Tyrone Downtown Redevelopment

In response to the article posted regarding Tyrone's downtown redevelopment plans: There have been a number of lawsuits filed against the city of Tyrone since 1999......more lawsuits in the last 8 years than in the entire history of the city of Tyrone. The reason for this is Barry Amos. Amos is continually violating private property owners and business owners in downtown Tyrone. He tried to control the growth on HWY 74 but he got his hand slapped by 'big business', [Barry - you are a little fish swimming in the big pond and there are some big fish on their way to eat you up] Anyway - then Barry Amos centered his sights on downtown thinking he could take advantage of the downtown business owners better than the big businesses on HWY 74. Amos, you are going down and by that I mean you are going to lose your job.....just like you did in Peachtree City and Senoia - we are going to run you out of town. The taxpayers are tired of paying the expensive legal fees to defend the Town because of your misfeasance & by the way, paying the premiums on insurance for legal fees is very expensive - like professional malpractice insurance that doctors have to pay. The reason Barry Amos wants to get rid of the downtown businesses is so he can get his hands on federal grant money to "redevelop" downtown. He then contracts out the redevelopment to the "lowest bidder" and probably pockets the rest of the money, he certainly does not use it for the best interest of Tyrone. I think that is a crime!! The GA Constitution was amended in a recent election to state that government may not take private property for private use: that is what Barry is doing. He is running all the downtown businesses out of business so he can let private redevelopers come into our town and redevelop it. ATTENTION TYRONE TAXPAYERS - you are paying taxes that enable Barry Amos to continue violating your neighbors' rights and the town's business' rights.....you might be next!!

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Submitted by newmayor on Thu, 07/26/2007 - 3:20pm.

I say we take all those evil people to the downtown development that Barry is pushing so hard for and let all the citizens decide what they want to do with them and make it an event at the Founders Day festival. If we charge money for it, the Town could possibly recoop all the money we lost over the years for those two worthless Town employees.

Submitted by cecedupree on Thu, 07/26/2007 - 2:19pm.

TobyBob, Oh how I wish you were right about Barry. I think him losing his job isn’t enough. I think that he needs to be indicted for malfeasance of office and that Valerie Fowler should be right next to him, just where she likes to be. Those two are evil people. I don’t hold out much hope though. It seems that those elected into office somehow lose their minds. I hope that whoever runs for election will be able to handle all that will be coming their way. There are so many lawsuits now, even from employees. That alone is a lot to handle, but what Barry has systematically done to so many areas of the town is a lot to unravel. I think anyone taking on those roles will have to be done with someone that can do the job full-time. I have spoken to so many citizens in the Town and they all feel that yes, what you said, money is being pocketed. I think that Barry is not alone in that regard. It is much too sad to see those buildings on Tyrone-Palmetto Road being demolished. One has to wonder what Mayor Lee’s property values will be after all this is over. She has really set herself up nice and pretty. I don’t understand how the developer was able to tear down those buildings with the EPA on their tales. I guess once again, someone must have lined their pockets. TobyBob, I hope you are the one that will be leading the new Mayor and Council into their seats come January. Tyrone definitely needs a lot of help and prayers. The first prayers are that Mayor Lee, Smola, Letourneau, Amos and Fowler are removed from OUR Town.

Submitted by boxwing on Fri, 07/27/2007 - 9:59am.

The removal of the old commercial buildings along Tyrone-Palmetto Road was done by the developer who purchased the property. Since the zoneing was already commercial, the new owner has the right to redevelop the land under that zoning.

I've lived in the Tyrone area for 40 of my 50 years and consider it my home. Gone is the small town which when I was a teenager had "Population: 374" on the town limits sign. We need to recognize that development will come since property owners have the right to sell their property and the new owners have the right to develop that property; as is happending along Tyrone-Palmetto Road. The only way to stop development is for "someone" to buy up the availible land in the town and set it aside (while paying property taxes on it), but I haven't heard of anyone willing to do that!

I do see the need to have a well thought out plan for development of a downtown that will provide a family oriented mix of business, recreation, and arts that will be unique in Fayette County. The new Tyrone Business Association is forming to work hard to make this a reality in cooperation with the town and community groups. So let's get involved and help mold the future of our town!

Submitted by theloneranger on Fri, 07/27/2007 - 2:18pm.

Boxwing, do you think its appropriate or moral for Tyrone's government to rezone property of a 90 year old elderly woman, who suffers from Alzheimers memory loss, out of her property rights? That's exactly what Ordinance #454 did. Should not our council be more considerate of people's lives and income? Or does the means justify the ends; no matter who is harmed. Do you think Barry Amos and Valerie Fowler would be upset if the council took away their income by firing them? Barry & Valerie have supported and recommended the deletion of property uses and love to deny business licenses.

Submitted by tobybob on Fri, 07/27/2007 - 12:36pm.

Boxwing- Either you don't get it or you are in on it! Did you know that Burt Clark was selling investments on that property more than 6 months before he bought it? Can you tell me why Burt Clark has divested all his interest in that property on Palmetto Rd? Did you know that it was/is a conspiracy to redevelop downtown and get federal money to pay for the redevelopment? There are businesses operating on Palmetto Road and Senoia Road who pay their taxes but are having their business and property uses taken away so that they cannot lease their property, causing them to lose their investments, & causing their property to devalue!! The Town of Tyrone has done this so they can get their private redevelopers to swoop in and buy the property at less than market value. This is against the law!! If you truly don't understand what is going on then ask me. Otherwise, I know you are an Amos lackey.....a loser, a follower, and possibly a criminal. So which one are you?? And by the way - it is zoning not zoneing!!

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