Week 3 — Elections Forum for Fayetteville Council Post 2

Tue, 10/30/2007 - 5:20pm
By: The Citizen

Al Hovey-King

Greetings! This week I wish to offer information and facts concerning economic development and respond to some of my opponent’s statements.

With regard to Mainstreet and economic development, I support positive initiatives similar to those that over the past five years have brought $12,500,000 in public and private investment to the Mainstreet District and provided over 370 jobs and 112 new businesses.

As chairman of our Downtown Development Authority, I have secured over $500,000 in low-interest loans for recent projects. I will continue to use all resources that are available to attract businesses that provide a value-added benefit to our citizens.

However, it is difficult to attract new business if you don’t have control of the property and the owner is either not interested or not motivated in placing a business in the vacant space. A property owner cannot be forced to lease his property if he chooses not to.

As stated in his initial press release, my opponent has indicated he has the experience to fill the existing vacancies. If this is so and he has been a Fayette County resident and businessman for 40 years, why hasn’t he brought his expertise forward earlier?

In his required financial disclosure, my opponent indicates that he has “Direct Ownership” in real estate valued in excess of $4 million. This real estate is located in Fayetteville, unincorporated Fayette County as well as Douglas and Henry counties.

I find it interesting that the strip commercial center he owns in Stockbridge, while fully leased, houses a used tire dealer, auto body shop and mechanical repair facility.

Oh, by the way, half of the building is bright yellow. Is this what Fayetteville needs on its main highways? If he can “fill existing vacancies,” then why has he been unable to keep a tenant in his property on Highway 85 North?

I have the experience through a proven record of serving the city, I have the knowledge, I have the insight, I have the commitment, and I have the interests of the citizens of Fayetteville as my primary focus.

I have been a resident of Fayetteville for over 27 years and I only want the best for the citizens.

If you have questions or concerns and would like to discuss them with me, call me at 770-461-4320 or email me at ahkfayetteville@bellsouth.net. I need your HELP and your VOTE on Nov. 6.


Mickey Edwards

No essay submitted by Edwards by deadline.


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Tiger Dad's picture
Submitted by Tiger Dad on Mon, 11/05/2007 - 8:53pm.

This is typical of someone trying to gain last minute support in a losing campaign. Attacking his opponent. Just like he'll do to the citizens of Fayetteville if he's elected to Fayetteville's city council. Mr. Edwards hasn't said one nasty comment about Hovey-King. He's just not that type of person.

Hovey-King needs to go, and take all the other council members with him (with the exception of Mr. Paul Oddo). They can all jump in the back of Ken Steele's truck and with City Manager Joe Morton as co-pilot, they can all leave town for good.

Tug13's picture
Submitted by Tug13 on Wed, 10/31/2007 - 2:12pm.

Are you trying to tell us that YOU listen to the people? LOL

I have a best friend who asked for your help when you were on the council. You looked down your nose at her and acted like she was wasting your time. She forgave you but she hasn't forgotten.

Instead of attacking Mickey Edwards, tell us what have YOU done for the PEOPLE?

You were voted out one time, hopefully the good people of Fayetteville will keep you out.

Mr. Edwards is for the people, for the police officers being paid more, and for hiring more officers.

Vote for Mickey Edwards Fayetteville City Council Post 2 on Nov. 6.

Submitted by lawaboveall on Wed, 10/31/2007 - 9:51am.

Hey all great job of attacking your opponent over nothing. As a former resident of Fayetteville I have to weigh in here.

Bringing up Edwards Stockbridge location when you know that what he did there would not work in Fayette County is great subtrefuge. Alluding to his tenant issues on 85 North are relevant only if he had something to do with the success or failure of a business.

Don't tell us what he did not do. Tell us what you HAVE DONE to alleviate the empty space problems. Quick answer....NOTHING.
What you have done is helped your buddies develop selected parcels in a continuation of the GOOD Ole Boy network that has characterized Fayetteville politics for decades and through debt service, increase the tax burden on the citizens..GOOD JOB.

The bottom line here is that you have done a great job of bringing DEVELOPMENT money into the Downtown Authority. What you blithly ignore is the tax burden that goes along with your "improvements".

The $12MM dollars you refer to are part of the City of Fayetteville Debt which all the citizens have to pay. My question to you is ...what did we get for it? Brick sidewalks? Empty store fronts?
Money for your buddies to develop their personal projects and line their pockets at the tax payers expense?

Where are the 300 plus jobs? Are you referring to transient construction jobs? Is that 300 new jobs offset by 300 jobs lost through business closures?

You see we did not need your insight and experience two years ago and we certainly do not need it now. I do not know what we will get with Edwards, but I know what the city of Fayetteville will get with you, and it is something we do not NEED.

By the way, what did you get for the sale of the Hollingsworth House?

Tug13's picture
Submitted by Tug13 on Wed, 10/31/2007 - 7:17pm.

I thought I would check and see if Mr. Hovey-King answered any of the questions.

I don't see any answers, typical.

I'll check again tomorrow. Smiling

Vote for Mickey Edwards Fayetteville City Council Post 2

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