Union City cop downed by burger

Tue, 09/11/2007 - 10:01am
By: Ben Nelms

It was not exactly a normal drive-thru, not for Union City Police Officer Wendell Adams who became ill in the early morning hours Aug. 7 after eating part of a hamburger from the McDonald’s restaurant on Ga. Highway 138.

The incident resulted in a charge of misdemeanor reckless conduct against 20 year-old employee Kendra Bull who said she accidentally over-salted the Big N’ Tasty burger.

Union City Police spokesman Sgt. George Louth said Adams took only a couple of bites of the burger and began vomitting. Adams summoned another officer and received assistance at the scene. Louth said Adams' blood pressure registered at 180/120. Adams has no history of high blood pressure, Louth said.

McDonald’s spokesperson Martha Hunt said Monday the company could only say at this point that the matter is under investigation internally and that McDonald’s is gathering facts to determine what happened.

Louth said that, essentially, the incident was either accidental or intentional. Current charges against Bull reflect the former assertion, Louth said, adding that other potential charges would be felonies if it is determined that the incident was not accidental.

Louth said the investigation into the curcumstances of the incident, including Bull’s behavior, the potential involvement of other Mcdonald’s staff and the testing of the salt-glazed burger, is ongoing.

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Submitted by taters on Mon, 09/17/2007 - 11:26am.

A lame charge by a cop who should have been patroling instead of taking freebie handouts.

Submitted by PTCitizen on Tue, 09/11/2007 - 9:53pm.

The statement that the burger was "over salted" was the excuse given by the employee - not necessarily what really happened. It could have been drain cleaner for all we know at this point. I say this because some people on this thread are insulting the officer and making remarks about "being a weenie" and such. That seems a bit premature at best, but even if it was just salt that's still completely unacceptable. Especially given that it was likely done intentionally because some burger flipping moron has a problem with cops.

Emmyjune's picture
Submitted by Emmyjune on Tue, 09/11/2007 - 2:40pm.

I could understand complaining to the restaurant... and probably corporate. But ARRESTING her?!? Are you kidding me? How absurd...

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Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Tue, 09/11/2007 - 3:20pm.

I'm waiting to hear what really happened to this officer. If it is indeed "only salt" then why not fine her for some sort of misdemeanor? If the test turns out to be more than just salt and it really did make him very ill then that's a whole other story. Puzzled

Question? How much do you "really" trust the people preparing your food at these places? One must really bite his tongue if one feels the need to complain. At least until after you get your food. Shocked

If it is only a matter of a salty burger then perhaps, shhhhh, just wrap her on the head a couple of times with the ole night stick and use the term; "Paybacks Are Hello". Evil

I would certainly be ticked too. Talk about violating a trust and all forms of decency.


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


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Submitted by christi on Tue, 09/11/2007 - 5:19pm.

An old boyfriend from high school used to work at Dairy Queen. A guy he didn't like came in and ordered a large shake. Well, he got one with a handful of vaseline mixed into it. He slurped it up and didn't even know it. Bleck. Yep, that 'boyfriend' was an idiot. But I still think about it whenever I want a milkshake. *shiver*

Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 09/11/2007 - 4:26pm.

You are right Git, don't complain and if you do complain don't send your food back to be fixed. It will be "fixed", and you won't like it.

I have heard through the urban rumor mill that cops in PTC are not safe eating here. I heard that one of our officers came to PTC with their family on a day off. Wouldn't you know apparently this poor cop had previously arrested one of the cooks. Apparently the food smelled like whatever poison was poured on it. I don't know if the food was actually tasted or tested.

If this story is true it's sad.

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Submitted by Emmyjune on Tue, 09/11/2007 - 3:34pm.

If it was something other than salt that sickened him, then yes, I believe further investigation is warranted. If, as she says, it was merely an accident of over-salting and she served it anyways, fire her for making someone sick. I just think that a little too much salt does not warrant an arrest. (pun intended)

I have enough trust in the people preparing my food at restaurants that I still eat out. And actually, I used to work as a server and bartender at more than one restaurant around here. Every establishment I have ever worked in was very upstanding. No one, to my knowledge, ever contaminated anyone's food. Everything was kept very clean, and special attention was taken to make a customer's complaint right: not to punish the customer with a loogie (sp?). Smiling I always wanted a customer to speak up if they weren't happy!

I like the rap on the head idea, though... Good thinkin', Git! Eye-wink It just seems to me to be an accident on her part initially, then stupidity for actually serving the food. There's probably a lot we don't know, though..Especially since they dragged her off to the pokey for the night.

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Submitted by NinaLynn on Fri, 09/14/2007 - 6:42am.

Hey there "Not Again", do us a favor, go to the scene of the burger crime and let us know how your burger tastes. I wish this officer went to Chic-fil-a instead. The employees are much nicer and the food much better quality.
I'm pretty sure there is more to the story then when we are reading/hearing. She may have made a big stink, attitude as you know,is everything.

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