Mexican Immigrants: Who favors

Does the republican party favor the immigrants more than do the democrats?
I am of course speaking of illegals only. I assume no one is against legal Mexicans.
When trying to decide which party has done the most to either arrest the immigrants and return them to Mexico, or who has ignored the problem the most in order to utilize the Mexican labor, I find it puzzling as to the actual facts.
The position of our two senators in Georgia is that we need to get the crops in and then send them home---however, local law enforcement officers should not do the investigating or arresting of them.
On the other hand if state or federal law officers come into, say Fayette County every week and hunt down and arrest all those working without the proper papers, are they to also arrest the business officers utilizing the laborers? How about the sub-contractors?
Papers, please!!!!
Is it not standard procedure that when someone is hired, anywhere, that they are required to fill out an application to work furnishing their SS number, address, etc., in order to be hired? I always have done that and I don't even look Mexican.
Sub-contractoers should have to furnish a list of their laborers and their SS numbers, etc., to the contractors or factories, or restaurants, etc. If they don't and it is determined that they gave false information, the contractor, etc., should have to report the incident to the authorities.
The very fact that a local officer can't arrest an illegal by comparing his i.d. to a federal list is stupid. They are illegals.
Neither party it seems is interested in really doing the job. Just ask for all of the excuses!

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Submitted by d.smith700 on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 3:42pm.

Not all illegals are Mexicans. We don't really know, except that they are in the majority.
It would be interesting to know how many such people are here who are now legal due to birth in the USA.
Many of our middle aged Mexicans, a great many who have done well, were born of illegal parents--whose parents may have also been illegal.
Of course another stupid argument--as bad as building a fence-- is to also not let kids born here be citizens!
How does Europe handle this? Can a German just walk into Italy and stay? I know nearly anyone can go to France and just wander around--providing you don't be honest and ask.
Russia seems successful in keeping out illegals. How do they do it? Or is it that no one doesn't want to go there?
The Asian countries all look alike and a citizen of Alabama would stand out there I'm afraid!
We have created a new society here, abandoning the industrial revolution for an informational one, and we simply don't want to do labor anymore.
It seems to me that if they want to do the labor that we treat them right and let them do it!

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