No More Leftover’s, Please!

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It has been over a week now, but many of us can still find those leftovers just inside our refrigerator doors. They seemly linger in that box, and at times, I even feel as though they may be multiplying, and no matter how we “redo” the food to make it look good, it’s still leftovers !

During the holidays I’m sure most all of us were either on the giving or receiving end of homes full of hospitality. Food and fellowship are indeed true gifts that all of us enjoy offering and excepting in gratitude. All though I’m very thankful for all this, I’m really ready for all those leftovers to be gone!

Whether it be physical or spiritual food and fellowship, we need no “special day” to activate our desires and deeds to give and receive, right?

I feel as though we all need to learn that by having a year round “giving attitude,” we are just simply doing what our Father in heaven wants us to do. When we have this mind set, we then can realize that He has promised something in return. When you read Luke 6:38, Jesus here says that He will in turn give to us good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that God doesn’t dish out “leftovers,” but even if He did, I’m convinced even the scraps from His table would be “heavenly ambrosia!”

In Genesis 1:26, we are told that all of us were made in the likeness of the Godhead three. Knowing this fact, it is very important to understand how God teaches that we need to be givers and not always takers. Lets make sure our giving is motivated by love. (See 1 Cor. 13:3 and Rom. 12:9). Then, He will give back His measure, pressed down, shaken, and running over! THE END

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Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 11/27/2007 - 4:00pm.

They made a movie about it. It's the concept of "random acts of kindness" some college professor in California started it as an experiment.

In the town that I grew up in we had an old man who was very generous, and always worked for different charities. He never went to church, but he was always helping people with his time and money. One day at christmas time my dad asked him what he was going to do for christmas. He replied "the same thing I do everyday". He explained that christmas really should be "celebrated" everyday. He said that if you are living right everyday is christmas, and if you aren't living right one day a year won't make a difference.

So simple. Pay it forward.

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