Which Cell Phone Service is Best for Fayette?

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Curious as to you cell phone users.

I had Cingular about five years ago, but their phones were poorly designed. I needed a Palm phone to store my calendar and clients on and could sinc with my computer's software.

So I went with Sprint. Seemed to work fine for the most part, until about 18 months ago and then the number of dropped calls increased dramatically.

Between Fayetteville and Peachtree City I hit three dead zones, some while driving by the Hosiptal where a tower peers down upon me while I curse Sprint.(Sprint is offering free Roaming to me, with another 2 year contract. . . yeah right)

So my contract is up in a few months and I'm wondering what others have used.

Consumer's report says Verizon is the best in Atlanta and Sprint is the worst, but Fayette County isn't Atlanta.

Tell me whose phones and service you use that gets great reception and whose should be thrown away.

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Submitted by LivedHereForever on Sun, 07/01/2007 - 12:03pm.

I have had T-Mobile for about 7 years. Their service has dramatically improved over the last couple of years. I travel quite a bit and rarely have any trouble with no service or dropped calls. Their customer service is rated very high as well.

Submitted by Concerned Citizen on Sat, 06/30/2007 - 9:57pm.

I like the service area Verizon offers but they alter the phones to make more money. For instance, my phone has the ability to wirelessly connect to my computer for the purpose of transfering music and photos but Verizon disables this feature in order to force you to use the Verizon service which costs $$ every time you transfer pix and music. I like the service range but distrust the company.

Submitted by bladderq on Sat, 06/30/2007 - 3:35pm.

Living by Lake PTC, going to Senoia over to Newnan, by Fayet-ville. Up to Atlanta down to Dadeville, AL, Las Vegas, Miami, Asheville, it seems to wor for me. Pinegate seems to be a problem. Their strong point seems to be straight down the interstate & pop. centers. The website w/ coverage area seems accurate. If you go to a Sprint store I would go to Newnan & not Fayetteville, unless you want some entertainment value for your $.

That's my Tw0-cents but Clark Howard may something else.

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Submitted by poipendicular on Sat, 06/30/2007 - 12:19pm.

I've had sprint for years. Even when it was really spotty in certain parts of the country. I've had decent coverage. My husband has nextel, and I'm really disappointed by it. He doesn't get a signal inside his building. Yet, when I visit him my sprint phone works just fine. I don't like verizon, or cingular.

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Submitted by Basmati on Sat, 06/30/2007 - 12:04pm.

I used AT&T for many years, primarily because I was travelling to Canada a lot and you could increase your nationwide long distance coverage to include Canada for five bucks extra a month.

I didn't like AT&T locally, though, there was plenty of "dead spots" between Fayetteville and Peachtree City. Plus the signal was so weak I'd often drop calls just walking downstairs to my basement office.

But I kept telling myself it's better than T-Mobile. T-mobile's coverage of Fayette looks like a checkerboard.

The past 3 years I've been with Verizon and as far as I know there is exactly one dead spot in Fayette county (Publix shopping center where Fuddruckers used to be). I've got both voice and data and I like the add-a-line feature for the kids.

Verizon is a technology-hostile company though: they cripple their bluetooth phones to protect their business partner's profit margins. (That's the main reason why Verizon will never have an Iphone). I winced when the Verizon president was asked about that on MSNBC...he smugly replied that if a user didn't like what Verizon did with their phones, there was plenty of other competitors to use. *ouch* That kind of thinking isn't good for the long run.

I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars
-Basmati (typing this on a Verizon cellular modem hooked to his laptop)

Submitted by swmbo on Sat, 06/30/2007 - 9:47pm.


I've had Verizon for 4 years, too, and in terms of coverage, I haven't had many complaints at all but your post raises an interesting thought. I have a Motorola phone and a Motorola bluetooth earpiece (both bought from Verizon). But the headset reception is infuriatingly bad. The only way I get good reception and transmission is to put the phone on my shoulder while wearing the earpiece.

If that's Verizon's business model, I'm willing to suffer through a lower quality of service to teach them a lesson. After all, if enough people start looking for an alternative provider -- and telling those companies they approach what they're looking for and why, they could encourage better coverage through competition.

If you and I are always in agreement, one of us is likely armed and dangerous.

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Submitted by christi on Sat, 06/30/2007 - 11:33am.

I have used Cingular and T-Mobile (not sure who owns them now) and my husband uses Nextel/Sprint. Verizon is what I use now and it is by far better for coverage than any of those companies. My husband wants to switch from Sprint because my coverage is so much better. They just have more towers I guess but I rarely get a dropped call and I get coverage in all of the areas that I couldn't with these other companies. Hope this helps!

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