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I was transferred to Atlanta a few years ago. I wanted a safe place to live with good schools, so I chose PTC. I believed the good things I read and was told. What a mistake. I'm sure PTC was great place in the past, but now it's just another drive-thru town that was sold out by its leaders. They destroyed the greenbelt on Hwy 74 to benefit another county and reap the rewards from the developers. In the short time I've been here, the number of armed robberies has been amazing. In PTC littering has gotten so bad on the cart paths that the city had to post an announcement on cable TV. And county-wide the SAT scores are falling. Of course we can't discuss the reasons for these occurances. To top it off, PTC is so weak and pathetic, they called the city Christmas tree the "grand tree".

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Submitted by OldskoolPTC on Sat, 09/15/2007 - 5:34pm. do you know which mexicans are illegal??? are you checking their id's?? or maybe all mexicans are considered illegal these days.......and for your information the mexicans are not the ones liteering on the catr's the tennage white kids {I'm on the cart paths everyday and the only ones I see litters are the rich white kids that are coming down the cart paths with 4-6 people on each golf cart}. So to clear the littering thing's the rich white teenagers, mainly coming home from mcintosh.

For the sat more races other than whites are moving into the now you blame that for lower sat scroes....lets really get into why the sat scores are lower....the students {ALL races} are out smoking if you want to blame anyone on the lower sat scores then blame the students that are smoking Marijuana.....but it does not matter because the overall sat scores does not affect the students which score high....because guess what, colleges do not look at the overall sat scores, they just look at the STUDENT that is applying to college.

Talk about Armed robberies....ahhh sorry but PTC is not on the news for crime....the crime rate in PTC is one of the lowest in the entire state of GA and always will be { Last time Peachtree city was on the news it was for some liscense plates on golf carts and then some dude robbing a hotel, all of which happened about 3 years ago}.....there is way too many cops in Peachtree city for anyone to even be able to get away....If you want to talk about crime rates then how about you drive down to West end or Oakland city...then you can talk about crime rates.......only real crime going on in peachtree city is underage drinking and Marijuana it's really a crime riden city lol lol

I have been in Peachtree city for 15 years and it is still the same great city it has always fact it looks like agreater city today than when it was mostly trees and woods....if you do not like Peachtree city then MOVE.

I love how people come to a city and only stay 2 years then act like they been here their entire life and know all about this city.

Property value in Peachtree city is on the explaine that one smart guy......also some of the richest GA citizens choose to buy property in Peachtree city over any other city....explaine that one smart guy.

Submitted by skyspy on Sat, 09/15/2007 - 10:29pm.

I agree with you about the teens trashing the paths. The McIntosh kids aren't the only ones the trails around Starrs Mill are just as bad. The kids are pigs just the way their parents raised them to be.

The SAT scores did go down. Our state is all ready one from the bottom, how much lower could we go? I think you are on to something with the low scores being related to drug use. They are doing more than pot on the paths. Not that I care. I certainly don't care enough to call the cops on them. If their parents don't care about them there is no reason why I should.

You missed a few crimes that made the news. There is nothing Chief Murray loves more than a TV camera.
You missed the last couple of sex offender arrests. You missed the piece about the wife who killed her husband. You missed the teen drug party/murder from last summer. You missed the armed robbery from a month ago, and the one from two weeks ago of the auto parts store. The cart path armed robbery didn't make TV, but the ajc picked it up. They also picked up the teen party last year when some of our most precious drugged up drunks gang raped a girl. Then some of the smarter ones(eyes rolling) got on this blog site and started bragging about it. (yeah, I bet the computer cop never saw it)(eyes rolling again). Then there was the armed robber from last summer, the Tues. Morning store and Cold Stone creamery got it. He was eventually killed by cops in Cobb County.(good stuff that) That made the news too. The drug bust on the cart paths by Kedron made the news. The drug busts by walley-mart at least one of them made the news. The break in last summer by teens of Wiltshire stores.

Some crimes didn't even make the ajc, just our local paper. The genius who threatened his mother with a gun and then went "missing" for the weekend in the city before being caught. The kids who threatened people on the cart path with a knife, also caught. The kids who beat up a 14yr old on the path because he refused to give them a ride. The rocket scientist who beat up his mom when she tried to take away his "home buisness" as an unlicensed pharmacist.(I bet he didn't have a buisness licese either, naughty, naughty)
We have at least one news reporter who lives in PTC, I think it makes it more convenient to report all of it.

Our crime is low compared to a large city. It is also increasing every year. Most people were willing to pay large prices for homes when there was less crime and more trees.

I look at the home sales every once in awhile, they seem to be at the same median price range every year for at least the last 5 yrs. Sadly we have many foreclosures here right now. As one other blogger said too many people trying to keep up with the "Jones". Too many interest only jumbo loans not enough real jobs. Check to see how long some homes have been on the market here, that will tell you if we are "on the rise" or not.

I have only been here 15yrs. also. I think our city looked better with more trees and no cluster homes, or big boxes. I think our city would look great with 2 or 3 acre lots minimum. That's just me.

Cheer up this whole sub-prime mortgage mess will clear up in about 3 yrs or so.

Submitted by susieq on Sat, 09/15/2007 - 6:21pm.

I agree with you about the white kids, but not necessarily rich ones. These kids' parents are one pay day from bankruptcy, living on credit cards, but they are still trying to impress themselves and their neighbors. The people with real money seem to control their kids.

Concerning robberies, there have been a few this year. Just because a robbery did not make the TV news does not mean it didn't happen. These were reported in The Citizen.

And newcomers -- they come here, complain about everything, get it changed, then complain because it's not the same as it was when they moved here.

Such is life.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 09/14/2007 - 10:37am.

I enjoy what the City offers. It's not perfect, but it's the best I've seen in this area to me. McIntosh is still one of the top High Schools in the State. As far as litter on the paths, yes it's there, I pick up more than my share, if others helped it wouldn't be a problem at all. But that said, what other City has over 100 miles of paths to keep clean? IF you see trash, pick it up. That's what I try to do.

As far as the "greenbelt" on Hwy 74, that was State owned land, being used to widen the State Highway 74. NO City greenbelt land was involved.

Submitted by PTCPAST on Fri, 09/14/2007 - 10:36am.

First, we need to remind all do-gooders that the term illegal applies to illegal immigrants because they are ILLEGAL. They broke the law to get into our country. The do-gooders and PC crowd are too weak to protect our language and culture, because doing so might offend lawbreakers. One of the specific problems we have with illegals in PTC is trash on the cart trails. I know all of you who are planning the next “Celebrate Mexico” day and love having Spanish as an option at the ATM won’t believe me, but through personal observations, I know that illegals are the cause of much of the litter problem in PTC. Of course, the police in PTC, like police in the rest of our country can’t do anything. Because if they stop them and find they are illegal, there is nothing they can do with them. This is because our federal government is weak and won’t enforce our laws or close our borders. So, PTC is stuck with this problem until Americans as a whole start caring as much about their language, culture, and fellow Americans as they do about millions of lawbreakers who won’t learn our language.

Submitted by JoAnn on Mon, 09/17/2007 - 9:26am.

I aggree also. What was the number of Illegal's in the US? 12 Million. And how many do you think live in PTC/Fayetteville? 1 or 2, NO I would guess 75 to 90 % are illegal.

And yes, we need to dry up these jobs. I am a little older and cannot mow my own lawn. I hire someone from my neigherhood or I have my kids do it (til they left for college). In my experience, they are cheaper (my kids were free) and more reilable. Even if they are teenagers. That's how I grew up. My father didn't outsource grass cutting. My mom didn't outsource maid service. That's what they had kids for. And if more parents would have the kids do some of the house work, they would not be "littering" on the golf cart paths. My kids know if you throw it down - you are picking it up and other trash I see.

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Submitted by the_assassin on Fri, 09/14/2007 - 10:06am.

Go ahead move somewhere else ya big baby! I'll throw in a can of Enfamil for ya!

You don't hear about armed robberies anywhere else because: 1. Metro Atl cops are so swamped with them.

And 2. they're so commonplace in other metro counties that newspapers and TV stations in other counties don't bother reporting them.

People like you would rather put on blinders, close your eyes and cover your ears. Have fun with that.

Go ahead, drink your own Kool-Aid, but unless you move to a deserted island (every one needs their own idiot) crime will always be a threat around you. 'Specially if you like to go shopping.

Submitted by PTCPAST on Fri, 09/14/2007 - 9:53am.

The unfinished golf cart bridge by Best Buys is the pefect symbol for the new PTC. Most suburban cities have a good run until the "leaders" start pushing for growth and then more growth. Why does everyone want so much growth in their towns? It destroys them. When towns get to the "growth point", that is when the leaders have abandoned the town and work for themselves. Do you ever wonder why many city leaders have some kind of connection to developers, realtors, or lawyers? They push growth to make their money and get out, caring little of the other citizens. In the past, don't you think the PTC government would have found ways to complete that golf cart bridge?

Submitted by skyspy on Fri, 09/14/2007 - 9:00am.

It is not the same city that most of us were willing to pay top dollar for when buying a home.

Thanks to developers like wieseland and mcBULLY this city is no longer unique or valuable.

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