas Richard
Defensive end: Fayette County’s Barack Little
Linebacker: Fayette County’s Devontae Partridge
Linebacker: Northgate’s Derrick Brisbane
Linebacker: Creekside’s Gerry Reeves
Linebacker: Banneker’s Milton Patterson
Cornerback: Starr’s Mill’s Santrez Collier
Cornerback: Fayette County’s Cuincy Carruthers
Safety: Whitewater’s Kevin Fleming
Safety: Creekside’s Jocquez Fears
Safety: Westlake’s Greg Minnis
Punter: Starr’s Mill’s Chris Ward

Honorable mention: Whitewater guard Seth Wilkinson, Whitewater center Ryan Dettmering, Starr’s Mill guard Blake DeBartola, McIntosh offensive tackle Jonathan “Tank” Smith, McIntosh guard Matt Miller, Northgate offensive tackle Chad Smith, Fayette County guard Ricky Ford, Fayette County guard Josh Parker, Creekside offensive tackle Vince Harden, Whitewater tight end Daniel Hester, Creekside wide receiver Xavier Fowler, McIntosh tight end Nick Nelson, Starr’s Mill wide receiver Matt Ossanna, Woodward Academy fullback Juwan Thompson, Fayette County running back Tim Pettaway, Fayette County running back Cecil Level, Westlake running back Jacquis Jackson, Westlake running back Nacquavus Newton, Creekside running back Zack Amey, Creekside running back Rodrigues Price, Banneker running back Derrick Williams, Whitewater running back Austin Faulkner, Starr’s Mill running back Parker duPont, Starr’s Mill running back Spencer Penson, Whitewater quarterback David Byrd, Westlake quarterback Reid Sanders, Northgate quarterback Jake Copeland, Woodward Academy quarterback Craig Patton, McIntosh defensive tackle Matt Miller, McIntosh defensive end Nick Popiel, McIntosh defensive end Matt Carroll, Northgate defensive end James Searcy, Woodward Academy defensive end Scott Goodson, Woodward Academy defensive end Corey Manning, Fayette County defensive end William Hood, Fayette County defensive tackle Travis Mihalk, Westlake defensive end Darico Nolan, Creekside defensive tackle Cory Patterson, Creekside defensive end David Ellerby, Banneker defensive tackle Alfred Davis, Whitewater defensive tackle Kyle Bowman, Starr’s Mill defensive end Nate Baker, Starr's Mill linebacker Parker duPont, Creekside linebacker Ben Chambliss, Westlake linebacker Quentin Toomer, Fayette County linebacker Evan Reid, Fayette County linebacker Darrin Fields, Woodward linebacker William Arnold, McIntosh linebacker Gavin Carlson, McIntosh safety Ben Sims, Northgate cornerback Dorian Johnson, Woodward Academy safety Jamal Paige, Woodward Academy cornerback Josh Clark, Woodward Academy safety Jordan Plank, Fayette County safety Edward Bexley, Fayette County safety Shemar Fletcher, Westlake free safety Darius Johnson, Westlake cornerback Randolph Burch, Creekside cornerback Justin Arrington, Banneker defensive back Emanuel Lartey, Starr’s Mill safety Chris Nowicki and Starr’s Mill safety Ken Jackson.

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Submitted by Jones on Tue, 12/04/2007 - 6:17pm.

Congratulations to Chris Sudduth of Starr's Mill for making the First Team!! We are very proud of you!!


Submitted by RightOnTheMoney on Tue, 12/04/2007 - 6:40pm.

I assume this is the same Chris Sudduth with a 4.2 GPA. What a remarkable kid indeed. He also is a top notch wrestler if memory serves me correctly. I wonder what college he will pick?

Congratulations to all of the athletes who made the all region team. It was a great year for the county in football. What a great bunch of kids we have in Fayette County/PTC!

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