The people have spoken

Comments no longer apply. The votes are in. Eric Dial is our choice. We have been educated and informed to the best of each candidates', as well as our own, abilities and we have cast our votes accordingly. Careless, flying words have not affected our decision making abilities. Kudos to the citizens of Tyrone for seeing beyond the slander. Eric Dial will benefit the entire town - even those who fought so hard to destroy him without ever even meeting him. Eric Dial is a man worth knowing.

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Submitted by suggarfoot on Thu, 11/08/2007 - 5:35am.

This is Eric Dial chairman of The Georgia Safety and Prosperity Coalition
I won't bore you with the whole AJC article, but these are quotes. Eric Dial and The Georgia Safety and Prosperity got beat bad but read what they were attempting todo. Counting later contributions, the raise almost 2 million dollars just for this race/ to take out a pro little person judge

Liberal Lucidity
Liberal and owning it


"Hunstein's opposition is coming from a well-financed coalition of business and professional groups who are, simply put, out to buy a seat on the state's highest court. The coalition, which boasts a heavily Republican presence, is backing Wiggins by attacking Hunstein, although Wiggins is trying to keep an arm's length distance between himself and those raising huge sums of money to defeat the incumbent.

The group goes by the lofty name of the Georgia Safety and Prosperity Coalition. As an independent political group — not tied to a particular party or candidate — there is no limit on how much individuals or businesses can contribute to it or how much it can spend. Early on in the campaign the group got $100,000 from the political action committee of the Medical Association of Georgia, $50,000 each from DaimlerChrysler and the Georgia Hospital Association, $25,000 each from the American Insurance Association and the Coca-Cola Bottlers Association. The group has already booked $200,000 worth of commercials and is likely to spend much more. Hunstein expects she'll have to raise and spend $1 million in her own campaign to defend her record.

They like Wiggins because they believe he will uphold their interests on a range of issues from limiting what juries can award in liability cases to slamming the door shut on the public's access to government decisions on tax breaks and other inducements to promote economic development. In effect, they want him to be just the kind of "activist" judge they claim to abhor, as long as he is active for their causes.

Similar, well-financed campaigns are being mounted around the country by business and special-interest groups in hopes of influencing who is elected to state appeals courts.

In what has to be the most embarrassing memo in the campaign, Liz Young, treasurer of the Safety and Prosperity Coalition, advised Wiggins in an e-mail how to answer why he was running against Hunstein, suggesting the "answer cannot be that she is a one-legged, Jewish female from DeKalb County." Besides the ugliness of that sentiment, the advice is factually incorrect — Hunstein is Christian.

The coalition's portrayal of Hunstein as soft on crime plays equally loose with facts. At least two independent studies of court rulings while Hunstein has been on the bench showed that she has consistently sided with government prosecutors more often than the court as a whole. So if it isn't about being soft on crime, why challenge her? Wiggins, in a fund-raising letter early in the campaign, got closer to what's really at stake.

He noted that conservatives — although what he probably meant was Republicans — have succeeded in Georgia at taking control of the legislative and executive branches, leaving only the state's judiciary as "the last frontier."

Sorry, but as the AJC went on to point out, Georgians have already decided that their state judiciary isn't going to be partisan. That means that Mr. Wiggins and his partisan ilk aren't welcome on the bench of the Georgia Supreme Court."

Submitted by VanGogh on Thu, 11/08/2007 - 12:29am.

How many of you who voted for Dial also voted for Smola for mayor? Please don't be scared to answer....

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Submitted by dudleydoRIGHT on Thu, 11/08/2007 - 5:59am.

Van Gough and Suggar, just Go FAR away. You just do nto get the fact that this is over and the vote is in. Why do you feel the need to continue your smaear capaign. Are you pouting because he gained more votes? Do you realize that all of your comments make you look crazy? VanGough no one is going to answer your voting question because your group of people have proven to not know how to behave yourselves and extremely mean spirited. Why should anyone waste their time.

Submitted by VanGogh on Thu, 11/08/2007 - 12:42pm.

people in tyrone still need to know erid dial secretly met w/ smola to plan opposite campaign strategies so that dial did not seem like he was on smola's side cause nobody likes smola!!

Call me what u will - i dont care - but i will continue to post this until dial owns up!!

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