Tyrone Elections - Let the Voters Decide!

There continues to be a firestorm of comments in these blog pages on various aspects of the upcoming Tyrone elections. It is evident that there are extreme passions on each side of the issues and candidates, but that passion is now to the point that it might push people away from working together to solve the problems in our town.

I particularly take offense to some comments that insinuate that a vote for certain candidates might be wasted and result in a costly special election later. That is pandering of the worst kind and should not be an issue in our local election. Also potential negative stories on the local news orchestrated by people for short term political gain can have a long term negative affect on the future of this town.

The bottom line is soon the local voters will go to the polls and resolve this for good. So enough of the arguments about getting candidates disqualified and such; go to the polls and vote for the persons you think will serve the best interests of our town!!!

After that, regardless of who wins, we must all pull together to solve our problems and keep Tyrone a great place to live and work. Maybe the ability of a candidate to do just that should be the key criteria in your decision at the ballot box.

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