Punishing the Innocent

First, we have a young man nearly beaten to death outside of Six Flags. Who do the black "leaders" target? Why Six Flags of course, even though the beating took place off of their property. Yes, let's not go after the parent who raised these miscreants, let's punish the innocent corporation that had nothing to do with the beating.

Next, we have the Genarlow Wilson case.
Genarlow's advocates consider the tape of Genarlow allegedly having "consensual relations" with the under-age 15 year are pushing for criminal charges against the DA for releasing it. They think that it is considered "child porn". So let me get this straight. The Genarlow tape is so offensive that the DA should be prosecuted, but not so offensive enough to set Genarlow free?

WTF??? What a bunch of friggen racist hypocrites!!!!

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Submitted by muddle on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 6:01pm.

I cannot help but think that this fellow just got far too harsh of a penalty. Look, he was 17 at the time, and the girl involved was only two years his younger. The prior law, as written, was, in my opinion, unreasonable. Do we want to encourage such activity in our youth? Of course not. But discouraging it does not call for a felony conviction.

Many who push for his release urge that he was an "honor student," etc. I am unimpressed. I am quite prepared to think of him as a mere street thug, and this thinking includes strong censure of his behavior on the evening in question.

But thinking the act immoral--even reprehensible--is not sufficient for thinking it punishable by years in prison.

A present-day "Genarlow", under the revised law, is no different from the original, but he will get off lightly. I see no relevant moral difference between the two.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 6:21pm.

We hang who we fear!@
When a Kennedy raped a girl in Florida, he was a doctor so no one feared him raping them. They let him go.
Now general wuz no doctor nor a kennedy.
Kennedy is still doctoring, geberal will never excpe the felony conviction. Can't even make burgers.
We afraid of him!

Submitted by bladderq on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 6:17pm.

Hey, Sonny can pardon / commute both of us under the "Scooter" Rule... the sentence is just too harsh.

Submitted by bladderq on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 6:11pm.

I was on a grand jury one time & we had a case that was one of 2 that we "No-Billed" out of say 200, that could be somewhat similar. My comment then and my comment now is, "Who hasn't been in that back seat?" I guess I just need to go an turn myself in.... I was 17/ 10 mos & she was sure enough 15. I need to register. I could plead she was more experienced than me.

Gump's picture
Submitted by Gump on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 1:20pm.

I worked at Six Flags back in the 70s, as a summer job when I was in college. It was a pleasure to work there and great for my social life. Back then, they had some standards, so all the employees were reasonably clean-cut and well-behaved. I had to get a haircut to work there, and it probably helped me stay away from the wrong crowd. What a shame that they have not maintained those same standards!

Of course the individuals responsible for the beating must pay the consequences as the thugs they are, but also Six Flags must take responsibility for cleaning up their act, especially since three of the suspects were Six Flags employees. Given the high ticket prices, Six Flags could well afford to beef up their security forces to include the area just outside the gates. I don't know about now, but back in the 70s, the Six Flags security personnel were mostly fully-trained police officers. I'm sure they can hire some more, now.

Until they clean up their act, I certainly wouldn't send my teens there unescorted. That would eliminate about 2/3 of their business, as I recall. The other 1/3 was parents with small kids, and I'm sure they don't want to get mugged either, so Six Flags had better get this problem fixed ASAP.
The real truth is simple--it's lies that are complicated.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 3:43pm.

I member loaf uf bread war 17 cents. galon uf gas war 19.9 cents (yep, they had .9 then too), a new full sized 4000 pound car war 3100 dollars!
we nevar had no fully trained ossifers, They jist hit ya about thu head und sholders when necesary.
in my day, teens would go anywhere ifffn they war escorted!
Now, as tuh clean cut...not shore whut that thar is? We bathed oncest per week iffn we could in a tub or creek.
Harecuts were wif a bowl upside down on top and shere around it.
We kilt our own hogs tuh eat and can..raised our collards and made chow-chow fer winter eatin wif pintos.
Johnny wuz about a lot away.
Phones were at the store...party line yuh no?
No TV, radioes war staticitty purty bad, especially in bad wether.
Howsumever, we did go to the moon, whopup on Hitler and Tojo, and farmed out all thu hard wurk to Chiner.

Gump's picture
Submitted by Gump on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 4:07pm.

Gas was about 35-40 cents back then. You are laying on the accent and the BS a bit heavy, don't you think?
The real truth is simple--it's lies that are complicated.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 6:03pm.

Whats this here bs you said? I might have been wrong about thu gas but the bs warnt hevy!

Submitted by wildcat on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 3:24pm.

I went to Six Flags the summer of 1975. My mom, sisters and I drove down to visit relatives (I was living in NJ at the time). It was Underground that was a little scary. I remember it was kind of dark and dreary and I saw a man lying in the gutter. Another man asked me for a light. Anyway, what was that boat ride called that had all the broken pillars sticking out of the banks of the creek? The "tour guide" made some joke using the word 'pillars' for 'pillows.' I didn't get it because I didn't understand the accent; it had to be explained to me.

Gump's picture
Submitted by Gump on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 4:04pm.

That boat ride was supposed to be kind of like a "Pirates of the Caribbean" back then. Six Flags was originally divided up into six sections, one for each flag that flew over GA in its history. Same for the Six Flags over Texas, their first theme park. Each section had different uniforms, to represent that period in GA history. In the summer of 75, I was working at the Hanson Cars, the old Model-T's that went around a little track through the woods.

You mentioned Underground Atlanta--that's another Atlanta attraction that has gone through ups and downs. Sometimes, it was rough, like what you experienced; other times it was cleaned up and safe.
The real truth is simple--it's lies that are complicated.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 3:34pm.

Hit air tha sam nowadays!
Also, the explanation would still probably be necessary!

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 12:42pm.

only other help they can git is Mexican. Everybody raising cane bout thet, though.
You want it shet down?

Submitted by skyspy on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 9:04am.

This is how the new wave parents work. They completely abdicate their authority as parents, then blame everyone else when their satanic kid ends up in jail. This is the first generation that hasn't been spanked, and it shows.

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Submitted by Mixer on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 3:57pm.

TonyF's picture
Submitted by TonyF on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 6:03am.

more. This reminds me of a fellow whith whom I worked some time ago. He was a very insecure fellow, with not much self-esteem and the only way he could counter this was to attempt to make all around him look bad. He assumed" the worse I make you seem, the better I look" This situation is very similar; if we(fill in your favourite demographic) can deflect the onus to another group (fill in here as well) we don't look so bad and people might forget who the real culprits are. Kinda sad that, nowadays, no one takes responsibility for their own actions. IT'S NOT MY FAULT!

"The memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime.You shuffle in the gloom of the sick room,and talk to yourself as you die."
(R. Waters)

Submitted by wildcat on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 6:16am.

I haven't been watching tv lately, and so I don't really know what's going on, but my daughter told me that Six Flags is being blamed for this beating. Why? How is it the fault of an amusement park?

I used to buy season passes and take my older children (now in their mid 20s) to the park, but my younger children (now 10 and 13) haven't been in more than six years because the last time I went I was not pleased with the clientele. The kids wandering the park were mannerless. I will assume that nothing has changed.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 07/13/2007 - 9:21am.

The word is they had a couple of altercations inside the park itself before they left. Six Flags is apparently not being very choosy about who they choose to hire.

Me, I haven't been in years. I save up and hit the Orlando parks.

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