Lets eliminate property tax so the state can manage our local money

Sort of takes your breath away. Let the state manage our schools, our cities, our spending, our local taxes.... and lets sell that as a knight in white armor saving us from our failing local property tax system which we have no control over..

Someone said that the "voters will support" this political hogwash of Mr. Richardson's. Someone suggested that the voters would even have the slightest desire to have the state manage local tax revenue. Lets say that again, "who in their right mind wants the state to make the decisions about our schools, how our cities are run, about how we manage our police or our roads. The STATE? Are you out of your mind? Only a complete idiot would publically support such nonsense. And while we're at it, lets let the state run our health care system too - the whole enchilada. Who can possibly imagine that anyone would be better off having the state manage our schools, our health care, and our local municipalities. This isn't rocket science folks. He who controls the revenue runs the show. If you eliminate property tax and replace it with an augmented state sales tax, YOU lose ALL local control over YOUR taxes and the politicians in state government get to wallow in your money and make most of the decisions about how to spend it. You would be , as they say, toast. The closer the decisions are made to the street the better off we are. This is set in concrete, it is just common sense.

At election time, when they try to spin it as something about saving you from taxes or helping you eliminate or control your taxes or related hogwash, just ignore them and remember their name. Then make sure you vote the fools out of office.


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