Health mall concept to fight childhood obesity

Tue, 09/25/2007 - 3:08pm
By: The Citizen

The All About You Balanced Nutrition program located within the World Gym Fitness Centers in Fayette County is waging war on Childhood Obesity. Under the direction of Certified Nutritionist, Patricia Woody, our innovative World Gym “Health Mall” concept is introducing a Brand New Class entitled “Nutrition in Motion.”

According to USA Today, 34 percent of our youth is overweight. Compounding these results are the reductions we see in physical education and recess periods in our school systems. “Our kids are becoming ‘couch potatoes’ who are glued to their computers, hand-held games and TV screens.” As a Certified Nutritionist and Dance Instructor, Patricia Woody knows the importance of healthy eating habits and physical activity. The basis of her nutritional teachings stem from the 3-P’s: Proper Nutrition, Productive Exercise and Positive Motivation.

World Gym is proud to take a positive stand against obesity with the introduction of Nutrition in Motion which is scheduled to begin the week of September 24th. This class will be available to children ages 10-13. Meetings will be held once per week for eight weeks and lasting an hour and a half each.

“Our targets will be General Nutrition and Structured Movement thru dance” said Woody, who has also been a dance athlete for over 30 years. Emphasis will be directed toward such:

Nutritional Topics as: Eating for Ones’ Health, Fat Loss, Weight Management, Caloric Needs, Nutritional Facts, Dining Out and Best Fast Foods. The Dance segment of the class will be based on Basic, Freestyle and Classical Jazz with an introduction into Hip-Hop. This full-body dance workout will address Cardio, Strength, Abdominals, Proper Posture, Breathing and Rhythm without any participant having to have any previous experience. This class will provide an opportunity for our kids to have fun while experiencing improved health and fitness.

For further details and registration, contact Patricia Woody at any of the three locations: Peachtree City 770-631-8004, Fayetteville 770-716-5755, and Hwy. 54 770-487-4273.

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