boxwing: Fayetteville Municipal Court Fails to Impress

I had an experience today that shook my confidence in our justice system. I have been in several courtrooms in the past and while I did not always agree with the decisions of the Judges, I found them as a group to be fair-minded and very professional. Today in the Fayetteville Municipal Court I experienced the opposite.

boxwing: Glad Tyrone Elections Over Tomorrow...

... so the blogs can revert back to being about how bad it is in PTC!

boxwing: Tyrone Elections - Let the Voters Decide!

There continues to be a firestorm of comments in these blog pages on various aspects of the upcoming Tyrone elections. It is evident that there are extreme passions on each side of the issues and candidates, but that passion is now to the point that it might push people away from working together to solve the problems in our town.

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