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Thu, 10/25/2007 - 11:53am
By: Mike Smola

In the October 24th Citizen News Mayor Lee had a letter to the editor asking the voters of Tyrone to challenge their candidates to provide details on what they would do if elected. Without that information the voters can not make an informed decision on November 6th nor hold their elected official accountable. I am willing to provide the voters with my commitments and my plans for implementing their vision of Tyrone.

1. The Comprehensive Plan – This plan was developed by the citizens of Tyrone and I will implement their vision. That vision includes a Town of approximately 9,000 citizens at build out in a Town of approximately 8,000 acres. Using the U.S. Census data with 3.02 citizens per house the overall density is about one house for every 2.7 acres, a very manageable low density Town. This vision can only be implemented by working with our neighboring municipalities to insure that their development plans do not negatively impact our quality of life. We must insure that we do not become the dumping grounds for traffic generated by poorly planned development adjacent to our Town. I have been an active member in the Association of Fayette County Governments and will continue to bring Tyrone’s goals and concerns to this body. In addition, I will work with the Georgia Department of Transportation and our elected state officials to insure that the vision of the citizens of Tyrone is preserved in their planning for the region.
2. The Downtown Area – The Comprehensive Plan provides us with the goals as well as a list of issues and challenges that we must meet to provide the citizens with their vision of the downtown area. This includes providing a place for the senior population that do not want to live on or physically can not take care of an acre or more of property. Am I proposing high density, NO, but I am in favor of implementing the comprehensive plan’s vision of the downtown area that includes smaller lots. In the downtown area I can support an overall density based on two houses per acre (1/2 acre lots) which is less dense that Tyrone was in 1964 with 1/8 acre lots (5,000 square feet) and is more consistent with the majority of the lots developed in the downtown area since 1964. However, for this to occur, we must have limited public sewer in the downtown area. Without sewer service the downtown area will never achieve its potential and I believe that by working with Peachtree City or Fulton County we can obtain limited sewer service for the downtown area which will be paid for by the users of the system, not the taxpayers. In Tyrone families are important and I believe that we can and should be proud of what we are and use our small town charm to become the place for families. We have two wonderful parks in the downtown area that are underutilized. I propose that the Town in a joint effort with the local businesses develop and implement a downtown activity plan to attract families to the downtown area using the Town’s parks as the focal point. This would include: free movies in Shamrock Park, free concerts in Triangle Park, a farmers market on weekends, car/golf cart shows, just to name a few. Downtown Tyrone could become the destination point for family weekend activities.

In addition to implementing the vision of the citizens, I have a few initiatives I would like to propose:

1. Senior Citizens Center – We need one. In 1997 the Town’s elected officials committed to building a new Public Safety and Administration building and have been collecting money for this building. The existing Town Hall could easily be turned into a senior citizens center. I commit to pursuing a senior citizens center for our senior citizens.
2. Sewer Rates – I have analyzed our existing sewer rates, with the new treatment rates from Fairburn and the additional flow we have by connecting the Sandy Creek School Complex I believe we can reduce sewer rates 20-25%. I commit to having the rates adjusted so that our citizens are not paying rates higher than necessary.
3. New Post Office – Our existing post office is a wonderful place but I don’t think that most residents know the Postal Service only rents that building. At some point in the future they will be looking for a new facility. I will work with federal officials to insure that any new facility is located in the downtown area.
4. Revised master plan for Shamrock Park – Two years of waiting for a plan is too long. Let’s get a plan that reflects the wishes of all the citizens and then implement it.

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Submitted by BACKINBLACK on Thu, 10/25/2007 - 3:02pm.

Where do you stand when faced with a bogus survey that you say resulted in the citizens developing the comprehensive plan/vision? The survey clearly states that it is not to be relied on, therefore not scientifically sound. How can you justify that?

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