Lack of ideas

Often when politics or religion are discussed on here, some get all worked up to easily. I'm going to try and not use cliches in describing this blowing of a gasket by some, but it does make me want to chew nails and spit out tacks sometimes, especially when I am climbing the walls.
My knickers get into a knot when all someone has to say are cliches, they make me want to fight like cats and dogs. I am fit to be tied.
You would flip your lid too, and make the fur fly and go postal if you got worked up.
Getting under my skin and making my nose go out of joint, makes me want to have my guns blazing.
I don't want to push your button but it makes my blood boil when you rattle my cage.
I would read you the riot act when you rub me wrong, but I think for now a good tongue lashing is appropriate.
Before I get worked into alather, I will quit. I hope some have learned how to converse without cliches by this write up and epistle.

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