PTC’s big new industry identified

Thu, 09/06/2007 - 5:26pm
By: Cal Beverly

A news report Thursday named the mainland China company expected to locate within the Peachtree City industrial park as Sany Heavy Industry Co.

The gear component assembly plant — expected to be located south of TDK Boulevard — will employ upwards of 600 workers and represent an investment of $50 million, according to a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Citizen reported last week on a “major Chinese company” coming to Fayette County, based on an invitation extended to The Citizen by the Fayette County Development Authority and two other regional development organizations.

Gov. Sonny Perdue will make the official announcement Sept. 12 in Atlanta.

The company is part of an industrial conglomerate based in Hunan Province in the south-central part of China. The province is most famous as the home of Chairman Mao Zedong, head of the Chinese Communist Party during the middle and latter parts of the 20th century.

The company describes itself as “one of the mainland’s largest manufacturers of large-volume pumps, with achievements that include being the first mainland China manufacturer to produce truck-mounted concrete pumps. We also manufacture concrete placing booms, concrete mixers, excavators, motor graders and vibratory rollers. We currently serve clients in more than 100 countries worldwide, and are publicly traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (A-Listed).”

According to the company’s self-description on, “We have the largest share of the domestic [mainland China] market for trailer-mounted concrete pumps, truck-mounted concrete pumps, and 18-T full hydraulic vibratory rollers. This makes us one of the three most influential construction engineering equipment manufacturers in mainland China. In the last three years, we were successfully maintaining an annual growth rate of over 40 percent.

“Our trailer-mounted concrete pumps have broken the world record several times for pumping height. In 2002, our trailer-mounted concrete pumps pumped C60 concrete to a height of 406 meters in the construction of the Hong Kong International Financial Center. In 2004, our pumps played an important role in the construction of the Dubai Tower, the world’s tallest skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates.

“We were also the world’s first maker to develop fully hydraulic motor graders, and the only mainland China company to produce asphalt transfer trucks."

The Peachtree City location is expected to be an assembly plant, taking smaller components wholly manufactured in China and putting them together for sale and distribution in the U.S.

The plant itself is expected to be a new facility, which will add to the city and county’s ad valorem tax base.

The assembly facility may take advantage of certain tax breaks on assembled items under a freeport exemption on items in transit, similar to a duty-free zone. Construction is expected to take at least 18 months.

The company’s own website posts this snapshot and forecast: “As an internationalized company, Sany set up 12 overseas subsidiaries for the purpose of localized business operations, with the sales nets distributing to more than 130 counties and regions; Sany will have offices in more than 100 countries and build factories in India, America, Brazil and other countries, and the logistics and storage centers all over the world up to the end of the year 2007.

“At present, Sany international has more than 1,000 staff around the world, including the sales and services people. During the year 2006, which was the rapid development period of Sany, Sany’s total export amount exceed 60 million USD, and the expectation of total exports is 200 million USD in the following year. Sany is growing to be one of top brands in engineering machinery industries, and turning itself into the Top 500 global corporations.”

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JGF9148's picture
Submitted by JGF9148 on Mon, 09/10/2007 - 11:26am.

Interesting choice, to drop a heavy industry like this into the middle of Peachtree City. I'm sure as a result, the residents will enjoy a huge cut in their tax burden. But I do hope they leave the lead paints home.

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